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Science & Technology

Chinese scientists create cloned monkeys

 VIDEO  1-28-2018 | 1

Two identical long-tailed macaques, Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, have been created by scientists in China.

Science & Technology

Dolly the sheep had no health abnormalities

11-23-2017 | 3

A new study has indicated that the famous cloned sheep had not suffered from any abnormal health issues.

Science & Technology

Woolly mammoth 'on the verge of resurrection'

2-16-2017 | 17

Scientists believe that an elephant-mammoth hybrid embryo could be created within as little as two years.

Science & Technology

Mammoth cloning attempt in 'initial stages'

7-30-2016 | 20

Russian and Korean scientists have made an important first step towards creating a live woolly mammoth.

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to clone an extinct cave lion

3-5-2016 | 24

The woolly mammoth is not the only prehistoric beast that modern science could bring back to life.

Science & Technology

UK couple clones puppies from their dead dog

 VIDEO  12-29-2015 | 17

Dog owners from West Yorkshire are celebrating the arrival of two cloned puppies costing almost $100,000.

Science & Technology

Scientist in China hints at human cloning

12-2-2015 | 16

The man behind China's 'cloning factory' has suggested that it should now be possible to clone a human.


New mammoth find could aid cloning efforts

10-9-2015 | 10

Scientists have unearthed a well-preserved mammoth specimen on the Lyakhovsky Islands in Eastern Russia.

Science & Technology

Russia sets up mammoth cloning laboratory

9-2-2015 | 26

Scientists in Siberia have set up a lab dedicated to the goal of cloning a mammoth from ancient DNA.

Science & Technology

Woolly mammoth cloning project has begun

3-17-2015 | 62

Scientists have extracted the DNA of a well-preserved mammoth in a first step towards creating a clone.

Science & Technology

Should we attempt to clone a mammoth ?

11-16-2014 | 39

Scientists have been seeking viable DNA samples from a well-preserved mammoth found in Siberia.

World of the Bizarre

Dinosaur cloning hoax circulates the Internet

3-31-2014 | 19

The prank news item claimed that British scientists had managed to clone a live dinosaur called 'Spot'.

Science & Technology

Scientists: mammoth cloning 'now possible'

3-15-2014 | 22

Experts believe that they have enough samples from preserved mammoth remains to clone a live specimen.

Science & Technology

Efforts renewed to clone extinct goat

11-24-2013 | 7

Spanish scientists are redoubling their efforts to clone the bucardo which died out 13 years ago.

Science & Technology

Dolly scientist supports mammoth cloning

8-1-2013 | 28

The discovery of 10,000-year-old mammoth blood has opened up the possibility of creating a clone.

Science & Technology

Neanderthal to be born to surrogate mother?

1-19-2013 | 93

There have been indications that a cloning experiment to create a live Neanderthal may be on the cards.

Science & Technology

Will we see human cloning within 50 years ?

12-20-2012 | 33

A prominent scientist believes that human cloning will become commonplace within a few decades.


DNA can't be recovered from dinosaurs

10-12-2012 | 37

Dinosaur cloning might never be possible as DNA is found to have a half-life of only 521 years.

Science & Technology

Mammoth find offers possible cloning hopes

9-15-2012 | 15

An expedition has discovered the well preserved remains of a mammoth in Siberia's Yakutia region.

Nature & Environment

Dolly scientist to clone Scottish wildcats

8-28-2011 | 5

Dr Bill Ritchie who helped clone Dolly the sheep is now working on cloning the rare Scottish wildcat.

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