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Otzi the Iceman yields world's oldest blood

5-6-2015 | 24

Scientists have succeeded in identifying red blood cells inside a man frozen in ice for over 5,000 years.


Pope Francis credited with performing miracle

3-25-2015 | 78

A relic containing the blood of a 3rd century saint appeared to liquify after the Pope kissed it.

Science & Technology

First ever bionic heart doesn't have a beat

3-12-2015 | 20

Scientists have developed an artificial heart that can pump blood around the body without beating.

Science & Technology

Word's fastest car set to reach 1,000mph

 VIDEO  12-5-2014 | 22

The team behind the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car will attempt to break the land speed record in 2015.

Science & Technology

Controversial gaming device draws real blood

11-26-2014 | 14

A system that draws actual blood when you take damage in-game has been suspended on Kickstarter.


Dinosaurs neither hot nor cold blooded

6-13-2014 | 11

Scientists believe they have finally answered the age old question about the nature of dinosaur blood.

Science & Technology

New self-healing plastics developed

5-10-2014 | 7

Researchers have come up with a new type of material with a healing mechanic based on blood vessels.

Science & Technology

'Vampire injections' can reverse ageing

5-5-2014 | 27

Injecting someone with blood from a younger person could help to stave off the ageing process.


Prophecy surrounds 'blood moon' events

4-17-2014 | 109

This week's lunar eclipse has been seen as a sign that an ancient prophecy will soon be fulfilled.

Science & Technology

Romanian scientist develops artificial blood

11-6-2013 | 21

Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu has been working on creating a substance that can be used as a blood substitute.


Prehistoric blood-filled mosquito discovered

10-15-2013 | 20

A fossilized mosquito filled with blood has been found that dates back over 46 million years.

Modern Mysteries

Legends revisited - the day it rained blood

10-11-2013 | 14

Fortean events involving strange things raining down from the skies have been reported for centuries.

Science & Technology

Dolly scientist supports mammoth cloning

8-1-2013 | 28

The discovery of 10,000-year-old mammoth blood has opened up the possibility of creating a clone.

Modern Mysteries

Woman in Chile cries tears of blood

6-29-2013 | 14

Doctors have been baffled by the case of a young Chilean woman who appears to cry tears of blood.


Frozen mammoth found with flowing blood

5-31-2013 | 32

The discovery of preserved mammoth blood could soon make it possible to clone a live specimen.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Real-life 'vampire' addicted to blood

2-9-2013 | 28

Doctors in Turkey have detailed the case of a man who exhibited all the traits of a real-life vampire.

Modern Mysteries

Does dried squash hold blood of Louis XVI ?

1-2-2013 | 8

Scientists have confirmed the authenticity of a blood sample said to be from the French king.

Natural World

Australia beaches turn blood red

11-27-2012 | 7

Several beaches in Sydney have been closed by officials as red algae turned the water a deep red.

Natural World

Lake in France turns blood red

8-12-2012 | 19

The river delta of Camargue in France is home to the peculiar spectacle of water that turns blood red.


Dinosaurs plagued by ancient giant 'fleas'

5-4-2012 | 8

A species of giant flea-like insect would have fed on the blood of dinosaurs over 165 million years ago.

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