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Archaeology & History

Hidden corridor in Great Pyramid of Giza revealed for the first time

 VIDEO  3-3-2023 | 100

Archaeologists have released footage from inside the corridor which is situated above the pyramid's main entrance.

Space & Astronomy

On Pluto, you can throw a ball higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza

 VIDEO  12-29-2022 | 2

A fascinating new video has emerged showing how far it is possible to throw a ball on the other worlds in our solar system.

Archaeology & History

Egypt's pyramid builders utilized annual floods, study claims

8-31-2022 | 1

Recent research has cast new light on how the ancient Egyptians might have constructed the pyramids of Giza.

Space & Astronomy

Large pyramid-shaped asteroid to fly past Earth

12-7-2019 | 14

A large space rock the approximate size and shape of the Great Pyramid of Giza is set for a close encounter.

Archaeology & History

4,500-year-old cemetery unearthed in Egypt

 VIDEO  5-6-2019 | 0

An ancient cemetery containing at least two sarcophagi has been discovered southeast of the Giza Pyramids.

Archaeology & History

Dispute erupts over Egyptian pyramid stone

1-16-2019 | 7

Egypt has condemned plans to display a stone from the Great Pyramid of Giza at a museum in Edinburgh.

Archaeology & History

4,500-year-old ramp system discovered in Egypt

11-1-2018 | 266

Unearthed in an alabaster quarry, the ramp may have been used by the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Archaeology & History

Great Pyramid can collect and focus energy

7-31-2018 | 44

Scientists in Russia have discovered a rather unusual property of Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologist criticizes 'hidden chamber' find

11-5-2017 | 1560

Zahi Hawass has spoken out about the recent discovery of a large void in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious void found inside Great Pyramid

 VIDEO  11-2-2017 | 1560

Japanese and French scientists have announced the discovery of what could be a large hidden chamber.

Archaeology & History

Pyramid construction mystery has been solved

 VIDEO  9-24-2017 | 32

New evidence has shed light on exactly how huge stone blocks were transported to the site of the pyramids.

Archaeology & History

Two 'secret rooms' found within Great Pyramid

10-18-2016 | 1560

Two previously-unknown cavities have been identified within the walls of Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

Archaeology & History

Great Pyramid is actually slightly lopsided

6-20-2016 | 26

The Great Pyramid of Giza, as it turns out, is not quite as perfectly designed as is generally believed.

Archaeology & History

4,600-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt

2-4-2014 | 20

A step pyramid unearthed near Edfu is thought to predate the Great Pyramid of Giza by several decades.

Archaeology & History

Are the pyramids safe to visit ?

6-3-2013 | 27

Controversy has surrounded an official warning to tourists over the safety of visiting Giza in Egypt.

Archaeology & History

How did 10,000 pyramid builders get fed ?

4-29-2013 | 24

A workers' town known as 'the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders' has been found near the Giza pyramids.

Archaeology & History

New robot to reach hidden Pyramid chamber

8-16-2010 | 136

A new robot has been developed that will attempt to reach a sealed chamber within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Archaeology & History

When exactly was the Great Pyramid build ?

9-25-2009 | 3

Controversial new research aimed at determining the exact date on which the Great Pyramid of Giza had started constructi...

Archaeology & History

Cave complex beneath Giza Pyramids ?

8-20-2009 | 4

British explorer Andrew Collins has claimed to have discovered an extensive series of chambers and tunnels underneath th...

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