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Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Invisible goblins' blamed for haunting of terrified family in Zimbabwe

3-16-2024 | 57

Three young children and their grandparents have allegedly been at the mercy of some mischievous entities.

Modern Mysteries

Lost children found alive in rainforest 40 days after plane crash

6-10-2023 | 22

The children were miraculously found very much alive after a massive search effort spanning more than five weeks.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Classic Bigfoot encounter resurfaces in report from 1999

2-7-2023 | 15

The incident allegedly involved a group of children who came across a large bipedal ape-like creature in the woods.

Ghosts & Hauntings

11 school children pass out after Ouija board session in Colombia

11-11-2022 | 25

According to reports, the youngsters were found unconscious and suffering from various physical ailments.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Possessed' children reportedly 'walked up the walls'

8-15-2022 | 85

Official state documents detail the peculiar case of a triple possession that occurred in Indiana back in 2014.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Mother left terrified by 'ghost' haunting her home

5-27-2022 | 10

A young mother from Scotland believes that something sinister is haunting both her and her children.

Modern Mysteries

Two children survive for a month alone in the Amazon rainforest

3-30-2022 | 9

Two young brothers recently went missing in the dense rainforest and were miraculously found alive 27 days later.


Many prehistoric cave paintings were made by children

3-17-2022 | 6

New research has suggested that the process of creating cave paintings may have been a family affair.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Traditional fairies kidnapped children and drank human blood

11-7-2021 | 15

Forget Tinkerbell - the fairies of folklore in centuries past were nothing like those in today's stories.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Family sleeps on balcony to avoid angry ghost

7-22-2021 | 24

A French couple and their children have found a rather unique way of dealing with a haunting in their apartment.


New 3-part TV series to explore Roswell incident

12-11-2020 | 18

A new History Channel series will feature the story from the perspective of Maj Jesse Marcel's grandchildren.

World of the Bizarre

Iranian 'space suit' is a children's costume

2-14-2020 | 9

A prominent Iranian official recently Tweeted a rather questionable photograph of Iran's new 'space suit'.

Metaphysics & Psychology

John Cleese and Dr Jim Tucker on reincarnation

 VIDEO  5-27-2019 | 26

The actor and comedian recently spoke to reincarnation researcher Jim Tucker about children recalling past lives.

World of the Bizarre

Weird 100-year-old Christmas wishes revealed

12-24-2018 | 20

Letters to Santa written by children during the late 19th and early 20th centuries have been revealed on Twitter.

Science & Technology

World's first genetically edited babies born

11-26-2018 | 10

Scientists hoping to make children immune to HIV have produced the first ever genetically edited babies.

Science & Technology

Scientists create healthy mice with two mothers

10-12-2018 | 18

The breakthrough could eventually make it possible for human same-sex couples to have their own children.


'Miracle house' has oil oozing from its walls

 VIDEO  8-21-2018 | 15

Situated in Sydney, Australia, the house has gained a reputation for helping couples conceive children.

Space & Astronomy

Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies

6-1-2018 | 23

Children born to parents living in a colony on Mars will be the very definition of the word 'Martian'.

Science & Technology

Children are as fit as endurance athletes

4-24-2018 | 1

A new study has revealed that the muscles of children resist fatigue in the same way as those of elite athletes.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds snake eggs in sandpit

1-7-2018 | 3

43 eggs found in a children's sandpit in Australia may be from one of the world's most venomous snakes.

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