Monday, December 5, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

NASA captures 'haunting' image of the Pillars of Creation

10-29-2022 | 4

The space agency has been getting into the Halloween spirit with this latest image from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Nature & Environment

Virginia invaded by venomous hairy caterpillars

10-9-2020 | 8

Authorities have warned residents to steer clear of the pests which have shown up in the east of the state.

Space & Astronomy

Revisiting Hubble's iconic 'Pillars of Creation'

4-8-2020 | 0

One of the most celebrated astronomy photographs of all time has been revisited some 25 years later.

Science & Technology

Could a pill ever be a substitute for exercise ?

1-13-2020 | 16

Scientists have discovered a protein that may be responsible for the benefits that we get from exercise.

The UFO Phenomenon

Silver pill-shaped UFO filmed near Greensboro

 VIDEO  2-1-2019 | 134

Wildlife enthusiast Bret Jones had been out filming birds when he noticed something unusual in the sky.

World of the Bizarre

Factory spills liquid chocolate all over the road

 VIDEO  12-12-2018 | 13

Firefighters in the town of Werl in Germany were tasked with cleaning up a huge chocolate spill earlier this week.

World of the Bizarre

Tanker crash unleashes tidal wave of chocolate

 VIDEO  5-10-2018 | 12

A recent road accident in Poland saw a tanker truck full of liquid chocolate overturn, spilling its cargo everywhere.

World of the Bizarre

Armored truck spills $600,000 on to highway

5-6-2018 | 14

Stunned motorists discovered banknotes strewn across Interstate 70 in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning.

Nature & Environment

'Zombie virus' causes caterpillars to explode

8-4-2017 | 15

A peculiar virus has been causing caterpillars in the UK to incinerate themselves in bright sunlight.

Nature & Environment

Plastic-eating caterpillar could aid disposal

4-26-2017 | 2

A species of caterpillar known to eat wax inside beehives has been found to eat plastic bags as well.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Skittles spill in Wisconsin

1-21-2017 | 10

Authorities have been investigating how thousands of Skittles ended up scattered across a rural highway.

Science & Technology

Spectacular light pillars appear over Canada

 VIDEO  1-13-2017 | 10

An unusual natural phenomenon was spotted over Ontario a week ago by YouTuber Timmy Joe Elzinga.

Space & Astronomy

'Pillars of Creation' unveiled in full 3D

 VIDEO  5-4-2015 | 9

The breathtaking cosmic spectacle has been revealed for the first time in three dimensions.

Science & Technology

Matrix-like learning 'within 30 years'

3-21-2014 | 23

The ability to learn a whole new skill almost instantly could be available within just a few decades.

Science & Technology

Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

1-25-2012 | 3

Soap that contains iron atoms could find use in oil spill clean-ups and in waste water treatments.

Science & Technology

Scientists envisage "stay-sober" pill

9-30-2011 | 42

A pill that would allow you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk is being developed.

Space & Astronomy

News producer photographs 'sun pillar'

1-20-2011 | 12

Kim Insley noticed the phenomenon in a picture of a sunrise taken by producer Bea Chang.

Archaeology & History

2000-year-old pills found in Greek shipwreck

12-15-2010 | 19

Scientists have analysed 2,000 year-old-pills prepared by the physicians of ancient Greece.

Science & Technology

Fountain of youth pill within 2 years ?

9-26-2010 | 42

A Russian scientist claims to have developed an eternal youth pill that will be available within 2 years.

Science & Technology

Will a pill be able to give us courage ?

6-25-2010 | 37

Scientists have conceived of a drug that could activate the parts of the brain involved in overcoming fear.

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