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World of the Bizarre

Mystery illness sees man burping constantly

2-14-2021 | 8

Michael O'Reilly started belching uncontrollably after drinking a cup of tea last year and is now unable to stop.


Why are conspiracies thriving in the pandemic?

1-31-2021 | 12

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the proliferation of several - often damaging - conspiracy theories.

World of the Bizarre

Sri Lankan minister drinks 'magic potion'

1-23-2021 | 6

A politician who consumed a potion said to ward off coronavirus has since tested positive for the disease.

Archaeology & History

Revealed: the face of Siberia's 'Tutankhamun'

1-18-2021 | 4

Scientists in Russia have painstakingly reconstructed the face of a Scythian king found in a tomb in East Siberia.

Nature & Environment

Conservationists spot unique 'dwarf' giraffes

 VIDEO  1-10-2021 | 1

For the first time ever, abnormally short 'dwarf' giraffes have been spotted in Uganda and Namibia.


NASA wants to hear your conspiracy theories

10-26-2020 | 12

The space agency is producing a special Halloween video in which it will debunk user-submitted conspiracies.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Nick Frost on ghost hunting with Simon Pegg

 VIDEO  10-19-2020 | 1

In a recent interview, Frost recalled being knocked unconscious while hunting ghosts on a rainy night.

The UFO Phenomenon

Revisited: the Loring AFB UFO incursions

8-29-2020 | 3

Back in 1975, a sensitive military base on US soil was visited by a number of objects on consecutive nights.

Nature & Environment

Shark shows signs of scrap with a giant squid

6-11-2020 | 4

An oceanic whitetip shark was recently found with scarring consistent with a fight with a giant cephalopod.

Nature & Environment

Meet the world's most constipated lizard

5-11-2020 | 13

Researchers have found a lizard with such an extreme case of constipation that its weight is 80% faeces.

World of the Bizarre

Man wins $1M lottery prize twice in one day

4-29-2020 | 9

One fortunate Colorado resident couldn't believe his luck when he managed to scoop two consecutive jackpots.

Science & Technology

Student grows an 8ft canoe out of mushrooms

4-22-2020 | 4

A recent science experiment has highlighted the unique potential of fungus as a viable construction material.

Space & Astronomy

Astronaut pee could help to build Moon base

3-31-2020 | 11

The urine of the first lunar settlers could be used as a construction material to help build new structures.

Science & Technology

Coronavirus was not made in a lab, study finds

3-27-2020 | 61

New research has played down conspiracy theories suggesting that the virus was created in a laboratory.


Did the CIA invent the term 'conspiracy theory' ?

3-18-2020 | 58

Is the idea that the CIA first came up with the term 'conspiracy theory', itself a conspiracy theory?

Nature & Environment

Mass monkey brawl ensues in Thai city streets

 VIDEO  3-15-2020 | 15

The huge reduction in tourists due to the coronavirus outbreak has had some unexpected consequences.

Space & Astronomy

Mars organic compounds 'consistent with life'

3-5-2020 | 8

Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars.


YouTube's war on conspiracy videos continues

3-3-2020 | 141

The video hosting giant has been drastically reducing the number of conspiracy video recommendations.

Science & Technology

'Engine of consciousness' found in macaques

2-24-2020 | 2

Scientists have identified an area of the brain that seems to be strongly connected to consciousness.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Could consciousness pervade the universe ?

1-17-2020 | 705

The question of exactly what consciousness is has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for millennia.

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