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Nature & Environment

Eggs from deadly spider found in bananas

9-10-2014 | 26

A woman from Essex returned from the supermarket to find a clutch of strange eggs on a bunch of bananas.

Nature & Environment

Cities are causing spiders to grow bigger

8-21-2014 | 19

A new study has shown that urban areas are causing spiders to grow larger and multiply more rapidly.

World of the Bizarre

Man sets house on fire while killing a spider

7-19-2014 | 70

The creative arachnophobe managed to burn his house down while trying to kill a spider with fire.

Nature & Environment

Fish-eating spiders are commonplace

6-22-2014 | 27

Spiders that are capable of catching and killing fish are far more common than previously believed.

Science & Technology

MIT designs 'Dr Octopus' robotic limbs

 VIDEO  6-7-2014 | 6

Researchers have developed advanced robotic arms similar to those used by Spiderman's nemesis.

Science & Technology

Inventor builds real Spider-Man webshooter

 VIDEO  4-23-2014 | 12

German hobbyist Patrick Priebe has developed his own version of the superhero's web-slinging device.

World of the Bizarre

Clump of spiders video goes viral

1-1-2014 | 50

One man got the fright of his life after poking a 'toupee' that turned out to be a big pile of spiders.

World of the Bizarre

Black widows found in supermarket grapes

11-24-2013 | 17

A shopper who had bought a bunch of grapes returned home to find more than she had bargained for.

Nature & Environment

Spider bites less common than thought

7-10-2013 | 22

Far from being the stuff of nightmares, spiders are actually more afraid of you than you are of them.

Science & Technology

Is a spider bite vaccine on the cards ?

5-10-2013 | 2

The war against poisonous spider bites could one day lead to a jab that will make a person immune.

Nature & Environment

Massive new spider discovered in Sri Lanka

4-5-2013 | 43

The new species of tarantula was discovered by villagers in the northern part of the war-torn country.

Nature & Environment

Mass spider congregation filmed in Brazil

 VIDEO  2-10-2013 | 39

Anyone suffering from arachnophobia may want to steer clear of Santo Antônio da Platina for a while.

Nature & Environment

Spider builds its own fake decoys

12-19-2012 | 26

A fascinating species of spider in the Amazon rainforest is able to construct and animate its own decoys.

Nature & Environment

New spider species discovered in Oregon

8-18-2012 | 16

A completely new species of spider has been discovered by cave explorers in southern Oregon.

World of the Bizarre

Man sets house on fire clearing spider webs

7-11-2012 | 30

A man using a blowtorch to burn spider webs in his garden managed to set his own house on fire.

Nature & Environment

Why do we fear snakes and spiders ?

6-20-2012 | 92

Humans are believed to have evolved the innate ability to both sense and fear spiders and snakes.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of deadly spiders invade Indian town

6-4-2012 | 29

Two peopled have died after a mass of dangerous spiders swarmed the town of Sadiya in India.

Nature & Environment

Camel spider bite puts soldier in hospital

3-21-2012 | 23

One solider spent three months in hospital after being bitten by a camel spider while on duty in Iraq.

Science & Technology

Spider silk spun into violin strings

3-6-2012 | 11

A researcher in Japan has managed to spin a set of violin strings out of the silk from a spider.

Nature & Environment

Does a fear of spiders make them bigger ?

2-27-2012 | 30

Research has suggested that people scared of spiders are likely to perceive them as larger than they are.

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