Friday, October 7, 2022
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Resurfaced History Channel clip shows 'alien' in man's bedroom

 VIDEO  9-25-2022 | 24

Footage recorded in 2006 allegedly shows an unidentified entity entering a man's bedroom in the middle of the night.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Creature' caught on camera during camping trip

 VIDEO  11-9-2021 | 14

A woman who had been camping in England last summer managed to capture this eerie photograph in the middle of the night.

Science & Technology

1972 report predicted societal collapse by 2040

7-17-2021 | 37

A 1972 MIT report predicted that modern civilization would collapse by the middle of the 21st Century.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery figure appears on highway at night

 VIDEO  4-23-2021 | 27

A motorist recently captured dashcam footage of a child-like figure that appeared in the middle of the road.

World of the Bizarre

Uri Geller: 'mind power moved Suez Canal ship'

3-30-2021 | 107

The celebrity spoon-bender has taken credit for helping to free the stricken cargo ship in the Middle-East.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery '2001' monolith found in Utah desert

 VIDEO  11-24-2020 | 111

A real-life version of the monolith from '2001: A Space Odyssey' has shown up in the middle of nowhere.


Prehistoric 'hell ant' found trapped in amber

8-8-2020 | 5

An ancient species of ant has been found frozen in time while right in the middle of devouring another insect.

Modern Mysteries

Man discovers 'UFO crash site' in the woods

 VIDEO  7-14-2020 | 42

A man from Plymouth, England has filmed a peculiar area of flattened trees in the middle of a Devon wood.

World of the Bizarre

Woman wakes to see 'demon face' in her room

3-12-2020 | 12

A young mother recently encountered a terrifying visitor in her bedroom in the middle of the night.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Creepy 'haunted' doll filmed moving on its own

 VIDEO  10-19-2019 | 88

A World War 2-era ventriloquist doll has been filmed moving its eyes and mouth in the middle of the night.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery booms plague Fair Oaks residents

 VIDEO  3-28-2019 | 7

Loud explosions have been occurring in the middle of the night in northeastern Sacramento for months.

World of the Bizarre

ATM machine found in the middle of the woods

11-27-2018 | 5

Authorities in Maine were left perplexed recently when an ATM machine was found miles from anywhere.

World of the Bizarre

Camel spotted on snowy road in Pennsylvania

 VIDEO  11-20-2018 | 10

Motorists were left perplexed when they spotted the animal on the road in the middle of a snow storm.

Nature & Environment

Lion cub found by jogger in the Netherlands

10-9-2018 | 6

The caged lion cub was found abandoned in the middle of a field to the north of the city of Utrecht.

Space & Astronomy

NASA astronaut quits halfway through training

8-29-2018 | 19

For the first time in 50 years, an astronaut has voluntarily stepped down in the middle of the training program.

Archaeology & History

Could the island city of Nan Madol be Atlantis?

 VIDEO  11-6-2017 | 57

Built on an island in the middle of the Pacific, this mysterious ancient city remains a modern-day enigma.

World of the Bizarre

Man eats pancakes in the middle of the road

 VIDEO  3-29-2017 | 17

A prankster was charged this week after being filmed tucking in to pancakes at a busy intersection.

World of the Bizarre

Lawyer's pants catch fire during arson trial

 VIDEO  3-10-2017 | 6

Defence attorney Stephen Gutierrez's trousers erupted in to flames in the middle of a court hearing.

Science & Technology

Daring Antarctic rescue covers 3,000 miles

6-22-2016 | 1

A sick worker has had to be rescued from a remote research station in Antarctica in the middle of winter.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Great Island stone marker

6-21-2016 | 3

The origins of a granite marker on an island in Massachusetts have remained a mystery for years.

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