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World of the Bizarre

Dog visits owner's church after her death

1-17-2013 | 33

A 12-year-old German shepherd has taken to visiting the church his owner attended before she died.


Churches adopt new Ten Commandments

3-6-2012 | 55

In an effort to reflect modern values, churches across the UK have adopted a new set of Ten Commandments.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Medium clears haunted house in Scotland

3-4-2012 | 29

A medium has allegedly cleared a house of ghosts after two failed attempts by a church minister.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Princess Diana's ghost filmed in church

 VIDEO  1-19-2012 | 49

A video taken by tourists in a Glasgow church is thought to show the ghost of the late Princess Diana.


Callers phone up church angel in Netherlands

1-11-2012 | 18

A phone scheme that was originally set up as a joke has been attracting over 30 callers a day.

World of the Bizarre

Airline pilot startled by flying shark

1-7-2012 | 28

A passenger jet pilot coming in to land was startled by a flying shark over Christchurch in New Zealand.

Archaeology & History

Ark of the Covenant to be revealed ?

12-5-2011 | 117

The legendary biblical artefact may have to be moved from the church in which it is thought to reside.


Six die due to churches claiming HIV 'cure'

11-26-2011 | 61

Several people have died after being told by churches that they had been miraculously cured.


Bishop: church services need to be shorter

7-5-2011 | 99

The Bishop of Lichfield has raised eyebrows by suggesting that Sunday church services are too long.


Satanism surge adds to demand for exorcists

3-31-2011 | 81

The Roman Catholic Church has warned that a rise in Satanism has produced a rise in demand for exorcists.


Church gives blessing to confessional app

2-10-2011 | 14

A Confession app for the iPhone helps penitents examine their actions and seek spiritual guidance.


Pope's blood to be built into altar

1-23-2011 | 35

Pope John Paul II to be honored by having a vial of his blood ensconced in a Polish church.


Anglican Church offers new baptism option

1-19-2011 | 17

In order to attract non-churchgoers, the Anglican Church may offer a 'baptism-lite' option.


How often do we lie about going to church ?

12-3-2010 | 48

Survey results over 40 years have suggested that up to 22% of Americans lie about going to church.


God no longer male, church rules

9-7-2010 | 80

A new order of service has generated significant controversy by rendering God genderless.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did Churchill order a UFO cover-up?

8-6-2010 | 27

Newly released files detail how Churchill covered up a WW2 UFO sighting because he feared it would cause panic.


Vicar tells churchgoers to swear more

8-1-2010 | 23

A Vicar has told parishoners to swear more because he believes it to be how Jesus would have spoken.

World of the Bizarre

Vicar gives Holy Communion to dog

7-27-2010 | 28

Controversy has surrounded a Canadian Anglican church after a vicar gave Holy Communion to an Alsation called Trapper.


'Blood' runs from image of Christ

6-16-2010 | 17

Thousands have flocked to a church in Argentina where an image of Christ is said to be oozing blood.

World of the Bizarre

Job centre apologises for evicting Jedi fan

3-17-2010 | 103

A member of the International Church of Jediism has received an apology after being kicked out of a job centre.

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