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Ghosts & Hauntings

Owner of 'haunted' house can't even give it away

5-2-2020 | 16

A Louisiana estate agent is having trouble giving away an unwanted house due to its haunted reputation.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house to be livestreamed

 VIDEO  5-1-2020 | 19

A week-long livestream of the house made famous by 'The Conjuring' movie is set to begin next weekend.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's house: 'discoveries' teased

4-13-2020 | 5

Restoration works at the fire-ravaged Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist have recently began in earnest.

Modern Mysteries

Winchester Mystery House offers free virtual tour

3-23-2020 | 3

Anyone self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic can now explore the mansion's mysteries from home.

Modern Mysteries

Secret door discovered in House of Commons

2-26-2020 | 4

Renovation workers have uncovered a forgotten passageway in the UK's Houses of Parliament.

World of the Bizarre

Weird house with no entrance to sell at auction

1-31-2020 | 21

A very strange house with no door or other means of access is to go on sale in England for a mere $130.


'Alien warehouse' Hangar 18 - does it exist ?

1-20-2020 | 21

Rumors about a secretive hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have been circulating for decades.

Modern Mysteries

Bags of Aleister Crowley's house go on sale

1-4-2020 | 16

The current owners of the infamous occultist's Loch Ness home are selling bags of its charred remains.

World of the Bizarre

'Angry' tortoise sets owner's house on fire

12-28-2019 | 9

A tortoise with a rather irate expression recently ended up having to be rescued from a burning house.

World of the Bizarre

Dog turns on microwave, sets house on fire

12-3-2019 | 7

A dog that was left home alone in South-East England recently managed to set his owner's home ablaze.


Alien life discovery will be 'slow and uncertain'

11-9-2019 | 7

Scientists have warned that an 'aliens landing on the White House lawn' type moment is unlikely to occur.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Exorcist banishes 'poltergeist' from family home

11-7-2019 | 15

A young couple was forced to flee from their house in Hull, England after a spate of paranormal disturbances.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' photographed in Sorrel-Weed House

 VIDEO  10-31-2019 | 8

A woman on a ghost tour in Savannah recently snapped an unusual picture in this notoriously haunted abode.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house made Zak Bagans ill

10-31-2019 | 38

The 'Ghost Adventures' founder claims that the Perron family's real-life abode made him sick for weeks.

The UFO Phenomenon

Revisited: Ronnie James Dio's UFO encounter

10-15-2019 | 13

The late heavy metal singer-songwriter had his own experience with a UFO at his house in New Canaan.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Legally haunted' house is on sale for $1.9M

10-5-2019 | 29

A mansion in Nyack, New York is considered legally haunted due to the infamous 'Ghostbusters ruling.'

World of the Bizarre

Man 'with TV on his head' leaves TVs on lawns

 VIDEO  8-14-2019 | 12

A man with a TV for a head has been caught on CCTV leaving old CRT TV's outside people's houses in Virginia.

Modern Mysteries

Aleister Crowley's house burns down again

8-1-2019 | 12

The fire-ravaged Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist has been further damaged by another fire.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost Adventures to film at 'Conjuring' house

7-27-2019 | 7

Zak Bagans and his team will be filming a two-hour Halloween special at the Perrons' former haunted abode.

World of the Bizarre

Tiger enters house, goes to sleep on bed

 VIDEO  7-20-2019 | 8

A homeowner and his family were forced to flee when the enormous cat simply walked in the front door.

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