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Space & Astronomy

Could dark energy one day cause another Big Bang to occur ?

2-24-2023 | 10

Dark energy could be the key to understanding a cyclical universe that contracts and expands over and over again.

Space & Astronomy

How could the Big Bang arise from nothing ?

1-4-2022 | 11

Some physicists believe that the beginning and the end of the universe might in fact be the same thing.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists are trying to 'listen' to the Big Bang

7-15-2021 | 4

Gravitational waves are helping scientists to unravel the mystery of what happened when the universe began.

Space & Astronomy

What will happen at the end of the universe ?

8-7-2020 | 39

The Big Bang may have brought the universe into existence, but will a similar event bring about its demise?

Space & Astronomy

Largest explosion since the Big Bang detected

2-28-2020 | 8

Scientists have spotted an explosion five times greater than anything seen since the birth of the universe.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious star is 'older than the universe'

8-10-2019 | 20

Known as the 'Methuselah star' due to its extreme age, this nearby stellar body may predate the Big Bang.

Space & Astronomy

'Energy bubble' could destroy the universe

4-4-2018 | 6

Physicists at Harvard University have suggested that the universe could end almost as abruptly as it began.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers detect signal from the first stars

 VIDEO  2-28-2018 | 5

A table-sized antenna has picked up the fingerprints of the first ever stars to emerge after the Big Bang.

Space & Astronomy

Physicists clash over Big Bang controversy

5-13-2017 | 14

Some of the world's most respected scientists have penned an open later in response to a recent article.

Space & Astronomy

Big Bang may have actually been a Big Bounce

7-10-2016 | 28

A new study has added weight to the idea that the universe may cycle between expansion and contraction.

Science & Technology

Siberia crater accompanied by big bang, glow

6-8-2016 | 6

New details have emerged about the mysterious crater which opened up in a remote part of Siberia in 2013.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers photograph colossal explosion

11-10-2015 | 6

A distant galaxy cluster is home to the most powerful explosion to have occurred since the Big Bang.

Space & Astronomy

New theory predicts universe existed forever

2-11-2015 | 120

Scientists have put forward a new theory suggesting that the universe may have never had a beginning.

Space & Astronomy

Are black holes as we know them impossible ?

9-27-2014 | 30

One physicist has determined that what we know about black holes and the Big Bang could be wrong.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover Big Bang's 'smoking gun'

3-17-2014 | 24

The extraordinary find is being hailed as one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in cosmology.

Space & Astronomy

Major astrophysics discovery to be revealed

3-15-2014 | 39

Scientists have promised a groundbreaking announcement pertaining to the birth of the universe.

Science & Technology

Hawking: 'Big Bang did not need God'

4-18-2013 | 122

Stephen Hawking spoke about the formation of the cosmos to a packed house at Caltech on Tuesday.

Space & Astronomy

Ancient spiral galaxy puzzles astronomers

7-22-2012 | 14

A spiral galaxy dating back to just 3 billion years after the Big Bang has been photographed by Hubble.

Science & Technology

12-year-old genius challenges the Big Bang

4-1-2011 | 44

At 12 Jacob Barnett seems like any other kid - but there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Space & Astronomy

'Missing link' of the universe found

1-10-2011 | 8

Astronomers shed light on the 'dark ages' of space following the Big Bang.

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