Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Have you ever lived in a haunted house, spotted a UFO, captured something unusual on camera or otherwise had a brush with the mysterious ? If so then we want to hear from you - please send us your story and we will feature it in our new Stories & Experiences section.
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Hyper speed aircraft
Category: UFO Sightings | Posted on 12-17-2016 | 3 comments
I was with a few friends floating on the waters of Lake Tahoe on the Fourth of July, I think it was 1999. It was an hour or so after the fireworks ended and as...

Notes from the other side
Category: Dreams & Consciousness | Posted on 12-17-2016 | 0 comments
It's taken me a while to build up the courage to do this. You see, I consider myself to be a rational man and even at the tender age of 9, when this journey beg...

Not my daughter
Category: General Mysteries | Posted on 12-2-2016 | 6 comments
My husband and I both work graveyard shifts. So, about 3-4 months ago, he was at work and I was off that night. My oldest son was spending the night at his frie...

Curious cat
Category: True Ghost Stories | Posted on 12-2-2016 | 1 comment
I have been seeing things since I was a kid so this isn't a suprise. My partner and I moved into the house we bought and instantly knew something was different....

My ball lightning story
Category: General Mysteries | Posted on 11-12-2016 | 15 comments
I've read several stories about ball lightning on various paranormal sites, and I'd like to share my own. From the descriptions people have given, a glowing ba...

My doppelganger story
Category: General Mysteries | Posted on 11-12-2016 | 0 comments
This is something that happened to be over 40 years ago, and to this day I've been mystified by it. It happened sometime during either my junior or senior year...

The same dream
Category: Dreams & Consciousness | Posted on 11-12-2016 | 1 comment
About a week ago I dreamt that I was on the beach with my 13-year-old son and my 5-year-old daughter. Suddenly I look back and I see a big wave coming towards u...

Paranormal activity ?
Category: True Ghost Stories | Posted on 11-4-2016 | 3 comments
So.. I have a few stories.. let's start with the most recent one.. A few nights ago my mum heard knocking on her door and was asking me and my siblings who i...

ESP experiences
Category: Psychic Experiences | Posted on 11-4-2016 | 0 comments
Recently it was brought to my attention by a few friends and family members that the gut feelings I get may be something "unique". I wasn't sure where to look o...

Witnessing hyperspeed?
Category: UFO Sightings | Posted on 10-13-2016 | 6 comments
The second of three truly paranormal and fully authentic experiences happened when I lived with my then-girlfriend near a lake on the western coast of the US, a...

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Displaying results 30 - 40 of 160
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