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Space & Astronomy

Satellite to offer 'shooting stars on demand'

1-18-2019 | 13

A Japanese startup has launched a satellite in a bid to create the first ever artificial meteor shower.

World of the Bizarre

Japanese man marries hologram of VR singer

11-12-2018 | 1

Akihiko Kondo became so infatuated with Japanese character Hatsune Miku that he decided to marry her.

Space & Astronomy

Rover captures video from asteroid's surface

 VIDEO  9-28-2018 | 9

Japan's space agency has revealed the first ever video footage recorded from the surface of a moving asteroid.

Science & Technology

Japanese cafe to be staffed by robot waiters

 VIDEO  9-25-2018 | 8

A cafe opening in Tokyo's Akasaka district will use robots controlled wirelessly by disabled operators.

Space & Astronomy

Japan makes history as rovers land on asteroid

9-22-2018 | 17

Japan's space agency JAXA has succeeded in landing two tiny hopping robots on the asteroid Ryugu.

Space & Astronomy

Japan set to test miniature space elevator

9-6-2018 | 18

Scientists in Japan are aiming to one day build an elevator that can carry people and cargo in to orbit.

Science & Technology

Dr Octopus' robotic arms become a reality

 VIDEO  9-4-2018 | 1

A Japanese scientist has developed a set of remotely controlled robotic arms that can be worn as a backpack.

Science & Technology

Sony to bring its Aibo robotic dog to the US

 VIDEO  8-26-2018 | 7

Consumers outside of Japan will finally get a chance to purchase the super-cute robotic canine companion.

World of the Bizarre

You can now buy a holographic 'wife' in Japan

 VIDEO  8-18-2018 | 22

The Gatebox virtual assistant takes the form of a holographic anime girl who you can interact with.

Science & Technology

Flying 'dragon' robot developed in Japan

 VIDEO  6-30-2018 | 5

The disconcerting snake-like contraption is capable of hovering and changing shape in mid-air.

Modern Mysteries

Wreck of the USS Juneau found after 75 years

3-23-2018 | 1

The World War II-era vessel went down in 1942 after being hit by Japanese torpedoes in the Pacific.

The UFO Phenomenon

Japanese government dismisses threat of UFOs

3-4-2018 | 2

The cabinet has officially responded to the question of whether or not UFOs pose a threat to national security.

Nature & Environment

New tardigrade species found in a car park

3-1-2018 | 4

A strange new species of tardigrade, or 'water bear', has been discovered in a Japanese car park.

Space & Astronomy

Japanese astronaut experiences 'growth spurt'

1-9-2018 | 9

Lieutenant Norishige Kanai has grown so much while in space that he may no longer fit in the Soyuz capsule.

Science & Technology

Japanese firm invents futuristic folding car

 VIDEO  12-29-2017 | 6

Inspired by Transformers, the car's designers aimed to produce a vehicle that can park almost anywhere.

Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart captured by the Japanese ?

11-26-2017 | 8

A new theory suggests that Earhart and Fred Noonan were taken prisoner in Saipan and later executed.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious void found inside Great Pyramid

 VIDEO  11-2-2017 | 1560

Japanese and French scientists have announced the discovery of what could be a large hidden chamber.

Space & Astronomy

Huge 50km-long cave discovered on the Moon

10-19-2017 | 20

The Japanese space agency JAXA has announced the discovery of a cave hidden beneath the lunar surface.

Modern Mysteries

USS Indianapolis wreck found 70 years on

8-20-2017 | 6

The wreckage of a cruiser sank by a Japanese submarine 70 years ago has finally been discovered.

Science & Technology

Robot ventures inside Fukushima reactor 3

 VIDEO  7-23-2017 | 5

Scientists in Japan have identified what could be fuel debris within the devastated nuclear reactor.

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