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Space & Astronomy

Mars one reveals modular space suit concept

11-16-2016 | 4

The Dutch company has unveiled a preliminary design for a space suit that may one day be worn on mars.

Science & Technology

'Second skin' could help to protect soldiers

8-6-2016 | 5

Scientists are working on a new type of protective suit made out of lightweight carbon nanotubes.

World of the Bizarre

Cops chase UFO in bizarre low-speed pursuit

8-6-2016 | 14

Motorists in Ireland were left perplexed when a flying saucer was seen casually driving along the road.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases work on an 'Iron Man' suit

6-10-2016 | 4

He might not be Tony Stark, but the SpaceX CEO is not entirely dissimilar to the comic book billionaire

Science & Technology

New exosuit can offer superhuman strength

6-7-2016 | 14

A new robotic suit called Superflex is able to augment the wearer's strength and physical capabilities.

World of the Bizarre

Pensioner attempts to swim after cruise ship

3-28-2016 | 19

A woman had to be rescued from the ocean after swimming for several hours in pursuit of a cruise liner.

World of the Bizarre

UK moves to prune backlog of ridiculous laws

12-19-2015 | 9

British legislation states that it is illegal to wear a full suit of armor in the Houses of Parliament.

Science & Technology

Weird science projects receive Ig Nobel Prize

9-18-2015 | 1

Some of the most bizarre scientific pursuits were recognized this week with the coveted Ig Nobel Prize.

World of the Bizarre

'Gorilla' filmed on quiet suburban street

11-30-2014 | 18

Bizarre footage of what looks like someone in an ape costume ambling along a street has appeared online.

Science & Technology

Geckos inspire real-life Spider-Man suit

 VIDEO  11-19-2014 | 8

Scientists have developed a sophisticated new system that can enable someone to climb up a glass wall.

World of the Bizarre

Man set to be eaten alive by giant snake

11-5-2014 | 87

Paul Rosolie will don a special suit so that he can be eaten by an anaconda for an upcoming documentary.

Space & Astronomy

New 'second skin' spacesuit developed

9-21-2014 | 12

A skintight lightweight spacesuit designed at MIT could one day be used by astronauts going to Mars.

Science & Technology

Paraplegic with robot suit to open World Cup

 VIDEO  6-11-2014 | 15

A paralysed person wearing an advanced exoskeleton will kick off the world's biggest football event.

Archaeology & History

Diving exosuit aids hunt for ancient computer

6-6-2014 | 15

An advanced new diving suit will be worn by divers looking for more pieces of the Antikythera mechanism.

World of the Bizarre

Man in gorilla suit shot with tranquilizer

6-5-2014 | 34

A zoo worker taking part in an escape drill was shot when a vet believed that he was a real gorilla.

World of the Bizarre

Man files world's most expensive lawsuit

5-19-2014 | 25

A man is suing New York City and others for two trillion trillion trillion dollars over a dog bite.

Space & Astronomy

Next-generation spacesuit design unveiled

5-1-2014 | 25

NASA has revealed the winning design of its prototype Z-2 spacesuit following a public vote.

Science & Technology

Iron Man-like suit to enable deep sea diving

 VIDEO  3-5-2014 | 14

Scientists have developed a powered exosuit to help divers explore the ocean's darkest depths.

World of the Bizarre

Police flee from 'goblin' in a suitcase

1-25-2014 | 23

A bizarre case of mass hysteria is reported to have caused police in Zimbabwe to flee in terror.

Space & Astronomy

Are asteroids actually worth mining ?

1-14-2014 | 8

A new study has suggested that very few nearby asteroids are suitable for commercial-scale mining.

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