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Ghosts & Hauntings

'Female ghost' photographed at Bodmin Jail

 VIDEO  6-20-2021 | 14

The image of an allegedly 'agitated' apparition has been caught on camera at the notoriously haunted prison.


Woman digs 35ft tunnel to rescue son from jail

8-8-2020 | 6

A mother in Ukraine attempted to break her son out of jail by single-handedly digging an escape tunnel.


Real-life Pennywise faces jail time in Ukraine

 VIDEO  12-21-2019 | 8

A notorious prankster who has been terrifying random passers-by is now facing up to 5 years imprisonment.


Inmate who 'died' says he's served life sentence

11-12-2019 | 7

A man who is in jail for murder maintains that he should be released because he 'died' and was resuscitated.


Man faces jail for using a live cat as a weapon

11-3-2019 | 9

A Russian man could go to prison for five years for using a pet cat to attack a police officer.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Prison inmates haunted by 'wailing' ghost

8-9-2019 | 103

Female inmates at a jail in Tihar, India have been left hysterical by a ghost that is said to wail every night.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Former witches' prison goes up for sale

 VIDEO  6-2-2019 | 8

A former prison regarded to be one of Britain's most haunted buildings has a long and disturbing history.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts abound at UK's most haunted prison

 VIDEO  5-21-2019 | 8

Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset is believed by many to be one of Britain's most haunted buildings.

Modern Mysteries

FBI recreates Alcatraz escapees' decoy heads

 VIDEO  11-16-2018 | 6

The FBI has used 3D-printing to recreate the decoy heads used by three men to escape Alcatraz prison.

Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart captured by the Japanese ?

11-26-2017 | 8

A new theory suggests that Earhart and Fred Noonan were taken prisoner in Saipan and later executed.

Ancient Mysteries

Expert reconstructs face of Scottish 'witch'

10-31-2017 | 18

A forensic artist has pieced together the appearance of a woman who was once imprisoned for witchcraft.

Modern Mysteries

Alcatraz escape remains a mystery 55 years on

6-11-2017 | 10

Today marks the 55th anniversary of the escape of three men from the 'inescapable' Alcatraz prison.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are we all living in a 'conceptual prison' ?

9-5-2016 | 18

Our brains may actually perceive only a fraction of reality to help ensure the survival of our species.


Indonesia to use crocodiles as prison guards

11-11-2015 | 13

A remarkable new plan could see drug convicts incarcerated within a prison guarded by crocodiles.

Modern Mysteries

Did the Alcatraz escapees actually survive ?

10-13-2015 | 10

New evidence suggests that the men who escaped the infamous prison 50 years ago did make it to safety.

Modern Mysteries

1962 Alcatraz escapees might have survived

12-15-2014 | 20

A new study has explored what happened to three men who vanished after escaping the island prison.

Ancient Mysteries

Dracula's dungeon discovered in Turkey

9-29-2014 | 17

The dungeon in which Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned by the Turks has been found at Tokat Castle.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost of a woman' photographed in Alcatraz

 VIDEO  6-21-2014 | 46

Tourists visiting San Francisco's infamous island prison caught something unusual on camera.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Eerie figure snapped in Old Melbourne Gaol

3-22-2014 | 42

A visitor to the reportedly haunted 19th century prison managed to capture an unusual figure on camera.


Man arrested for stealing an entire road

8-7-2013 | 21

A Russian man faces a prison sentence after police caught him dismantling and stealing a road.

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