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Archaeology & History

Discovery of 6,000-year-old skull confirms legend of lost tribe in Taiwan

10-12-2022 | 27

The find seems to prove the existence of a long-rumored ancient indigenous tribe that lived thousands of years ago.

World of the Bizarre

Gangsters launch 'cockroach attack' on eatery

5-6-2021 | 7

An unusual, yet effective form of intimidation was witnessed at a restaurant in Taiwan earlier this week.

World of the Bizarre

Girl is lifted into the air by a kite in Taiwan

 VIDEO  8-30-2020 | 7

A freak accident saw a young girl being carried skyward by a large kite during a kite festival earlier today.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Lost hiker claims 'ghosts' lead him to safety

11-23-2019 | 10

After ten days lost in the wilderness, a Taiwanese hiker found his way back home with a remarkable tale to tell.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors find bees feeding on woman's tears

4-11-2019 | 4

A young woman in Taiwan who complained of a swollen eye was found to have small bees under her eyelid.

Nature & Environment

'Extinct' cloud leopard seen alive in Taiwan

3-4-2019 | 4

Two separate ranger patrols have reported sightings of the Formosan clouded leopard in a remote forest region.

Science & Technology

Taiwan's secret bases inadvertently revealed

2-17-2019 | 5

The latest Google Earth update has ended up revealing the locations of Taiwan's hidden missile bases.

Science & Technology

World's longest-lasting rainbow recorded

 VIDEO  12-2-2017 | 7

A record-breaking rainbow lasting almost nine hours has been recorded by two scientists in Taiwan.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bizarre 'life form' caught on camera in Taiwan

 VIDEO  8-29-2017 | 17

A strange 'creature' made up of a tangle of black vines has been filmed thrashing around on the ground.

World of the Bizarre

Boy trips in museum, damages $1.5M painting

 VIDEO  8-25-2015 | 29

A 12-year-old from Taiwan ended up putting his hand through a priceless Paolo Porpora painting.

Nature & Environment

Bizarre worm creature turns up in Taiwan

6-6-2015 | 18

Footage has emerged of a peculiar looking green worm-like creature with a long pink tongue.

World of the Bizarre

Giant rubber duck explodes in Taiwan

 VIDEO  1-1-2014 | 22

A 50ft version of the traditional bath toy met an untimely end under mysterious circumstances.


Woolly mammoth to go on display in Taiwan

11-8-2013 | 3

The preserved remains of a 39,000-year-old mammoth will be put on show as part of an ice age exhibition.

World of the Bizarre

Giant boulder narrowly misses car in Taiwan

 VIDEO  9-3-2013 | 19

Insane footage has emerged showing a driver narrowly escaping death by mere inches during a rainstorm.

Nature & Environment

Formosan clouded leopard goes extinct

5-3-2013 | 27

A subspecies of clouded leopard unique to Taiwan has been declared extinct by a team of zoologists.


Policeman photographs 'transparent being'

 VIDEO  1-4-2013 | 88

A UFO group in Taiwan is attempting to authenticate an image taken at a hiking site by a policeman.

World of the Bizarre

70 earthworms get married in Taiwan

9-18-2012 | 28

A group of 70 common earthworms have been married in an unusual and elaborate wedding ceremony.

World of the Bizarre

Two girls planking for a purpose

5-28-2011 | 18

Two young Taiwanese women use the unusual new fad of "planking" to help promote positive messages.

Science & Technology

Street lamps replaced with glowing trees ?

11-2-2010 | 4

Taiwanese researchers are working on a way to replace street lamps with glow-in-the-dark trees.

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