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Nature & Environment

Komodo dragon filmed with a turtle on its head

 VIDEO  11-25-2019 | 2

A large lizard was recently caught on camera emerging from the water with a rather unusual piece of headwear.

World of the Bizarre

Lightning causes toilet to explode in Florida

 VIDEO  8-8-2019 | 6

Marylou Ward and her husband got the fright of their lives when their toilet exploded in to pieces on Sunday.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Alleged 'Bigfoot howl' recorded in Kentucky

 VIDEO  7-25-2019 | 59

Whitesburg resident Shaun Hammonds recently recorded a 'soul-piercing' howl coming from the forest.

World of the Bizarre

Video shows 'zombie' meat crawling off plate

 VIDEO  7-25-2019 | 31

Bizarre footage has emerged showing a piece of meat crawling off a restaurant plate and on to the floor.


Chunk of Stonehenge returned after 60 years

5-8-2019 | 1

A piece of the enigmatic monument that has been missing for six decades has finally been returned.

The UFO Phenomenon

Professor claims UFOs may be from the future

 VIDEO  3-23-2019 | 108

According to Montana Tech's Michael P. Masters, UFOs may be time machines occupied by our future selves.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman faints after viewing 'haunted' painting

3-1-2019 | 17

Lyn Cinderey started to feel unwell after viewing a piece named 'Sinister' at a haunted objects exhibition.

Modern Mysteries

Owl-shaped snow circle shows up in field

 VIDEO  2-15-2019 | 12

An impressive piece of artwork shaped like an owl's head has been filmed via drone in a snowy Wiltshire field.


Conspiracy theorist 'killed by drug overdose'

1-7-2019 | 21

Father-of-two Max Spiers was found dead back in 2016 after going to Poland to give a talk at a conference.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Beer glass explodes on camera in 'haunted' pub

 VIDEO  1-7-2019 | 32

CCTV footage from The Salmon pub in Belford, England shows a glass spontaneously shattering in to pieces.


Prehistoric feathers found preserved in amber

12-17-2018 | 1

Scientists have discovered some rather unusual feathers within pieces of amber dating back 100 million years.

Science & Technology

Perfectly square iceberg baffles the Internet

10-21-2018 | 44

This strangely geometric piece of ice was photographed by NASA off Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf.


Scientists know what dinosaur DNA looked like

8-27-2018 | 7

In a recent breakthrough, researchers in the UK have managed to piece together a history of dinosaur DNA.

Science & Technology

Scientists solve spaghetti-snapping mystery

 VIDEO  8-17-2018 | 22

The reason why spaghetti won't snap in half without breaking in to multiple pieces has finally been found.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery murder victim shows up in 'Jaws'

8-8-2018 | 10

An unidentified woman who was murdered back in 1974 has been spotted in a scene in the hit Spielberg movie.

The UFO Phenomenon

Geologist finds possible Roswell UFO debris

 VIDEO  6-28-2018 | 20

Geologist Frank Kimbler has discovered what he believes could be pieces of debris from the crash site.


Earliest known frogs found trapped in amber

6-14-2018 | 0

Scientists have discovered the oldest known frog specimens within pieces of fossilized tree sap.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Canberra man falls victim to 'curse of Uluru'

5-25-2018 | 61

A man who took home a piece of Australia's famous Ayers Rock believes that he has fallen under its curse.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds 'smoking elephant' in India

 VIDEO  3-25-2018 | 11

Unusual footage has emerged showing an elephant attempting to ingest pieces of smouldering charcoal.


Oldest human fossil outside Africa discovered

 VIDEO  1-26-2018 | 0

A prehistoric jawbone unearthed in Israel's Misliya Cave is believed to date back up to 200,000 years.

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