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Space & Astronomy

Mars once had a vast underground lake system

3-1-2019 | 7

Evidence of an ancient interconnected subterranean groundwater system has been discovered on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Opportunity rover is officially dead

2-14-2019 | 19

The rover's mission, which saw it trundle across the Martian surface for over 15 years, is now complete.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One Ventures has been declared bankrupt

2-12-2019 | 11

The Dutch firm, which aimed to begin founding a human colony on Mars by 2025, has inevitably gone bust.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity captures breathtaking panorama

 VIDEO  2-11-2019 | 7

A panoramic image taken from the slopes of Mount Sharp has revealed the Martian landscape in remarkable detail.

Space & Astronomy

Opportunity rover celebrates 15 years on Mars

1-27-2019 | 4

The rover's 15-year anniversary has been sadly marred by the likelihood that its mission has come to an end.

Space & Astronomy

William Shatner queries blue light in Mars video

1-18-2019 | 3

The legendary Star Trek actor had a question for NASA recently following the release of new footage from Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Future Mars rovers could be autonomous

1-2-2019 | 1

Exploratory vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence could open up the surface of Mars like never before.

Space & Astronomy

Spectacular 'blue' dune photographed on Mars

 VIDEO  12-28-2018 | 12

This unusual looking sand dune was captured on camera by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

Space & Astronomy

Apollo astronaut: 'Mars trip would be stupid'

12-27-2018 | 12

One of the three astronauts who flew to the Moon aboard Apollo 8 has criticized efforts to land humans on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery of methane on Mars deepens further

12-23-2018 | 11

Despite the detection of methane in 2003 and 2014, the latest findings have revealed no evidence of it at all.

Space & Astronomy

Stunning image shows ice-filled crater on Mars

12-21-2018 | 4

This recently released photograph shows the 60km-wide Korolev Crater in Mars' north polar region.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's InSight lander records the Martian wind

 VIDEO  12-7-2018 | 5

NASA has released the first ever recording of the wind buffeting a spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity rover discovers shiny object on Mars

12-2-2018 | 12

NASA's long-lived rover has come across an intriguing object that almost looks like a small gold nugget.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's InSight probe successfully lands on Mars

11-26-2018 | 42

After a harrowing descent through the Martian atmosphere, the probe has finally reached its destination.

Space & Astronomy

Musk says he'll go to Mars even if it kills him

 VIDEO  11-26-2018 | 7

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has stated that there is a '70 percent chance' that he will personally fly to Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA prepares for '7 minutes of terror' on Mars

 VIDEO  11-24-2018 | 42

The space agency's InSight lander will be descending 80 miles through the Martian atmosphere on Monday.

Space & Astronomy

The best place to look for life on Mars identified

11-11-2018 | 0

Scientists behind the ExoMars mission have picked out a landing site where they hope to find evidence of alien life.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists create symphony of a Martian sunrise

 VIDEO  11-9-2018 | 5

The haunting musical creation was algorithmically produced to celebrate 5,000 Martian sunrises.

Space & Astronomy

Strange 1,500km-long cloud spotted on Mars

11-1-2018 | 18

ESA's Mars Express orbiter has photographed a long white cloud lingering eerily over the planet's surface.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Opportunity Mars rover remains silent

10-30-2018 | 85

Things are not looking good for the stricken rover which stopped communicating following a dust storm in June.

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