Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Science & Technology

Multiple realities can exist at the same time

3-22-2019 | 45

A mind-boggling quantum physics experiment has seemingly confirmed the existence of multiple realities.


CIA experimented with mind-controlled dogs

12-12-2018 | 8

Newly declassified documents have revealed the CIA's efforts to control dogs through electrical brain stimulation.


City of Roswell gets a 22ft tall alien statue

12-2-2018 | 11

The home of what is arguably the best known UFO incident in history now has a new reminder of its legacy.

Science & Technology

Samsung is developing a brain-controlled TV

 VIDEO  11-13-2018 | 7

It may soon be possible to do away with the remote altogether and change channels using only your mind.

Science & Technology

McLaren unveils mind-controlled F1 car concept

 VIDEO  10-17-2018 | 0

The motorsport giant has released a concept video of a true next-generation vehicle known as the MP4-X.

Science & Technology

DARPA develops telepathic drone control

9-10-2018 | 7

Military scientists have created a brain interface that can enable a person to control drones with their mind.

Science & Technology

Chicken and egg both came first, say physicists

9-6-2018 | 88

The peculiar realm of quantum physics has offered up its own mind-bending solution to the age-old conundrum.


Mind control documents released by accident

4-22-2018 | 34

A file recently released by the US government contains information about 'psycho-electric weapons'.

World of the Bizarre

Man invents insane cake-serving machine

 VIDEO  4-13-2018 | 13

This incredible Rube Goldberg machine is designed with one purpose in mind - to serve a slice of cake.

Science & Technology

Brain implants could make telepathy a reality

4-2-2018 | 17

A leading surgeon believes that we will gain the ability to read each other's minds within as little as 20 years.

Science & Technology

Physicist Stephen Hawking has died aged 76

 VIDEO  3-14-2018 | 24

One of the greatest scientific minds of our age, Hawking passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Science & Technology

When you die you are aware that you are dead

10-19-2017 | 55

A new study has suggested that the mind can still be active even after the body stops showing signs of life.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi gold reportedly found in WWII shipwreck

7-24-2017 | 2

A chest thought to be filled with Nazi gold has been found in the wreckage of the scuttled SS Minden.

Science & Technology

Brain interface mind-reads locked-in patients

2-1-2017 | 9

A new mind-reading breakthrough has made it possible to communicate with completely locked-in patients.

Science & Technology

Scientists turn mice in to zombie killers

1-13-2017 | 12

The mind-controlled rodents could be commanded to hunt down and kill a target using simple light flashes.

Science & Technology

Will true mind reading be possible in 2017 ?

 VIDEO  12-23-2016 | 10

Recent advances in computer-brain interfaces could soon make brain-to-brain communication a reality.

Metaphysics & Psychology

5-year-old genius is alleged to be telepathic

 VIDEO  11-17-2015 | 72

5-year-old Ramses Sanguino has allegedly developed the ability to read numbers from his mother's mind.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'mind melds' could help brains heal

7-22-2015 | 8

Scientists believe that linking up two brains could help to treat a range of neurological conditions.

Science & Technology

AI teaches itself how to play Atari games

2-26-2015 | 9

Google's DeepMind AI is now capable of playing several Atari 2600 games as skillfully as a human.

Science & Technology

Can we upload ourselves to a robot brain ?

12-26-2014 | 30

Neuroscientist Randal Koene envisages a future in which the mind could live forever within a computer.

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