Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Man sues psychic over ex-girlfriend's 'curse'

10-6-2021 | 10

A man in the US is suing a psychic who he claims had failed to remove a curse put on his marriage by a witch.

Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA remote viewer now runs a psychic school

8-28-2021 | 5

A former government psychic spy is now heading up remote viewing classes at a school in Cedar City, Utah.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman says she was 'attacked by angry ghost'

7-19-2021 | 12

A woman who believes a ghost attacked her has called in the services of a psychic medium to cleanse her home.

Modern Mysteries

Arch-debunker James Randi has died, aged 92

 VIDEO  10-22-2020 | 59

The Canadian-American stage magician and skeptic was well known for debunking fake psychics and frauds.


Candidate claims to be a 'government psychic'

6-17-2019 | 20

Michigan congressional candidate Kevin Seamon has made some rather peculiar claims about his past.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Psychics' swindle lawyer out of $1.5 million

5-23-2019 | 4

Police in Las Vegas have made two arrests in connection with a lengthy scam involving bogus psychic services.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'The Crown' star contacted character's ghost

9-22-2018 | 6

Helena Bonham Carter hired a psychic to contact the late Princess Margaret for advice on her latest TV role.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Group offers $11,700 for proof of superpowers

9-18-2018 | 68

The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences is looking for proof that psychic abilities exist.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Psychic is investigating 'haunted' motorway

9-17-2018 | 44

One stretch of the M6 motorway in England has gained something of a haunted reputation in recent years.


'Psychic' World Cup octopus ends up as dinner

7-6-2018 | 15

An octopus that has been attributed with correctly predicting World Cup results has been killed for food.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mystic Baba Vanga's 2018 predictions revealed

12-24-2017 | 42

The blind Eastern European psychic, who died in 1996, made numerous predictions about major world events.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Russian scientists call out TV clairvoyants

11-26-2017 | 16

Researchers in Russia are offering a large cash prize to anyone who can demonstrate psychic powers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

$100K paranormal prize unclaimed 37 years on

9-4-2017 | 322

To date, The Australian Skeptics have yet to see conclusive proof of psychic or paranormal powers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA used psychics in Lockerbie investigation

2-2-2017 | 103

Declassified CIA files have detailed some of the unorthodox methods used to investigate the bombing.


Clairvoyant purchases 'psychic cat' in Russia

1-29-2017 | 14

Owner Dmitry R ended up selling the metaphysical feline after it's 'abilities' drove him up the wall.

Ghosts & Hauntings

60% of widowed people see lost loved ones

3-13-2016 | 70

A new study in Italy has suggested that it is not uncommon to see, hear or sense a deceased partner.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Psychic prompts airline flight number change

12-8-2014 | 13

An airline in Brazil changed one of its flight numbers after a psychic warned that the plane would crash.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Uri Geller claims iPhone bending is psychic

10-1-2014 | 34

The Israeli entertainer claims that the recent spate of bending iPhones could be down to psychic energy.


World's oldest man has died aged 111

 VIDEO  6-11-2014 | 28

Chemist and psychic researcher Alexander Imich passed away at a seniors' residence in Manhattan.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Coma patient wakes up with 'psychic powers'

3-17-2014 | 42

An injured man who spent two weeks in a coma believes that the experience has made him psychic.

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