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Ghosts & Hauntings

Mother believes ghosts are visiting her baby

9-3-2021 | 29

A woman in Scotland believes that her infant son has been visited by the ghosts of her grandparents.

World of the Bizarre

Parents name babies 'Sanitizer' and 'Lockdown'

4-20-2020 | 17

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic seems to have produced some rather unusual baby names.

World of the Bizarre

Unsettling baby cam image creeps out parents

11-17-2019 | 7

When a couple recently acquired a baby monitor, the image it produced wasn't quite what they were expecting.

World of the Bizarre

8-year-old steals parents' car twice in one week

8-24-2019 | 12

A young driving fan from Germany ended up crashing after repeatedly taking his parents' car out on a joyride.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Terrified parents see 'ghosts' on baby monitors

 VIDEO  8-16-2019 | 24

The last thing a new parent wants to see on their baby monitor is a ghostly figure watching their child.

World of the Bizarre

Woman sues after being sucked into a grave

3-18-2019 | 18

Joanne Cullen had been visiting her parents' grave in Long Island when the ground swallowed her up.

Science & Technology

12-year-old builds working nuclear reactor

2-22-2019 | 20

Jackson Oswalt achieved the seemingly impossible by building a fusion reactor in his parents' spare room.

World of the Bizarre

Man to sue his parents for giving birth to him

2-4-2019 | 38

Mumbai resident Raphael Samuel disapproves of the fact that his parents didn't ask his permission beforehand.

Space & Astronomy

Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies

6-1-2018 | 23

Children born to parents living in a colony on Mars will be the very definition of the word 'Martian'.

World of the Bizarre

Baby is born four years after death of parents

4-16-2018 | 5

The son of a couple in China who died in a car accident has been born to a surrogate mother four years later.

Science & Technology

First baby is born without inherited disease

3-29-2015 | 25

A pioneering IVF treatment has made it possible to prevent diseases being passed from parent to child.


Boy recalls past life as a 1930s movie extra

3-17-2015 | 57

A young boy astonished his parents when he recalled vivid details of who he was in a previous life.

Science & Technology

UK MPs vote to allow three-parent babies

2-3-2015 | 49

In a historic vote today British MPs voted in favor of allowing mitochondrial DNA replacement.

Science & Technology

'Three-parent baby' could be born by 2015

2-28-2014 | 13

A change in regulations could soon make it possible for a baby to be born using the DNA from two mothers.

World of the Bizarre

Baby boy born with two perfect front teeth

1-16-2011 | 21

Baby Oliver James astounded his parents when he was born with two fully formed front teeth.


Were cavemen better parents than us ?

9-25-2010 | 60

Today's generation could learn a thing or two about raising a child from our ancient ancestors.

Science & Technology

Designer babies of the future

1-1-2010 | 33

In the not too distant future parents will have the chance to customise their unborn baby any way they see fit, everythi...

World of the Bizarre

Baby born with 12 fingers, 12 toes

2-2-2009 | 17

A baby born in San Francisco's Saint Luke's Hospital recently shocked both parents and doctors alike when it was discove...

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