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Metaphysics & Psychology

Skeptic group offers $500,000 for proof of paranormal abilities

1-7-2024 | 83

The LA-based group is offering a large cash sum to anyone who can perform paranormal abilities under scientific test conditions.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Like Prince Harry, a quarter of Brits have consulted a psychic

1-16-2023 | 8

A large number of people in the UK have sought the advice of a psychic, but why is this the case ?

World of the Bizarre

The legacy of 'Paul the Psychic Octopus' persists even today

11-29-2022 | 2

The peculiar trend of having animals predict the winning teams during the World Cup is still alive and well.

World of the Bizarre

Uri Geller says he will use his 'mind power' to stop a nuclear attack

8-4-2022 | 28

The Israeli spoon-bender is back in the news this week with another bizarre claim of his psychic prowess.

World of the Bizarre

Man sues psychic over ex-girlfriend's 'curse'

10-6-2021 | 17

A man in the US is suing a psychic who he claims had failed to remove a curse put on his marriage by a witch.

Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA remote viewer now runs a psychic school

8-28-2021 | 56

A former government psychic spy is now heading up remote viewing classes at a school in Cedar City, Utah.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman says she was 'attacked by angry ghost'

7-19-2021 | 12

A woman who believes a ghost attacked her has called in the services of a psychic medium to cleanse her home.

Modern Mysteries

Arch-debunker James Randi has died, aged 92

 VIDEO  10-22-2020 | 59

The Canadian-American stage magician and skeptic was well known for debunking fake psychics and frauds.

World of the Bizarre

Candidate claims to be a 'government psychic'

6-17-2019 | 20

Michigan congressional candidate Kevin Seamon has made some rather peculiar claims about his past.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Psychics' swindle lawyer out of $1.5 million

5-23-2019 | 4

Police in Las Vegas have made two arrests in connection with a lengthy scam involving bogus psychic services.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'The Crown' star contacted character's ghost

9-22-2018 | 6

Helena Bonham Carter hired a psychic to contact the late Princess Margaret for advice on her latest TV role.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Group offers $11,700 for proof of superpowers

9-18-2018 | 68

The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences is looking for proof that psychic abilities exist.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Psychic is investigating 'haunted' motorway

9-17-2018 | 44

One stretch of the M6 motorway in England has gained something of a haunted reputation in recent years.

World of the Bizarre

'Psychic' World Cup octopus ends up as dinner

7-6-2018 | 15

An octopus that has been attributed with correctly predicting World Cup results has been killed for food.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mystic Baba Vanga's 2018 predictions revealed

12-24-2017 | 42

The blind Eastern European psychic, who died in 1996, made numerous predictions about major world events.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Russian scientists call out TV clairvoyants

11-26-2017 | 16

Researchers in Russia are offering a large cash prize to anyone who can demonstrate psychic powers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

$100K paranormal prize unclaimed 37 years on

9-4-2017 | 322

To date, The Australian Skeptics have yet to see conclusive proof of psychic or paranormal powers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA used psychics in Lockerbie investigation

2-2-2017 | 103

Declassified CIA files have detailed some of the unorthodox methods used to investigate the bombing.

World of the Bizarre

Clairvoyant purchases 'psychic cat' in Russia

1-29-2017 | 14

Owner Dmitry R ended up selling the metaphysical feline after it's 'abilities' drove him up the wall.

Ghosts & Hauntings

60% of widowed people see lost loved ones

3-13-2016 | 70

A new study in Italy has suggested that it is not uncommon to see, hear or sense a deceased partner.

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