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Nature & Environment

Mystery marine creatures found washed up on beach

7-21-2022 | 8

Park staff at Cape Lookout National Seashore posted up images of the organisms to ask if anyone could help identify them.

Nature & Environment

Scientists make surprise Antarctic life discovery

2-15-2021 | 4

A recent ice-boring operation has revealed the discovery of organisms living deep beneath the ice shelf.

Nature & Environment

Gigantic string-like sea creature caught on film

4-8-2020 | 4

This huge rope-link organism - the largest of its kind ever recorded - was spotted off the coast of Australia.


Scientist 'almost certain' that Europa hosts life

2-8-2020 | 13

A leading British space scientist maintains that Jupiter's icy moon is very likely to be home to alien organisms.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists identify organism that eats meteorites

12-7-2019 | 2

A microbe with an appetite for meteorites has shown that space rocks may be able to carry life across the cosmos.

Nature & Environment

Real-life 'blob' has 720 sexes but no brain

10-17-2019 | 18

A zoo in Paris has showcased one of the world's strangest organisms - a brainless, self-healing 'blob'.

Space & Astronomy

Should we deliberately 'infect' Mars ?

10-1-2019 | 15

A new paper has suggested that we may have no choice but to spread microorganisms to the Red Planet.


ET 'habitable zone' is smaller than thought

6-12-2019 | 28

According to a new study, many planets in the so-called habitable zone can only support single-celled organisms.

Science & Technology

Scientists create organism with altered DNA

5-15-2019 | 7

The live, lab-made microbe, which has a fully synthetic DNA code, is the first of its kind ever created.


Tracks of earliest mobile organism discovered

2-13-2019 | 2

Scientists have identified the fossilized tracks of a worm-like organism that lived 2.1 billion years ago.

Science & Technology

Evidence of life found in deep Antarctic lake

1-19-2019 | 8

Scientists have discovered the remains of several types of organisms in a lake over 1km beneath the ice.

Science & Technology

Hiking scientist discovers bizarre new microbes

11-18-2018 | 3

The organisms, which sit on a 'major new branch' of the tree of life, were found in woodland in Nova Scotia.

Nature & Environment

Is this the world's fastest-moving organism ?

 VIDEO  8-30-2018 | 2

A single-celled protozoan may actually be a lot faster than cheetahs, marlins or peregrine falcons.


Robot could search Mars for alien organisms

8-12-2018 | 9

NASA is investigating the possibility of sending a probe to Mars that could directly seek out alien life forms.


Microfossils suggest alien life may be common

12-22-2017 | 10

Scientists have identified a diverse group of organisms within fossils dating back 3.45 billion years.


Wormlike creature is 'strange beyond measure'

12-3-2017 | 4

Scientists in China have discovered one of the most peculiar prehistoric organisms ever found.


Could dust have carried alien life to Earth ?

11-20-2017 | 11

Scientists believe that interstellar dust streams might be able to transfer organisms between planets.

Science & Technology

Mystery microbe may be key to origin of viruses

8-21-2017 | 3

The microorganism was discovered in the lakes of the Rauer Islands off the coast of Antarctica.

Science & Technology

Scientists create semi-synthetic life forms

1-24-2017 | 38

For the first time ever, researchers have succeeded in creating healthy organisms with synthetic DNA.


Philae comet could be home to alien life

7-6-2015 | 13

Astrobiologists have suggested that comet 67P may be home to live extraterrestrial micro-organisms.

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