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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Ancient Mysteries

Ornate Roman chariot unearthed at Pompeii

 VIDEO  3-2-2021 | 2

Archaeologists have discovered a well-preserved 2,000-year-old chariot in the ruins of a wealthy Roman villa.

Ancient Mysteries

Floor of the Colosseum set to be rebuilt

12-29-2020 | 8

The world-famous Roman amphitheater could be about to become the ultimate restoration project.

Modern Mysteries

Another monolith has turned up in Romania

 VIDEO  12-1-2020 | 24

The mystery of the '2001' monoliths has deepened after another one has appeared half way across the world.

Ancient Mysteries

Stunning Roman mosaic floor unearthed in Italy

5-29-2020 | 2

Surveyors working on a vineyard in northern Italy have discovered a remarkably well-preserved Roman mosaic.

The UFO Phenomenon

This real-life 'flying saucer' actually works

 VIDEO  8-8-2019 | 19

Engineers in Romania have invented a genuine disc-shaped flying machine that can move in any direction.


Scientists solve 33,000-year-old murder mystery

7-4-2019 | 4

Modern forensic techniques have been applied to an ancient fractured skull found in a cave in Romania.


Exorcism course opens its doors in Rome

 VIDEO  5-10-2019 | 19

For the first time, the Roman Catholic Church is offering exorcism training to all major Christian denominations.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Death Star' laser vaporizes matter

 VIDEO  5-9-2019 | 9

Scientists in Romania have built the world's most powerful laser with an output of over 10 petawatts.

Ancient Mysteries

Romans built seismic 'invisibility cloaks'

5-7-2019 | 8

A new study has found that the Romans may have used 'metamaterials' to dampen the effects of earthquakes.

Ancient Mysteries

Huge pot of gold found under Italian theater

9-12-2018 | 6

Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed a broken soapstone amphora containing hundreds of gold coins.

Ancient Mysteries

Julius Caesar had a 'crazy bulge' on his head

6-26-2018 | 16

A new 3D reconstruction of the Roman emperor has revealed that he had a rather unusually shaped head.


Court rejects man's claim that he is not dead

3-16-2018 | 20

A Romanian court has formally rejected Constantin Reliu's claim that he is actually very much alive.

Ancient Mysteries

Pair of ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthed

 VIDEO  2-21-2018 | 10

The well-preserved gloves were discovered during the excavation of a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery of deadly Roman 'Gate to Hell' solved

2-19-2018 | 3

Scientists have determined what made the notorious Roman cave so deadly to those who ventured inside.

Ancient Mysteries

Roman Tantalus bowl was a practical joke

1-1-2018 | 0

Researchers have identified what is thought to be the earliest known example of a physical practical joke.


Woman receives $284 billion electricity bill

 VIDEO  12-27-2017 | 8

Pennsylvania resident Mary Horomanski couldn't believe what she was reading when she received the bill.

Ancient Mysteries

Man finds huge haul of Roman coins in a field

10-1-2017 | 7

Thought to be worth more than $250,000, the once-in-a-lifetime discovery was made using a metal detector.

Ancient Mysteries

Lost city of Neapolis discovered in Tunisia

9-3-2017 | 2

Archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a long-lost Roman city that was destroyed by a tsunami.

Ancient Mysteries

Archaeologists discover 'little Pompeii'

 VIDEO  8-3-2017 | 3

An exceptionally well-preserved Roman neighborhood has been unearthed in south-eastern France.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Roman sarcophagus found in London

7-19-2017 | 2

Archaeologists working near Borough Market have discovered a coffin dating back over 1,600 years.

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