Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Image credit: Graham Morris

Enfield Poltergeist

Regarded as one of the most spectacular Poltergeist cases ever recorded the Enfield Poltergeist case lasted from August 1977 to September 1978. During this time a woman and her four children who were living in a council house in Enfield, London, experienced almost every single Poltergeist phenomenon ever identified.

Chilling accounts

Over 1500 separate phenomena were recorded including objects being thrown around, objects materialising out of thin air and loud knocking sounds. In one instance a toy brick was said to have materialised out of thin air, flew across the room and hit a photographer on the head. Many items were found to catch fire on their own accord while metal items seemed to bend and twist out of shape. Researcher Maurice Gross spent a considerable amount of time researching the case and staying with the family while these events were happening, his testimonies have helped add considerable weight to the reports and experiences there.

A focal point

On many occasions it appeared that the activity occuring at the home was focused on 12-year-old Janet. In a series of well known photographs journalist Graham Morris photographed her being levitated out of bed by an unseen force while her sister looked on. In other occassions Janet would begin to speak in a very deep, rough voice that seemed impossible for a child - the occurances become more and more chilling and unsettling.


There has been a significant degree of skepticism surrounding the Enfield poltergeist case. While some of the reports of physical disturbances are not easily explained away the events focusing on 12-year-old Janet have been open to some scrutiny. Some believe the images showing her being levitated out of bed simply show her jumping out. It was later revealed that Janet was able to emulate the deep 'possessed' voice she exhibited at will, leading to the belief that she had been putting it on all along. The case however remains mostly unsolved, the types of phenomena occuring at the home and the period of time for which they continued coupled with the testimonies of Maurice Gross have helped make this one of the most pertinent and chilling cases of its kind.

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