Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Jaime Maussan claims three more 'non-human entities' have been found

By T.K. Randall
June 7, 2024 · Comment icon 176 comments

Maussan's claims are typically met with skepticism. Image Credit: YouTube / Maussan TV
The controversial UFO researcher has revealed that three more alleged alien bodies have been discovered.
Last year, Maussan - a controversial figure even in the UFO community - presented what he claimed to be two alien bodies at a formal congress hearing in Mexico City.

Supposedly found buried between the Peruvian cities of Palpa and Nazca in 2017, the two bodies reportedly contained 'unknown' DNA and were - as Maussan put it - "not from this Earth."

His findings went on to generate a great deal of controversy with the general consensus among the scientific community being that the 'aliens' were in fact regular human mummies.

Now Maussan is back again, this time with the claim that three more of these alleged 'non-human entities' had been discovered, although he failed to provide specific details.
"In addition to (the ones we already have) three more bodies have just been discovered, three more bodies," he said during the Non Humano podcast.

The only other thing that could be ascertained from his comments was that these new bodies had seemingly been found during the time that the previous ones had been undergoing testing.

But if the general consensus among experts is that these supposed alien bodies are simply human mummies, does his claim of finding three more really hold much significance ?

As things stand, probably not - especially given that Maussan's credibility on this issue is currently questionable at best and a lot of people will have little faith in anything he is claiming.

If he really has found more of these bodies, whatever they might be, we will likely hear more about them soon.

Source: Daily Star | Comments (176)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #167 Posted by Piney 22 hours ago
I did a couple pages back. We used NBC PPE with salvage archaeology on many occasions.
Comment icon #168 Posted by Liquid Gardens 20 hours ago
That might be relevant if any scientific discovery has ever been shown to be true by someone's credentials. If you don't know much about scientific papers then it follows you don't know much about scientists either especially as far as being able to evaluate them or their work, so only logical to conclude that the basis of your confidence here is as non-existent as your basis for your judgment on the paper you posted.  Your opinion with nothing to support it is duly noted.  
Comment icon #169 Posted by Hazzard 16 hours ago
So why havent you cleared it up for us like I asked you earlier?? What specimens exactly are you talking about, and who found them? Links, photos? I would like to see what has you 98% sure they are extraterrestrial, or at least a new species.
Comment icon #170 Posted by Hazzard 16 hours ago
Comment icon #171 Posted by Golden Duck 15 hours ago
Dr William McBride had credentials and illustrious achievements. But, was also found to have falsified data. I not so confident that your "checks" would filter out another "McBride".
Comment icon #172 Posted by the13bats 15 hours ago
Piney touched on that but since muassans people know they are fakes they aren't worried. Oh imagine if we are wrong and they are aliens and everyone who looked at them dies of space herpes.
Comment icon #173 Posted by Golden Duck 13 hours ago
The videos showed the folls being handled barehanded; you know... conataminating them with human DNA.  However, the DNA tests didn't find human DNA.
Comment icon #174 Posted by Hazzard 11 hours ago
Are there links perhaps that we can take a look at?
Comment icon #175 Posted by Golden Duck 11 hours ago
Of the videos.  I'm sure they were in the other thread. 
Comment icon #176 Posted by Piney 8 hours ago
Remember the space herpe in Ice Pirates? ?

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