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Modern Mysteries

Mysterious screams plague couple in Wales

6-30-2019 | 33

Alan and Christine Tait have recorded hundreds of hours of strange and unsettling sounds beneath their home.


Former Polish president warns of ET invasion

3-29-2019 | 36

In a recent speech, Lech Walesa made some rather 'out there' comments about extraterrestrial visitors.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of ladybugs invade England and Wales

10-10-2018 | 20

Huge numbers of the red and black insects have been turning up in homes across the British Isles this month.

World of the Bizarre

Cow spotted in the back seat of a moving car

7-8-2018 | 14

Police in South Wales have launched an investigation after images of the peculiar spectacle emerged online.

Nature & Environment

Dozens of octopuses invade beach in Wales

 VIDEO  10-30-2017 | 17

Beachgoers in the UK have reported seeing dozens of the cephalopods crawling across the sand.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Broad Haven Triangle' UFO mystery turns 40

2-5-2017 | 15

It has now been four decades since a group of children witnessed a UFO outside their school in Wales.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds felling of 200 beech trees

1-23-2017 | 43

Authorities in Wales are attempting to work out who chopped down hundreds of beech trees near Caerphilly.


Mystery surrounds 'Conspiracy Banksy' discs

11-2-2016 | 14

Packages of CDs containing files about popular conspiracy theories have been turning up around Wales.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

1893 'hairy man' mystery continues to endure

8-9-2016 | 35

Arthur Marrin came across a strange creature while traveling in New South Wales over a century ago.

Nature & Environment

Australian town is invaded by 100,000 bats

5-24-2016 | 14

Batemans Bay in New South Wales has become so overrun that a state of emergency has been declared.

Science & Technology

'Village of the damned' to be lost to the sea

2-12-2016 | 8

The picturesque coastal village of Fairbourne in Wales is to be swallowed up by rising sea levels.


'Dracoraptor' dinosaur found on Welsh beach

1-21-2016 | 2

A fossil belonging to one of the oldest known species of Jurassic dinosaur has been unearthed in Wales.

World of the Bizarre

Village deluged by rain for 82 days straight

1-17-2016 | 18

Beginning back in October of last year, the Welsh village of Eglwyswrw has experienced rain every day.

Archaeology & History

Stonehenge was originally built in Wales

12-7-2015 | 16

A new study has indicated that the famous Neolithic monument was not always situated in Wiltshire.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man was bullied over childhood UFO encounter

10-6-2015 | 25

Dave Davies was one of fourteen children who witnessed an object land outside their school in 1977.

The UFO Phenomenon

MoD investigated 1977 UFO sightings in Wales

9-26-2015 | 6

Newly declassified documents suggest that authorities knew all about the Broad Haven Triangle mystery.

World of the Bizarre

Politician answers UFO questions in Klingon

7-17-2015 | 6

A member of the Welsh government offered a bizarrely tongue-in-cheek response to a query about UFOs.


Carnivorous dinosaur goes on show in Wales

6-9-2015 | 13

The first meat-eating dinosaur ever found in Wales has been revealed to the public for the first time.

World of the Bizarre

Lego bricks wash up along Welsh coastline

1-6-2015 | 11

Large amounts of nautical-themed Lego bricks have been appearing on beaches for almost two decades.

World of the Bizarre

Man pushes sprout up mountain with his nose

 VIDEO  7-31-2014 | 20

Stuart Kettell is attempting to ascend Snowdon in Wales while pushing the vegetable using his face.

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