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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Man claims he 'went to Hell' for 23 minutes

7-9-2021 | 45

After having a near-death experience in 1998, Bill Wiese awoke with some rather disturbing recollections.

Modern Mysteries

NDEs: 'my life flashed before my eyes'

6-13-2021 | 19

Why do some people report seeing their life flashing before their eyes during a near-death experience ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

New Netflix series to explore life after death

 VIDEO  1-4-2021 | 131

The streaming service has released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary series 'Surviving Death'.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Near-death experiencers recount their stories

8-1-2020 | 45

Several people have recently come forward with details of their own harrowing near-death experiences.


'Deceased' 83-year-old comes back to life

2-26-2020 | 12

A Ukrainian woman who was pronounced dead in her home shocked doctors when she woke up 10 hours later.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

8-19-2019 | 383

Some patients who 'died' for a short period have reported things that they couldn't possibly have known about.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Study: '1 in 10 have had a near-death experience'

7-3-2019 | 8

New research involving participants from 35 countries has highlighted the surprising prevalence of NDEs.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Celebrity NDEs offer hints of life after death

1-5-2019 | 64

Several famous figures have opened up about their own personal near-death experiences over the years.

Science & Technology

Your life really does flash before your eyes

2-4-2017 | 9

Some near-death experiencers have reported reliving a vivid series of memories about their own life.


Boy 'met Jesus' during near-death experience

5-16-2015 | 36

The 17-year-old had been clinically dead for twenty minutes before his heart started beating again.


Girl 'saw heaven' after falling from tree

4-20-2015 | 29

Annabel Beam's experience was accompanied by the inexplicable disappearance of all her health problems.


Woman dies 36 times in a single year

3-9-2015 | 14

Sara Brautigam suffers from a rare condition that stops her heart beating for up to a minute at a time.


Doctor recalls 'visiting heaven' during NDE

2-17-2015 | 26

A doctor who almost drowned remembers interacting with spirits and being warned about her son's death.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman has 1,000 near-death experiences

2-4-2015 | 19

Beverley Gilmour suffers from a rare condition that sees her leave her own body several times a month.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Doctors baffled by 'resurrected' woman

11-20-2014 | 19

A woman who stopped breathing for over two hours suddenly woke up long after all hope had been lost.


4-year-old's NDE is turned in to hit movie

5-8-2014 | 56

Colton Burpo described a visit to heaven during a vivid near-death experience following a burst appendix.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'

2-21-2014 | 384

41-year-old Brian Miller reported a vivid near-death experience when his heart stopped for 45 minutes.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Near-death experiences explained ?

8-13-2013 | 133

Scientists believe a surge of electrical activity in the brain could explain the NDE phenomenon.


Woman claims to have 'smelled God'

4-5-2013 | 31

Author Crystal McVea claims the encounter took place during a recent near-death experience.


Top brain surgeon claims afterlife exists

10-12-2012 | 177

A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon had a change of heart after he had his own near-death experience.

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