Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Navy pilot saw object 'not of this world'

Posted on Tuesday, 19 December, 2017 | Comment icon 360 comments

Military pilots make good witnesses of unidentified aerial phenomena. Image Credit: US Air Force
A former Navy pilot has come forward to describe his encounter with a strange object back in 2004.
Mere days after it was revealed that the US government had been funding a secretive UFO investigations program, former squadron leader Cmdr. David Fravor has spoken out about an unidentified object he witnessed during a routine training mission off the coast of California.

The 18-year Navy veteran, whose unit had been sent to investigate, described the object as "tic-tac shaped" and stated that it was around "40 feet long with no wings, just hanging close to the water."

The way it disturbed the water, he noted, was uncharacteristic of any conventional plane or helicopter.

"As I get closer, as my nose is starting to pull back up, it accelerates and it's gone," he told the Washington Post. "Faster than I'd ever seen anything in my life."

"We turn around, say let's go see what's in the water and there's nothing. Just blue water."

Later speaking to ABC News, he said: "I can tell you, I think it was not from this world. I'm not crazy, haven't been drinking. It was - after 18 years of flying, I've seen pretty much about everything that I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #351 Posted by Area201 on 12 February, 2018, 23:21
Comment icon #352 Posted by bison on 12 February, 2018, 23:29
The agreement in the deion of the shape and color of the two objects, and their general proximity both in time and space are intriguing. I can recall a number of tubular UFO reports, over the years, but nothing short enough to invite comparison to the shape of a medicinal capsule.
Comment icon #353 Posted by stereologist on 13 February, 2018, 2:52
In which part of the case? The videos and reports appea to show distant planes just as they did in the Chilean incident.
Comment icon #354 Posted by Erno86 on 13 February, 2018, 20:36
I'm sorry...can you please update me (thread, page or link) on the "Chilean incident;" for I seemed to have forgotten it.
Comment icon #355 Posted by stereologist on 13 February, 2018, 22:39
That's the recent previous story by Kean in which she claimed a UFO and it was determined to be a distant aircraft. That's a typical article by Kean. You can find lots of other copy and pastes across the internet searching on 'chilean navy ufo kean'. Below is a link to an analysis that not only determines it is a plane but identifies the flight involved.
Comment icon #356 Posted by ChrLzs on 14 February, 2018, 0:39
Yep. It's not the one where she (Leslie Kean) decided that some bugs caught flying across a couple of videos at an aircraft show, were in fact advanced super-alien craft... Ah, she's a scream! If you want to look at *that* one, search "El Bosque UFO"... Leslie has a history of these failures, but somehow leaves the failed bits out of her seminars and books..
Comment icon #357 Posted by stereologist on 14 February, 2018, 4:55
ChrLzs it is so hard to respond to these Kean ridiculous moments and keep the stupidity straight. I had to avoid the bug in front of the camera links to find the correct link to the distant aircraft event.
Comment icon #358 Posted by Rolci on 20 February, 2018, 21:22
So Mike Gravel is, besides having been a US senator, an actor too? And all the others? Google is your friend. Nice story you conjured up there my friend. You expected us to fall for that? Or someone had you and you actually fell for it? Either way, nice going.
Comment icon #359 Posted by Dejarma on 20 February, 2018, 21:26
even more reason not to trust them imo
Comment icon #360 Posted by stereologist on 20 February, 2018, 22:42
Sure. I guess you could call them actors. They were paid to sit for 5 days. All of the panel were former office holders. They didn't do it for fun. They did it for cash. Just because you seem to be unaware of the fees paid here they are: They were paid $500 an hour to dupe people. Did they dupe you? There you go! They had to do very little and earned more that you did those 5 days.

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