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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Natural World

New video shows dolphins glowing in the ocean

 VIDEO  4-28-2020 | 8

Photographer Patrick Coyne has captured incredible footage of dolphins swimming in bioluminescent waters.

Natural World

New snake is the real-life Salazar Slytherin

4-25-2020 | 3

A new species of green pit viper has been discovered during an expedition to a remote region of India.

Natural World

Atom bombs offer clues to age of whale sharks

4-12-2020 | 2

Scientists have found a way to determine how old whale sharks are using the fallout from atomic bomb testing.

Natural World

Himalayas visible from India thanks to lockdown

4-10-2020 | 6

Low pollution levels due to the coronavirus lockdown have revealed views not seen in several decades.

Natural World

Gigantic string-like sea creature caught on film

4-8-2020 | 4

This huge rope-link organism - the largest of its kind ever recorded - was spotted off the coast of Australia.

Natural World

Deep-sea squid 'talk' in the dark by glowing

 VIDEO  4-6-2020 | 0

The Humboldt squid has evolved a novel solution to the problem of communicating in the depths of the ocean.

Natural World

Thousands of pink jellyfish invade Philippines

4-3-2020 | 4

Video footage has emerged showing vast numbers of giant pink jellyfish crammed together in the water.

Natural World

Gorillas may also be susceptible to coronavirus

3-30-2020 | 8

Researchers have warned that COVID-19 may pose a serious risk to endangered gorilla populations in Africa.

Natural World

Why do females tend to live longer than males ?

3-25-2020 | 29

A new study of mammals has shed new light on the reason females tend to outlive their male counterparts.

Natural World

Weird 'skeletal' insect filmed in Costa Rica

 VIDEO  3-20-2020 | 7

Antonieta Mora had been out gathering fruit when she captured footage of this bizarre skeleton-like insect.

Natural World

Disappearance of two white giraffes solved

 VIDEO  3-15-2020 | 19

Rangers in Kenya have solved the mystery of what happened to two of the last few remaining white giraffes.

Natural World

Mass monkey brawl ensues in Thai city streets

 VIDEO  3-15-2020 | 15

The huge reduction in tourists due to the coronavirus outbreak has had some unexpected consequences.

Natural World

Previously unseen thylacine footage unearthed

 VIDEO  3-13-2020 | 12

Researchers have discovered extremely rare black-and-white footage of the extinct Tasmanian tiger.

Natural World

Red pandas may be two separate species

3-1-2020 | 9

It turns out that there may be more to China's endangered red panda than meets the eye.

Natural World

Bizarre sea creature fished up by Texas angler

 VIDEO  2-27-2020 | 9

This unusual looking creature was recently caught in the waters off Port Isabel to the south of Corpus Christi.

Natural World

Mountain gorillas killed by lightning strike

2-9-2020 | 2

A freak accident has resulted in the deaths of four rare mountain gorillas in Uganda's Mgahinga National Park.

Natural World

Driver films weird insect crawling in his truck

 VIDEO  2-7-2020 | 9

Tommy Hortman couldn't believe his eyes when he returned to his vehicle to discover this creature inside.

Natural World

Giant funnel-web spider is twice average size

 VIDEO  2-6-2020 | 12

A gargantuan funnel-web spider that is double the normal size for its species has been discovered in Australia.

Natural World

Shoppers swarmed by flock of birds in Texas

 VIDEO  2-5-2020 | 3

A huge flock of several thousand birds swarmed around disconcerted shoppers outside a store in Texas recently.

Natural World

Living relative of Lonesome George discovered

2-2-2020 | 1

Scientists have found a tortoise with strong genetic links to George who was thought to be the last of his kind.

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