Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Natural World

Whales only became huge relatively recently

 VIDEO  5-24-2017 | 13

They may be giants of the deep today, but blue whales only gained their huge size 2-3 million years ago.

Natural World

Giant spider webs cover field in New Zealand

 VIDEO  4-27-2017 | 12

Fascinating new footage has emerged online showing an entire field engulfed by a huge expanse of cobwebs.

Natural World

First ever living giant shipworms discovered

 VIDEO  4-18-2017 | 9

A team of researchers have located a live colony of huge prehistoric molluscs in the Philippines.


Tyrannosaurs used 'sixth sense' to hunt prey

3-30-2017 | 38

The giant two-legged carnivores of the Cretaceous had more than just big teeth and jaws in their arsenal.


Video of giant chicken freaks out the Internet

3-23-2017 | 29

Footage of what appears to be an abnormally large chicken has gone viral after appearing on Twitter.

Science & Technology

Earth was once covered in giant mushrooms

 VIDEO  3-22-2017 | 9

Back when the tallest trees were only a few feet high, huge towers of fungus grew in excess of 8 meters.

Science & Technology

Large Hadron Collider discovers new particles

3-20-2017 | 13

CERN's giant atom smasher has identified five new particles that had been 'hiding in plain sight'.

Natural World

New 'king' polar bear clue found in Alaska

3-18-2017 | 2

A skull belonging to what is thought to be an extinct species of giant polar bear has been discovered.


Fossil of ancient giant penguin unearthed

2-27-2017 | 2

This newly described species of penguin is thought to have walked the Earth over 60 million years ago.


Prehistoric worm with huge jaws discovered

2-23-2017 | 8

Scientists have identified a previously unknown species of primordial giant worm with huge snapping jaws.


Fossils of giant otter unearthed in China

1-23-2017 | 7

Paleontologists have revealed the discovery of a prehistoric otter that was around the size of a wolf.

Natural World

Giant alligator goes for a stroll in Florida

 VIDEO  1-17-2017 | 45

A huge alligator was filmed by tourists at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida this week.

Space & Astronomy

Giant towers of ice discovered on Pluto

1-14-2017 | 7

The discovery marks the first time this phenomenon has been observed anywhere other than on the Earth.


Giant seal climbs on car, smashes windscreen

12-27-2016 | 6

A particular large Australian fur seal was seen this week wandering up a street and climbing on to cars.

Science & Technology

Giant manned robot being built in South Korea

 VIDEO  12-19-2016 | 12

A giant bipedal robot that looks like something out of the movie 'Avatar' has been unveiled this month.

Space & Astronomy

Weather observed on distant gas giant planet

12-12-2016 | 1

Astronomers have observed strong winds and changing cloud cover on an alien planet for the first time.


Boffin builds Star Wars AT-ACT in his garden

 VIDEO  12-12-2016 | 9

Madcap inventor Colin Furze has created a replica of the giant Imperial war machine outside his house.

Natural World

Giant air-breathing fish found in the Amazon

12-3-2016 | 4

A new species of the mysterious arapaima has been discovered in the remote backwaters of the Amazon.

Science & Technology

'Breakthrough' will make chocolate healthier

 VIDEO  12-1-2016 | 9

Swiss food giant Nestle has found a way to reduce sugar in chocolate by 40% without affecting the taste.

Natural World

Giant snowballs appear along Siberian coast

11-6-2016 | 4

An unusual natural phenomenon in Siberia has covered an 11-mile stretch of beach with huge snowballs.

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