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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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'Ice monster' filmed in Alaska's Chena River

 VIDEO  10-31-2016 | 62

Video footage of a strange snake-like creature covered in ice has recently gone viral on social media.


Maine snakeskin is actually from an anaconda

9-4-2016 | 14

A mysterious snakeskin found in Maine recently has turned out to be from a very large snake indeed.


Massive snakeskin supports 'Wessie' rumors

8-24-2016 | 14

A huge snakeskin measuring 12ft in length has been found near Riverbank Park in the US state of Maine.


Man finds two snakes hanging from his ceiling

 VIDEO  6-4-2016 | 16

Mark Hyatt got the shock of his life when he encountered the nightmarish spectacle inside his own home.


Man discovers a 6ft snake inside the toilet

4-23-2016 | 13

Blue Cross volunteer Peter Edge was shocked to discover the enormous serpent in a shop bathroom.

Natural World

'World's longest snake' caught in Malaysia

4-11-2016 | 15

A massive reticulated python thought to weigh in excess of 250kg has been captured on Penang island.


Prehistoric snakeskin shows signs of color

4-2-2016 | 5

Scientists have been able to determine the skin color of a snake that lived over 10 million years ago.


Scientists solve how snakes lost their legs

11-28-2015 | 11

Researchers have revealed that snakes lost their limbs when they began living and hunting in burrows.

Natural World

Virgin birth snake produces more offspring

9-20-2015 | 7

A female snake has given birth to young for the second time in two years without a male's contribution.


Freak show acquires rare two-headed snake

 VIDEO  9-5-2015 | 6

Todd Ray forked out $50,000 to obtain an incredibly rare albino Honduran Milk Snake with two heads.


3-year-old recalls past life as a snake

8-9-2015 | 27

A young boy in Thailand can allegedly recall specific details of his previous life as a serpent.


Prehistoric four-legged snake discovered

7-24-2015 | 10

Scientists have unearthed the fossil remains of a strange species of snake with four tiny limbs.

Natural World

New species of legless amphibian discovered

1-18-2015 | 9

A strange new type of amphibian that looks like a snake has been found in the Cambodian rainforest.


Anaconda man fails 'Eaten Alive' attempt

12-8-2014 | 62

Paul Rosolie ended up calling off the stunt early after the huge snake crushed one of his arms.


Snake emerges from toilet, attacks woman

11-6-2014 | 40

A Thai woman has ended up in hospital after a large python slithered out of her bathroom toilet.


Man set to be eaten alive by giant snake

11-5-2014 | 87

Paul Rosolie will don a special suit so that he can be eaten by an anaconda for an upcoming documentary.


Chef killed by cobra as he tried to cook it

8-24-2014 | 35

The man had been preparing to cook a rare Asian delicacy when he was bitten by the dead snake's head.

Ancient Mysteries

Strong winds reveal new Nazca geoglyphs

8-4-2014 | 16

Lines forming the shape of a llama and a snake have been uncovered by recent sandstorms over Peru.


42ft snake once fought with 16ft crocodile

5-29-2014 | 13

Two behemoths of the prehistoric world may have battled for dominance in rivers 60 million years ago.


Toilet snake fuels panic in northern Spain

5-27-2014 | 16

Mass hysteria erupted in the Spanish town of Naron when a snake emerged from a woman's toilet bowl.

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