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Archaeology & History

US once tried to use glow-in-the-dark foxes against Japan during WWII

5-21-2024 | 0

A lot of strange tactics were thought up during the Second World War, but this is perhaps one of the strangest of them all.

Archaeology & History

Mystery of missing WWII fighter pilot finally solved over 80 years on

11-30-2023 | 0

Lt Warren Singer's plane had disappeared without a trace during an attack on Italian airfields in 1943.

Modern Mysteries

Hunt for Nazi gold in Dutch village is called off

5-3-2023 | 7

The gold had allegedly been buried in the German countryside by Nazi soldiers during World War II.

Space & Astronomy

Bermuda Triangle film crew discover piece of the space shuttle Challenger

 VIDEO  11-11-2022 | 4

The crew had been searching for a downed World War II aircraft within the infamous region of the North Atlantic.

World of the Bizarre

Man ends up in hospital with WW2 anti-tank shell stuck in his rectum

12-4-2021 | 25

The World War II enthusiast required medical assistance for an extremely unfortunate problem indeed.

Modern Mysteries

German Enigma machine found in the Baltic Sea

12-6-2020 | 2

Divers searching for fishing nets have uncovered one of the infamous code machines used during World War II.

Modern Mysteries

Could Hitler have won the Battle of Britain ?

1-11-2020 | 25

Mathematicians have used statistical models to calculate how different WW2 strategies would have played out.


74 years on - was General Patton murdered ?

12-22-2019 | 23

General George S. Patton, who died in 1945, was one of the most celebrated military leaders of World War II.

Modern Mysteries

USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor

 VIDEO  2-13-2019 | 3

The final resting place of the World War II-era aircraft carrier has been discovered off the Solomon Islands.

Science & Technology

WWII bombs sent shockwaves to edge of space

10-1-2018 | 7

It turns out that the devastating bombing raids of World War II damaged more than just targets on the ground.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Visitor encounters 'ghost' on USS Lexington

 VIDEO  8-5-2018 | 7

The World War II-era vessel, which is now a museum, has seen more than its fair share of ghost sightings.

World of the Bizarre

Woman takes unexploded shell through airport

7-11-2018 | 12

The 24-year-old had discovered the unexploded World War II tank artillery shell while she was out hiking.

Modern Mysteries

It's official - Hitler really did die in 1945

5-21-2018 | 26

A recent analysis of Hitler's teeth has confirmed once and for all that he did not fake his own death.

Modern Mysteries

Wreck of the USS Juneau found after 75 years

3-23-2018 | 1

The World War II-era vessel went down in 1942 after being hit by Japanese torpedoes in the Pacific.

Modern Mysteries

Wreck of USS Lexington found after 76 years

 VIDEO  3-6-2018 | 6

The final resting place of the US aircraft carrier, which went down during World War II, has finally been located.

Modern Mysteries

World War II RAF building mystery solved

10-8-2017 | 4

A mysterious building discovered at a former RAF base has turned out to be an anti-aircraft gun position.

Modern Mysteries

CIA informant claimed Hitler survived WWII

9-9-2017 | 94

Declassified CIA documents have indicated that Hitler may not have committed suicide in his bunker.

Modern Mysteries

WWII shipwrecks are mysteriously vanishing

11-17-2016 | 40

Three shipwrecks dating back to World War II have completely disappeared from the bottom of the Java Sea.

Modern Mysteries

Secret Nazi base discovered in the Arctic

 VIDEO  10-23-2016 | 24

Russian scientists have located a secret Nazi facility that was abandoned before the end of World War II.

Modern Mysteries

Did Hitler escape through a hidden tunnel ?

10-17-2015 | 46

New discoveries beneath Berlin support the theory that Hitler escaped at the end of World War II.

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