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Modern Mysteries

10 years on - the man who was swallowed by a sinkhole

 VIDEO  4-18-2023 | 4

Back in 2013, Jeff Bush had been sleeping in his bed when a hole suddenly opened in the ground and swallowed him up.

Nature & Environment

Woman is swallowed whole by a huge python in the Indonesian jungle

10-26-2022 | 37

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the danger these enormous snakes can pose to humans.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors treat woman who swallowed 55 AA and AAA batteries

9-19-2022 | 18

The incident, which was evidently an act of self harm, has been described by doctors as a world first.


Megalodon could swallow a great white shark whole

8-18-2022 | 5

The largest shark that ever lived would have put even the man-eating monster from 'Jaws' to shame.

Science & Technology

Enormous sinkhole swallows up the ground in Chile

8-7-2022 | 12

A huge sinkhole measuring 82 ft across and descending 650 ft down has opened up in the Atacama region of Chile.

World of the Bizarre

Man is swallowed and spat out by a whale

 VIDEO  6-12-2021 | 8

A lobster diver got more than he bargained for on Friday when he had a close encounter with a humpback whale.

World of the Bizarre

Two kayakers almost swallowed by a whale

 VIDEO  11-4-2020 | 6

Two women had been kayaking off the coast of California when they were almost ingested by a humpback whale.

World of the Bizarre

Massive sinkhole swallows up cars in China

 VIDEO  8-19-2020 | 4

Almost two dozen vehicles disappeared beneath the ground after a sinkhole opened up in China this week.

Nature & Environment

Ingested beetle escapes out of frog's posterior

 VIDEO  8-6-2020 | 3

A bizarre experiment has demonstrated how one aquatic beetle can survive being swallowed up by a frog.

World of the Bizarre

Sinkhole swallows up everything in new video

 VIDEO  5-6-2020 | 10

Footage recently captured in Kenya shows the moment a sinkhole begins to swallow up everything in sight.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors find dentures lodged in man's throat

8-13-2019 | 4

A man who experienced difficulty swallowing after surgery was found to have inhaled his own false teeth.

World of the Bizarre

Woman swallowed coin, lost voice for 12 years

7-10-2019 | 21

When Marie Heffernan unknowingly swallowed a coin as a teenager, her life took a sudden turn for the worse.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole may have swallowed a neutron star

5-5-2019 | 2

Astrophysicists have detected the gravitational waves produced by a black hole colliding with a neutron star.

World of the Bizarre

Woman sues after being sucked into a grave

3-18-2019 | 18

Joanne Cullen had been visiting her parents' grave in Long Island when the ground swallowed her up.

Nature & Environment

Whale almost swallows dive tour operator

 VIDEO  3-9-2019 | 11

Rainer Schimpf had been filming a sardine run when he inadvertently ended up in the mouth of a huge whale.

World of the Bizarre

Man is swallowed by an escalator in Turkey

 VIDEO  3-27-2018 | 20

If you think you are having a bad day, spare a thought for this unfortunate metro commuter in Istanbul.

World of the Bizarre

Suspect goes on toilet strike for 37 days

2-24-2018 | 22

A man who was arrested after swallowing drugs has been refusing to go to the bathroom for over a month.

World of the Bizarre

Boy honks after swallowing a tiny toy horn

10-5-2017 | 7

New footage has emerged of an eight-year-old from Argentina who honks every time he breathes in.

Space & Astronomy

Black holes are able to swallow stars whole

5-31-2017 | 13

New evidence has been found to support the idea that matter vanishes when it falls in to a black hole.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole is observed 'swallowing' a star

12-13-2016 | 18

Astronomers at Queen's University, Belfast have helped to discover an extremely rare celestial event.

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