Friday, May 20, 2022
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'UFO' stuns motorists on Florida Turnpike

8-29-2021 | 29

A rather unusual vehicle managed to turn heads along a stretch of highway in Dade County, Florida recently.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery figure appears on highway at night

 VIDEO  4-23-2021 | 27

A motorist recently captured dashcam footage of a child-like figure that appeared in the middle of the road.


Witness reports Bigfoot sighting in California

2-10-2021 | 18

Rick Bates had been driving along Highway 101 near Garberville when he noticed something very unusual.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Revisited: the mystery of the A3 'ghost crash'

5-15-2020 | 8

A chance sighting of a car accident by a member of the public spawned an urban legend that endures to this day.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as severed possum tails litter highways

3-22-2020 | 12

Commuters in New Zealand have been left puzzled by the appearance of possum tails all over the roads.


Guinea pig ice cream is the real deal in Ecuador

10-8-2019 | 26

A stall next to a major highway near the Ecuadorian capital is selling guinea pig-flavored ice cream cones.


'Extraterrestrial highway' sign is taken down

9-16-2019 | 37

A world-famous sign situated near the secretive Area 51 facility has been taken down by local authorities.

Natural World

Three-eyed snake found on Australian highway

5-2-2019 | 5

A baby carpet python with a very unusual feature was found recently near the town of Humpty Doo.


$30,000 in notes found strewn across highway

4-28-2019 | 15

Motorists in Grand Haven, Michigan couldn't believe their luck this week as they scrambled to pick up the cash.


65-year-old man clings to hood of speeding SUV

 VIDEO  1-28-2019 | 5

A road-rage incident last week left one man holding on to the hood of an SUV on a highway in Massachusetts.


Salmon swim across road in Washington state

 VIDEO  11-8-2018 | 6

Motorists this week were met with the unusual spectacle of dozens of salmon swimming across a highway.

Ancient Mysteries

Stonehenge builders used 'stone highway'

6-30-2018 | 3

New research has indicated that the huge stones were transported over both land and water.

Natural World

'Shark highway' discovered in the Pacific

 VIDEO  5-31-2018 | 3

Scientists have identified a 500-mile-long ocean corridor used by large numbers of sharks and other animals.


Armored truck spills $600,000 on to highway

5-6-2018 | 14

Stunned motorists discovered banknotes strewn across Interstate 70 in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Skittles spill in Wisconsin

1-21-2017 | 10

Authorities have been investigating how thousands of Skittles ended up scattered across a rural highway.

The UFO Phenomenon

Video shows 'UFO' being carried by a truck

 VIDEO  7-9-2016 | 25

Footage has surfaced online of a truck hauling what looks like a flying saucer along a US highway.


3-year-old goes for a drive on the highway

 VIDEO  1-10-2016 | 26

Motorists in Florida last week were gobsmacked to see a small child driving along the middle of the road.


Bear filmed riding in the back seat of a car

 VIDEO  10-12-2015 | 16

The peculiar spectacle was picked up on camera by a motorist driving along a Russian highway.


'Jesus and Mary' appear on Google Earth

10-29-2013 | 34

One of Google's Street View cars has captured something unusual while on a highway in Switzerland.


SUV struck by lightning on Russian highway

10-2-2012 | 21

A driver was filming from his car the moment an SUV on the road ahead was hit by a bolt of lightning.

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