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Space & Astronomy

Are asteroids actually worth mining ?

1-14-2014 | 8

A new study has suggested that very few nearby asteroids are suitable for commercial-scale mining.

Science & Technology

US military building real-life Iron Man suit

 VIDEO  10-10-2013 | 21

Tony Stark's sophisticated robot suit may soon be more than just the subject of movies and comics.


Should Yoga be taught in schools ?

7-3-2013 | 96

A lawsuit in California centers around complaints over whether Yoga should be practiced in schools.

Science & Technology

Lobbyists call for ban on 'killer robots'

5-30-2013 | 13

A UN Human Rights Council meeting in Generva is to discuss the suitability of autonomous weapons.

Space & Astronomy

Chemistry needed for life is found on Europa

4-10-2013 | 7

New research has unveiled the presence of chemicals that could indicate the moon's suitability for life.

Nature & Environment

Smuggler caught with 10% of entire species

3-31-2013 | 10

More than 10% of the world's population of ploughshare tortoises were found in the man's suitcase.

Space & Astronomy

Is the Moon toxic to humans ?

7-13-2012 | 13

Even with spacesuits and other protective equipment the lunar dust could prove lethal to astronauts.

Science & Technology

Suit simulates physical effects of ageing

 VIDEO  1-6-2012 | 15

Scientists at MIT have created a special suit that simulates the physical difficulties of old age.

World of the Bizarre

Whist game deals at incredible odds

11-27-2011 | 6

A group of four pensioners playing a game of whist were amazed to receive a complete suit in each hand.

Space & Astronomy

Mars soil more suitable for life than thought

8-23-2011 | 13

Scientists have found that the soil on Mars may be a lot more suitable for life than previously believed.

World of the Bizarre

Prisoner attempts escape in a suitcase

7-6-2011 | 19

A woman attempted to break her husband out of a Mexican jail by hiding him in her suitcase.

Science & Technology

Paralysed man to climb mountain

7-3-2011 | 18

The man, who lost the ability to walk in a car accident 28 years ago, will be carried using a robot suit.

Science & Technology

Iron Man-style suits in development

9-30-2010 | 16

Power armour like that worn by Iron Man Tony Stark may soon be a regular sight on the battlefield.

Archaeology & History

Rare Roman suit of armour found

9-16-2010 | 3

A rare suit of Roman armour has been unearthed at a dig site at the fortress of Caerleon in South Wales.


Russian politician claims to have met aliens

5-6-2010 | 27

Russian politician Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has claimed to have been taken on board a spaceship by aliens in yellow suits.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists create 'Robocop' suit

4-10-2010 | 16

Scientists in Japan have developed a robotic suit that uses motors to augment the strength of the wearer.


Darwin theory to help find alien life

11-8-2009 | 4

Darwin's theory of evolution could prove vital in the search for alien life. NASA astrobiologists are using evolution as...

Space & Astronomy

Space hotel on schedule for 2012

11-3-2009 | 10

The first ever space hotel is still on target to accept paying guests as early as 2012. The multi-billion dollar "Galact...


A new equation for life

9-19-2009 | 4

Astrobiologists are in the process of developing a new mathematical equation to determine how suitable other planets are...

Science & Technology

Japanese 'robot suit' to help disabled

8-4-2009 | 15

A company in Japan has revealed a robotic power suit that can effectively augment a person's muscles and allow people wi...

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