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Odds of finding life on Mars by 2021 are '50/50'

10-27-2018 | 22

Scientists developing Europe's new ExoMars rover are optimistic about its chances of finding life on Mars.


Oxygen on Mars could support primitive life

10-24-2018 | 3

Enough oxygen could exist within salty subsurface water on Mars to support oxygen-breathing microbes.


Mars could have supported life underground

9-26-2018 | 6

A new study has revealed that ancient Mars had the right conditions to support subterranean microbes.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk reveals image of 'Mars Base Alpha'

9-25-2018 | 9

The ever-ambitious entrepreneur is aiming to construct a human colony on the Red Planet by as early as 2028.

Space & Astronomy

Mars trip radiation exposure levels revealed

9-20-2018 | 10

Scientists have calculated the minimum level of radiation that an astronaut will be exposed to on a trip to Mars.

World of the Bizarre

Beaker the Muppet has been spotted on Mars

8-17-2018 | 11

NASA has posted up an amusing example of pareidolia found in a photograph taken using its HiRISE camera.

Space & Astronomy

Concerns grow as Opportunity remains silent

8-15-2018 | 17

It is looking increasingly likely that the recent Martian dust storm may have silenced the rover for good.


Robot could search Mars for alien organisms

8-12-2018 | 9

NASA is investigating the possibility of sending a probe to Mars that could directly seek out alien life forms.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity rover celebrates its 6th birthday

8-6-2018 | 7

The iconic rover, which landed on Mars six years ago, has celebrated with a self-congratulating Tweet.

Space & Astronomy

Terraforming Mars is currently impossible

7-31-2018 | 14

Scientists now believe that terraforming Mars to make it more habitable is not possible using today's technology.

Space & Astronomy

Lake of liquid water discovered on Mars

 VIDEO  7-25-2018 | 10

Scientists believe that they have identified a body of water situated beneath the planet's south polar ice cap.

Space & Astronomy

ESA wants you to name its new Mars rover

7-21-2018 | 30

The European Space Agency is offering a prize to the person who manages to come up with the winning name.

Space & Astronomy

NASA captures image of 'spiders' on Mars

7-14-2018 | 7

Peculiar surface features that resemble large spiders can be seen in the latest image from NASA's Mars orbiter.

Space & Astronomy

Mars dust storm has encircled the entire planet

6-23-2018 | 85

The dust storm that left the Opportunity rover out of commission is now classed as 'planet-encircling'.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover Opportunity engulfed by dust storm

6-11-2018 | 85

The long-lived rover has halted its science work while it waits out a massive dust storm on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rocket to have running track, claims Musk

6-9-2018 | 5

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has hinted at having astronauts run around the BFR like in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity discovers organic matter on Mars

 VIDEO  6-8-2018 | 87

NASA has announced this week that complex organic matter has been found in an ancient lake bed on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA set to announce new Mars discovery

6-5-2018 | 87

It appears as though the space agency's Curiosity rover has discovered something interesting on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies

6-1-2018 | 23

Children born to parents living in a colony on Mars will be the very definition of the word 'Martian'.

Space & Astronomy

NASA confirms drone for Mars 2020 mission

 VIDEO  5-13-2018 | 9

The space agency is moving forward with its plan to send a helicopter drone to Mars in two years' time.

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