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Repeat signals from deep space could be alien messages, study claims

6-2-2023 | 11

Astronomers looking for signs of alien life are listening out for radio pulses originating from the center of the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

Milky Way's supermassive black hole seen for the first time

5-12-2022 | 1

Astronomers have captured the first ever image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers may have discovered first known extragalactic planet

10-27-2021 | 0

Evidence of a planet has been found in a distant galaxy 28 million light years away.


Alien life in our galaxy 'more likely' than thought

9-16-2021 | 51

Scientists now believe that the odds of finding alien life in the Milky Way are far higher than anyone had realized.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery object is hurtling through the galaxy

9-3-2021 | 10

Astronomers have obtained their first detailed look at a peculiar Milky Way object known as 'The Accident'.

Space & Astronomy

Huge, blinking star spotted near galactic core

6-11-2021 | 8

The star, which is 100 times the size of the Sun, underwent an extended period of anomalous dimming.

Space & Astronomy

Ancient galaxy looks surprisingly familiar

 VIDEO  8-13-2020 | 2

A 12 billion-year-old galaxy in the distant universe looks uncannily like a miniature version of the Milky Way.


Milky Way may be home to 30 'active' alien civs

6-15-2020 | 25

A new study has sought to calculate how many intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations might exist in our galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery radio burst picked up in our own galaxy

5-5-2020 | 4

For the first time, astronomers have picked up a fast radio burst within the confines of the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

How much does the Milky Way galaxy weigh ?

 VIDEO  3-11-2019 | 16

Astronomers at NASA and ESA have come up with the most precise figure yet for the weight of our galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

The Milky Way galaxy is 'warped and twisted'

 VIDEO  2-6-2019 | 8

A new study by a team of scientists in China has revealed that our galaxy is actually buckled at the edges.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole radio jet 'pointed directly at Earth'

1-23-2019 | 18

The supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way seems to be pointing a radio jet directly towards us.

Space & Astronomy

'Ghost' galaxy discovered outside Milky Way

11-14-2018 | 5

Scientists studying data from the Gaia satellite have identified a massive 'ghost' galaxy lurking nearby.

Space & Astronomy

Andromeda killed and ate our galactic sibling

7-23-2018 | 4

Scientists have discovered that the Milky Way once had a sibling that was consumed by our neighboring galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

10,000 black holes found at center of Milky Way

4-4-2018 | 11

Scientists have discovered an astonishing number of massive black holes hiding within our own galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Andromeda is comparable in size to Milky Way

2-16-2018 | 2

It turns out that our closest neighboring galaxy is not the behemoth that scientists had previously thought it to be.

Space & Astronomy

Supermassive black hole found in Milky Way

9-4-2017 | 10

A new supermassive black hole has been discovered 200 light years from the center of our galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Milky Way galaxy is riddled with black holes

8-10-2017 | 17

A new study has revealed that there are actually tens of millions of black holes in our own galaxy alone.

Space & Astronomy

ESA reveals most detailed Milky Way map ever

9-15-2016 | 20

The European Space Agency has unveiled a map of our galaxy charting the positions of 1.1 billion stars.

Space & Astronomy

Stellar desert discovered in the Milky Way

8-3-2016 | 5

A vast expanse of space totally devoid of new stars has been found at the heart of our own galaxy.

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