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Nature & Environment

Young gorillas are destroying poacher snares

8-21-2016 | 34

Some of Rwanda's mountain gorillas have taken a hands-on approach to tackling the threat of snares.

World of the Bizarre

Norway is planning to give Finland a mountain

7-30-2016 | 15

The summit of Mount Halti could be gifted to Finland to celebrate 100 years of independence from Russia.

Science & Technology

Is Everest really Earth's tallest mountain ?

5-18-2016 | 9

According to scientists, Chimborazo in Ecuador is actually quite a bit taller than Mount Everest.

World of the Bizarre

Piles of tumbleweed engulf Australian homes

 VIDEO  2-18-2016 | 2

Residents of Wangaratta in Victoria have found their homes buried underneath mountains of tumbleweed.

Nature & Environment

Only known wild jaguar in US caught on film

 VIDEO  2-4-2016 | 41

The solitary feline, who has been nicknamed El Jefe, was picked up on camera in the Santa Rica Mountains.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Trekker takes photograph of 'Yeti footprints'

2-1-2016 | 56

Steve Berry encountered a mysterious set of single-file tracks on a steep mountain slope in Bhutan.

World of the Bizarre

86-year-old woman climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

11-9-2015 | 6

In a remarkable feat of old-age endurance, the pensioner reached the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.

Space & Astronomy

New mountain range revealed on Pluto

7-22-2015 | 96

New images from the New Horizons probe have revealed another vast region of mountains on Pluto's surface.

Space & Astronomy

'Pyramid-shaped' mountain found on Ceres

6-25-2015 | 60

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has identified an anomalous structure on the surface of the dwarf planet.

Science & Technology

Nepal earthquake actually moved Everest

6-16-2015 | 4

The world's tallest mountain was shifted three centimeters by the earthquake that struck in April.

Modern Mysteries

'Gateway to Hell' fiery pit found in China

4-11-2015 | 18

Geologists have been investigating a glowing orange hole that opened up on a Chinese mountain.

World of the Bizarre

Skier survives plunge down vertical slope

 VIDEO  12-12-2014 | 8

Cody Townsend made headlines this week after careening down a near-vertical mountain crevice on skis.

Space & Astronomy

New mountain-sized asteroid discovered

12-10-2014 | 9

A Russian scientist has identified a huge asteroid that crosses the Earth's orbit every three years.

Science & Technology

Thousands of mountains found on ocean floor

10-4-2014 | 2

A new mapping project has revealed the terrain at the bottom of the sea in unprecedented detail.

Nature & Environment

Undersea mountain is teeming with life

8-6-2014 | 5

Researchers have been exploring the depths of the Hebrides Terrace Seamount off Scotland's west coast.

World of the Bizarre

Man pushes sprout up mountain with his nose

 VIDEO  7-31-2014 | 20

Stuart Kettell is attempting to ascend Snowdon in Wales while pushing the vegetable using his face.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery figure sighted in remote mountains

 VIDEO  4-29-2014 | 71

Two men climbing in the mountains of British Columbia spotted an unusual figure in the distance.

World of the Bizarre

Roswell buried by tumbleweed invasion

 VIDEO  2-3-2014 | 22

Residents of the New Mexico town have found their homes buried underneath mountains of dried up plants.

Science & Technology

Coldest place on Earth discovered

12-9-2013 | 18

Scientists have measured a record-breaking temperature of -91C on a mountain ridge in Antarctica.

The UFO Phenomenon

Couple 'attacked by UFO' at Brown Mountain

9-9-2013 | 31

A strange newspaper story has emerged detailing an alleged attack on a couple by an unidentified object.

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