Monday, December 4, 2023
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USAF once investigated case of 'alien' who made pancakes for witness

3-21-2023 | 29

One of the strangest cases in all of Ufology involved an alleged alien encounter reported by chicken farmer Joe Simonton.

World of the Bizarre

Dutchman is killed by a 'violent chicken' in bizarre attack

2-16-2023 | 58

The 67-year-old was killed after a particularly vicious chicken decided to attack him back in April of last year.


'Exquisitely preserved' dinosaur embryo discovered

 VIDEO  12-22-2021 | 6

An unhatched dinosaur resembling a 17-day-old chicken embryo has been discovered by palaeontologists.

World of the Bizarre

Man cooks chicken in Yellowstone hot springs

11-6-2020 | 7

A visitor has been banned from the park after being caught attempting to use the hot springs to cook chicken.

World of the Bizarre

The woman who believed she was a chicken

7-31-2020 | 11

Psychiatrists have made progress in explaining a rare disorder that makes a person believe they are an animal.


'Wonderchicken' may be earliest known fowl

3-20-2020 | 4

Scientists have identified the fossil skull of what is thought to be the earliest ancestor of modern chickens.

Science & Technology

Cold War nuclear mine was filled with chickens

1-2-2019 | 5

Back in the 1950s, scientists in the UK developed a nuclear mine that required live chickens to work properly.

Nature & Environment

'Headless chicken monster' caught on film

 VIDEO  10-22-2018 | 1

A type of deep-sea cucumber with a very unusual name has been filmed in the Southern Ocean for the first time.

Science & Technology

Chicken and egg both came first, say physicists

9-6-2018 | 88

The peculiar realm of quantum physics has offered up its own mind-bending solution to the age-old conundrum.

Nature & Environment

Four-legged chicken hatches out in Brazil

 VIDEO  3-26-2017 | 8

Despite having two additional limbs, the young chick, which wasn't expected to live, is doing quite well.

World of the Bizarre

Video of giant chicken freaks out the Internet

3-23-2017 | 29

Footage of what appears to be an abnormally large chicken has gone viral after appearing on Twitter.

Science & Technology

Scientists grow a dinosaur leg on a chicken

3-12-2016 | 13

A recent reverse evolution experiment has succeeded in growing a dinosaur's limb on a farmyard bird.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bloodsucking creature' sparks hunt in China

3-1-2016 | 19

A mysterious animal is responsible for killing more than 200 chickens and ducks in the village of Pudong.

Science & Technology

Can a chicken be regressed in to a dinosaur?

5-14-2015 | 36

Scientists have succeeded in reverting the beaks of chicken ambryos in to dinosaur-like snouts.


Scientists discover 'chicken from Hell'

3-20-2014 | 15

Archaeologists have unearthed a strange bird-like dinosaur dating back more than 66 million years.

Science & Technology

Duck successfully fathers a chicken

3-22-2013 | 45

In a new medical experiment a duck has been able to father a chicken following a special procedure.

World of the Bizarre

Woman finds perfectly round chicken egg

9-9-2012 | 16

32-year-old Cassie Greenhill was astonished to discover a spherical egg in a standard box of one dozen.

Nature & Environment

Hen lays healthy 'eggless' chick

4-20-2012 | 28

Which came first, the chicken or the egg ? One hen has turned the age-old question on its head.

World of the Bizarre

World's smallest chicken egg ?

8-23-2011 | 10

Reverand Donnie Russell believes he may have found the world's smallest chicken egg.

Modern Mysteries

Which came first, the chicken or the egg ?

8-20-2011 | 43

British scientists believe they have cracked the answer to one of the most enduring riddles of all time.

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