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Real-life 10ft prehistoric 'King Kong' disappeared 215,000 years ago

 VIDEO  1-11-2024 | 10

Known as Gigantopithecus blacki, this enormous primate was the largest of its kind ever to walk the Earth.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

YouTuber Coyote Peterson announces 'Bigfoot' skull discovery

7-8-2022 | 182

The wildlife presenter claims that he has discovered the large skull of an unknown primate in Canada.

Nature & Environment

Hybrid 'mystery monkey' has been discovered in Borneo

5-6-2022 | 2

The unorthodox primate is believed to be a cross between two other (distantly related) species.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Jane Goodall won't rule out existence of Bigfoot

9-29-2021 | 51

Being the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall certainly knows a thing or two about primates.


New species of prehistoric fossil ape unearthed

9-10-2020 | 8

Palaeontologists have discovered what is thought to be the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon.

Nature & Environment

Find sparks hope for world's rarest primate

6-1-2020 | 1

The Hainan Gibbon, of which only a few dozen still survive, has received a welcome and unexpected boost.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery primate terrorizes Texas residents

9-12-2019 | 43

Multiple witnesses have reported seeing a large primate lurking in the streets of the southern state.


Tiny extinct primate was world's smallest ape

11-8-2018 | 2

The fossil remains of a prehistoric primate species weighing a mere 7.7 lbs have been unearthed in Kenya.

Nature & Environment

Monkeys in Panama have entered the Stone Age

 VIDEO  7-4-2018 | 15

Remarkable new footage shows a white-faced capuchin using a stone as a hammer to break open nuts to eat.

Nature & Environment

Mystery 'ghost species' of chimp discovered

6-7-2018 | 8

Scientists have identified a previously unknown species of primate that lived around 400,000 years ago.

Nature & Environment

Yoda-like 'forest goblins' found in Indonesia

 VIDEO  5-5-2017 | 5

Two brand new species of small tree-dwelling primate have been discovered on the island of Sulawesi.

Nature & Environment

Great apes are able to tell when you're wrong

4-7-2017 | 6

A new study has revealed that many primate species can pick up on when you are mistaken in your beliefs.

World of the Bizarre

Gorilla-shaped Cheeto has sold for $99,900

2-7-2017 | 24

A Cheeto shaped like Harambe - the primate shot at Cincinnati Zoo - has sold in an online auction.

Nature & Environment

60% of primate species are facing extinction

 VIDEO  1-18-2017 | 4

A worrying new study has shown just how vulnerable many of the world's primate species actually are.

Nature & Environment

China's 'Star Wars gibbon' is a new species

 VIDEO  1-11-2017 | 3

Scientists have discovered an entirely new species of primate in a remote Chinese rainforest.

Nature & Environment

Are apes able to tell what you are thinking ?

10-7-2016 | 16

A new study has shown that our primate cousins may be able to tell what's going on in each other's heads.

World of the Bizarre

Orangutan laughs hysterically at magic trick

 VIDEO  12-11-2015 | 34

A jovial primate at a zoo in Spain was filmed rolling on the floor laughing after seeing a nut disappear.

Nature & Environment

Apes may be close to being able to speak

8-15-2015 | 25

Scientists believe that apes may be closer to human-like speech than we have given them credit for.

Nature & Environment

Chimps observed crafting and using spears

4-15-2015 | 40

Chimpanzees in southeastern Senegal have become quite adept at making their own weapons.


Why are we the only primates with a chin ?

4-6-2015 | 48

New research suggests that the human chin may have resulted from our ability to cook and soften food.

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