Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Dreams & Consciousness

Two close shaves with death

1-30-2024 | 7

On March 30, 1996, I was carjacked by multiple carloads of a rival gang . I was beaten in the head with The Club (anti theft ...

True Ghost Stories

A candle on the grave

11-7-2023 | 0

I had an unexplainable experience about 40 years ago while hiking on a mountain in Switzerland with a buddy of mine from the ...

Creature Encounters

Mystery 'troll' captured on camera

4-24-2021 | 34

On sunday the 28th of february, my husband and I were out walking for a couple of hours in the beautiful sunshine, it felt li...

Dreams & Consciousness

My Grandfather's NDE

4-24-2021 | 155

After a major heart attack, my grandfather was taken to the Oak Knoll Navy Hospital in Oakland, California back in the late 1...

True Ghost Stories

The voice of something not human

11-17-2020 | 33

We used to visit my grandparents in L.A. for Christmas growing up. The top floor bedroom of their L.A. home still housed the ...

True Ghost Stories

Shadow figure demon ?

11-14-2020 | 28

I've seen and heard unexplainable things for many years. Mostly it happens in the few nights surrounding the full moon, I don...

True Ghost Stories

Ghost following me

9-18-2020 | 15

When I was 13 I went into a very well known haunted house with a tour group. There was known child activity so I had taken a ...

General Mysteries

Mysterious glowing cube

8-23-2020 | 16

This is a bit insignificant, but was so strange at the time of occurrence that I would appreciate some input as to what this ...

True Ghost Stories

Black blob in my room/bed

7-23-2020 | 43

I'm hoping like others that come here, I am looking for help. For an answer and a solution. My problem started about 2 years ...

General Mysteries

Transparent levitating ball

7-14-2020 | 7

Sometime around 1990 on a mild somewhat overcast day, I was just about ready to leave the house to run errands around 11am. T...

True Ghost Stories

Mysterious fingerprints

6-24-2020 | 7

My children and I have all witnessed fingerprints on our mirrors after they have been cleaned and after showering and on my s...

True Ghost Stories

Did my dead best friend talk to me?

6-24-2020 | 8

Hi guys... I'm kinda new to this website so please bare with me... I needed to put this out there, for my own sanity if nothi...

True Ghost Stories

Grim reaper-like visitation

6-16-2020 | 13

Hoping this is the right place to post this? Looking for any insight or advice to help me make sense of my experience. So, I ...

Creature Encounters

My monster catfish story

6-15-2020 | 26

This is my monster catfish story that occurred in the summer of 1995. It was on the old lake dallas damn near little elm texa...

True Ghost Stories

Orb of light in room

5-9-2020 | 36

I've never mentioned this story to anyone. I am not a supernatural weirdo, but just wanted to find out if anyone had also eve...

True Ghost Stories

Not sleeping alone

5-9-2020 | 33

I had a very close relationship with my 106 year old Grandma. I was by her side I when she took her last breath. Since the d...

Creature Encounters

Glowing red eyes

5-9-2020 | 6

So I was 14 and lived in the country and one night I was watching tv and fell asleep on the couch, well around 2am my dog was...

Creature Encounters

Two creature sightings

5-1-2020 | 1

Chupacabra sighting in same area three different times By 4REAL from Augusta I lived outside of Augusta wi and 3 times I ...

True Ghost Stories

Something crawling into my bed

5-1-2020 | 9

I have had the sensation of something crawling into to bed with me at night for years. At first I felt a scratching pulli...

True Ghost Stories

My haunted home

5-1-2020 | 15

I met my wife in the year 2005. At the time she still lived with her mum in her family home in Rainham. She didn't waste any ...

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