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Archaeology & History

Was King Tut's sister also his wet nurse ?

12-21-2015 | 6

New findings have suggested that King Tutankhamun's half-sister may have suckled him when he was a baby.


Child's tumor shrinks after kiss from Pope

11-24-2015 | 163

A baby's unexpected recovery has been attributed to divine intervention after a meeting with the Pope.

Nature & Environment

First ever juvenile giant squid discovered

10-24-2015 | 6

Scientists have identified the first ever baby giant squid in specimens fished up off the coast of Japan.


Dinosaur nest found within 'Dragon's Tomb'

10-15-2015 | 2

Paleontologists have unearthed a nest full of baby hadrosaurs in a fossil-rich region of Mongolia.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can you see a baby's face in this picture ?

10-13-2015 | 64

Scientists have come up with a novel new way to determine whether someone is prone to hallucinations.

Science & Technology

Natural birth to become a thing of the past ?

5-25-2015 | 52

A prominent French doctor has claimed that women are losing the ability to give birth naturally.

World of the Bizarre

65-year-old woman pregnant with quadruplets

4-12-2015 | 51

A teacher from Berlin has become the oldest woman in history to become pregnant with four babies.

Science & Technology

First baby is born without inherited disease

3-29-2015 | 25

A pioneering IVF treatment has made it possible to prevent diseases being passed from parent to child.

World of the Bizarre

Giant 13-pound baby is born in Colorado

12-6-2014 | 19

An expectant mother got the surprise of her life when her baby was born weighing a whopping 13lbs.

World of the Bizarre

Countries ban ridiculous baby names

12-2-2014 | 56

Several surprising and unconventional names have been declared illegal in some parts of the world.

Science & Technology

World's first womb transplant baby is born

10-4-2014 | 18

A woman in Sweden has given birth using a womb she received in a pioneering transplant operation.

Science & Technology

Meet your baby before it has been conceived

4-10-2014 | 4

A new service is offering the chance to find out what a child might be like even before conception.

Science & Technology

'Three-parent baby' could be born by 2015

2-28-2014 | 13

A change in regulations could soon make it possible for a baby to be born using the DNA from two mothers.

World of the Bizarre

'Devil baby' goes on New York rampage

 VIDEO  1-16-2014 | 37

A demonic infant in a pram has been terrorizing people in the streets of America's largest city.

Archaeology & History

Hanging Gardens of Babylon site discovered?

11-26-2013 | 14

An Oxford University academic believes she has found the precise location of the ancient wonder.

Nature & Environment

Can a dolphin see a developing baby ?

7-11-2013 | 6

Echolocation may provide dolphins with the unique ability to see a woman's developing fetus.


Tiny baby dinosaur unearthed in China

5-7-2013 | 8

The fossilized skeleton of a newly discovered subspecies of therapod dinosaur has been discovered.

Archaeology & History

Were the Hanging Gardens really in Babylon ?

5-6-2013 | 12

One of the wonders of the ancient world, the gardens may have not actually been in Babylon at all.

Science & Technology

Doctors cure baby of HIV in world first

3-4-2013 | 25

Doctors have made medical history by managing to successfully cure a child that was born with HIV.

Nature & Environment

Monkey midwife helps to deliver baby

2-12-2013 | 8

Humans are not the only species to offer assistance to someone who is in the process of giving birth.

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