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World of the Bizarre

Man dies while trying to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs

11-5-2019 | 23

An impromptu and ill-advised egg eating competition in India recently resulted in the death of a 42-year-old man.

Nature & Environment

Divers encounter incredible underwater 'blob'

 VIDEO  10-18-2019 | 4

This remarkable object, which is believed to be a mass of squid eggs, was found in the waters off Norway's coast.

Nature & Environment

Eggs harvested from last northern white rhinos

8-25-2019 | 11

An unprecedented procedure could help to ensure the continued survival of the critically endangered species.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery creature carcass discovered in Florida

 VIDEO  5-12-2019 | 27

The shrivelled-up remains of a mysterious four-legged creature were found recently on a property in Titusville.

Modern Mysteries

Egg hunt held at Winchester Mystery House

4-21-2019 | 3

One of America's most mysterious buildings has played host to the 'world's most bizarre Easter egg hunt.'

Nature & Environment

Mystery of stickleback's 'virgin' birth solved

2-22-2019 | 0

Researchers were surprised to discover that a fish nick-named 'Mary' had been carrying fertilized eggs.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest known wild bird lays another egg

12-10-2018 | 3

A Laysan albatross known as 'Wisdom' has exceeded all expectations by laying an egg at the ripe old age of 68.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Gong Goi' ghost video goes viral in Thailand

10-6-2018 | 21

Eerie footage of a one-legged ghost of Thai mythology has recently been viewed over 3.5 million times.

Science & Technology

Chicken and egg both came first, say physicists

9-6-2018 | 88

The peculiar realm of quantum physics has offered up its own mind-bending solution to the age-old conundrum.

Nature & Environment

Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon

7-9-2018 | 7

Scientists have discovered a new species of wasp that lays its eggs on spiders using its massive stinger.

World of the Bizarre

Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany

6-20-2018 | 5

The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped.

Space & Astronomy

Uranus smells like rotten eggs, say scientists

4-23-2018 | 22

Hydrogen sulfide, which gives rotten eggs their smell, has been discovered in the seventh planet's atmosphere.

Nature & Environment

Aquarium captures footage of hatching octopus

 VIDEO  2-11-2018 | 4

The remarkable video shows the moment a young cephalopod emerges from its egg and changes color.

Nature & Environment

New fly is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger

1-24-2018 | 7

A tiny fly with very strong forelegs has been named after one of the world's most famous bodybuilders.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds snake eggs in sandpit

1-7-2018 | 3

43 eggs found in a children's sandpit in Australia may be from one of the world's most venomous snakes.


Haul of dinosaur eggs unearthed in China

1-2-2018 | 3

The incredibly well-preserved fossil eggs were found by accident during excavations on Christmas Day.


Record haul of 215 pterosaur eggs discovered

 VIDEO  12-1-2017 | 1

The incredible find has been teaching palaeontologists much about the lives of these ancient flying reptiles.

Space & Astronomy

Record-breaking astronaut returns to Earth

9-3-2017 | 5

NASA's Peggy Whitson broke a slew of records during her latest 288-day mission aboard the ISS.

World of the Bizarre

Belgian city creates omelet from 10,000 eggs

 VIDEO  8-25-2017 | 7

The Belgian city of Malmedy was filled with revelers on Tuesday as the gigantic dish was cooked up.

Science & Technology

Scientists crack mystery of avian egg shape

 VIDEO  6-24-2017 | 9

Researchers have finally worked out why some bird eggs are rounder while others are more pointy.

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