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Science & Technology

UN urged to ban autonomous killing machines

4-11-2015 | 32

A new report has urged the United Nations to ban 'killer robots' before countries start to develop them.


Could first contact be made with robots ?

12-9-2014 | 17

Some scientists believe that the first extraterrestrials we encounter could be robotic in nature.

Science & Technology

Nations express concerns over 'killer robots'

11-17-2014 | 10

The potential dangers of autonomous weapon systems have been emphasized at a recent UN meeting.

Science & Technology

Ebola-killing robots zap viruses in hospitals

10-12-2014 | 7

A sophisticated new robot is battling viruses and bacteria in hospitals across the United States.

Space & Astronomy

Soccer-ball robots to patrol for space junk

9-6-2014 | 2

New self-guided robots could soon be used to help assess the threat posed by items of space debris.

Science & Technology

'Robo brain' could lead to a real-life Skynet

8-27-2014 | 19

An 'Internet for robots' has been developed to provide a global knowledge resource for machines.

Science & Technology

World's largest swarm of robots created

 VIDEO  8-17-2014 | 3

Roboticists have developed a vast swarm of robots that can work together to form two-dimensional shapes.

Science & Technology

Robot band 'Z-Machines' to release an album

 VIDEO  2-18-2014 | 9

A musical three-piece made up entirely of robots is set to release its very own album of original music.

Science & Technology

Termite-like robots could build on Mars

 VIDEO  2-14-2014 | 2

Scientists have developed automated robots capable of working together to build complex structures.

Science & Technology

Dyson invests in domestic robot development

2-9-2014 | 12

Automated robots with artificial intelligence could soon be taking over all our menial household tasks.

Science & Technology

Robots allow doctors to 'beam' in to hospital

11-18-2013 | 5

Sophisticated mobile teleconferencing machines are making it possible for doctors to help more patients.

Science & Technology

Lobbyists call for ban on 'killer robots'

5-30-2013 | 13

A UN Human Rights Council meeting in Generva is to discuss the suitability of autonomous weapons.

Science & Technology

Will robots overtake humans by 2100 ?

5-9-2013 | 33

Are we heading for a future in which artificially intelligent computers will exceed our capabilities ?

Science & Technology

DARPA building robots with 'real' brains

4-13-2013 | 51

A Pentagon-funded research team has created a device that allows robots to think for themselves.

Science & Technology

Can humans learn to trust robots ?

3-6-2013 | 34

A new robot called 'Roboy' is helping to highlight the psychological challenges in robot design.

Science & Technology

Will robots steal all our jobs ?

2-6-2013 | 50

As robots become increasingly sophisticated, concerns have been raised over future job availability.

Science & Technology

Should 'killer robots' be banned ?

11-22-2012 | 46

A human rights organisation has called for the complete ban of autonomous robotic weapon platforms.

Science & Technology

Are robots becoming more like us ?

8-22-2012 | 21

How long will it be before robots and computers become capable of thinking like a human being ?

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid mining plans emerge

4-25-2012 | 14

A group of entrepreneurs are planning to use robots to mine precious materials from nearby asteroids.

Nature & Environment

Mammoths and robots in zoos of the future

2-20-2012 | 16

In 50 years zoos may have robotic tigers and cloned extinct species such as woolly mammoths.

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