Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Ivan the Terrible
Archaeology & History

Scientists reconstruct face of 'the cruelest man who ever lived'

7-17-2024 | 3

Known as Ivan the Terrible, the infamous Russian ruler was notorious for his horrific acts of cruelty.

Ghost graffiti
World of the Bizarre

Cops catch up to mystery 'graffiti ghost' artist in Florida

7-17-2024 | 1

The mysterious vandal had been leaving paintings of ghosts all around the Tarpon Springs area.

Neolithic passage grave
Archaeology & History

Plague linked to collapse of Neolithic population 5,200 years ago

7-16-2024 | 6

New findings suggest that the plague may have once decimated Neolithic farmers across northern Europe

Penguin and Egg galaxies
Space & Astronomy

NASA publishes 'Penguin and Egg' image of merging galaxies

7-16-2024 | 6

This impressive astronomical spectacle happens to bear a resemblance to a particular flightless seabird.

Cave on the Moon.
Space & Astronomy

Scientists confirm first ever discovery of a cave on the Moon

7-15-2024 | 4

This cave and others like it could one day provide the perfect place to build a lunar settlement.

Alleged baby Bigfoot

Bizarre image of alleged 'baby Bigfoot' stirs up debate and controversy

7-15-2024 | 54

This highly questionable photograph of an alleged juvenile Bigfoot has been met with considerable skepticism.

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Car submerged in Yellowstone
World of the Bizarre

Weird mishap sees SUV drive into hot acidic lake in Yellowstone

7-14-2024 | 9

Five people had reportedly been in the vehicle at the time that it had inexplicably driven into the water.

Man with 3 legs.
World of the Bizarre

Man with three legs waits at railway crossing in weird viral clip

 VIDEO  7-7-2024 | 13

A very strange clip has appeared on social media showing a man with an anomalous extra limb.

UFO in Crawford County
World of the Bizarre

Deputy pulls over 'flying saucer' on the interstate in Missouri

7-1-2024 | 5

A particularly unusual road user was recently pulled over by a Sheriff's deputy in Crawford County, Missouri.

Tallest bike.
World of the Bizarre

Absurd 25ft contraption is the world's tallest rideable bicycle

 VIDEO  6-22-2024 | 2

This ridiculous bike, which towers above the ground, was put together by two friends in France.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Campers call cops after seeing '5ft creature with glowing eyes'

7-3-2024 | 10

Deputies arrived on the scene in Kisatchie National Forest after a group of campers reported a very strange sighting.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Study casts doubt on idea that griffins were inspired by dinosaur fossils

6-25-2024 | 1

These half-bird, half-lion creatures of myth and folklore were long thought to have been inspired by Protoceratops.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

If dragons actually existed, how would fire-breathing work?

6-23-2024 | 3

Dragons have been a staple of fantasy fiction for years, but could fire-breathing ever actually work in the real world ?

Quite Mysterious Episode 5
Creatures, Myths & Legends

The Yeti: is the Abominable Snowman a real animal?

 QM EPISODE  6-20-2024 | 16

Does an undiscovered ape-like creature roam the forests and mountain slopes of the Himalayas?

Durandal sword.
Archaeology & History

Mystery as France's 'Excalibur' - the Durandal sword - disappears

7-4-2024 | 9

A sword that had been lodged in solid rock for over 1,300 years has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

South American rock drawings.
Archaeology & History

Evidence of unknown 4,000-year-old civilization found in Venezuela

7-4-2024 | 4

Archaeologists have discovered ancient drawings thought to have been created by a long lost civilization.

Aswan, Egypt.
Archaeology & History

Over 1,400 mummies unearthed in ancient Egyptian 'City of the Dead'

6-28-2024 | 2

Archaeologists have discovered an extensive series of tombs and burials in the ancient Egyptian city of Aswan.

Archaeology & History

Study challenges idea that Easter Island's people committed 'ecocide'

6-24-2024 | 2

There may have simply been a much smaller population of people living on the island all along.

Dune Fremen
Space & Astronomy

Real-life Dune 'stillsuit' can turn urine into drinkable water

7-12-2024 | 5

Scientists have developed a new type of spacesuit that can turn an astronaut's urine into clean, drinkable water.

Quite Mysterious Episode 8
Space & Astronomy

How long would it take us to journey to an alien planet ?

 QM EPISODE  7-11-2024 | 8

The distances between stars are vast - but just how long would it take us to travel between them ?

Space & Astronomy

James Webb observes potentially habitable 'super-Earth' LHS 1140 b

7-10-2024 | 16

This relatively nearby world, which is a lot larger than our own, is situated approximately 49 light-years away.

Aganippe Fossa
Space & Astronomy

Photo shows enormous 'scar' stretching across the surface of Mars

7-8-2024 | 0

This huge, stunning geological feature has been captured on camera in more detail than ever before.

Titanic exhibit flood.

Titanic exhibit mysteriously floods in allegedly 'haunted' museum

 VIDEO  6-30-2024 | 22

A Titanic exhibit at a museum near Chicago has inexplicably flooded and nobody can figure out how.


Conspiracy theorist claims 'demons' are responsible for UFO sightings

5-13-2024 | 31

Bart Sibrel was famously punched in the face by astronaut Buzz Aldrin after heckling him over the Moon landings.


NASA makes major announcement about Mars sample-return mission

4-16-2024 | 19

Major change is afoot regarding NASA's plans to return samples of Martian soil and rock to the Earth.


Avi Loeb offers new evidence to suggest that spherules are alien

2-7-2024 | 48

The Harvard astronomer discovered the objects on the sea floor while searching for pieces of an interstellar meteorite.


New technologies set to 'transform' the search for alien life

7-14-2024 | 58

The Breakthrough Listen project will be utilizing new developments and innovations in its hunt for ET.

Quite Mysterious Episode 7

Spielberg's lost alien movie and the real-life incident that inspired it

 QM EPISODE  7-4-2024 | 7

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter saw a family allegedly terrorized by small, gremlin-like alien entities.

An extrasolar planet orbiting a distant star.

NASA's upcoming alien-hunting telescope could find Earth 2.0 by 2050

7-3-2024 | 2

A proposed new telescope - the Habitable Worlds Observatory - could make finding alien life a reality.


Could failing warp drives point us in the direction of intelligent aliens ?

6-30-2024 | 7

Scientists have come up with another possible way to look for intelligent alien civilizations: failing warp drives.

Consciousness and reality.
Science & Technology

Did consciousness evolve to benefit society rather than individuals ?

7-13-2024 | 2

There is still much we don't understand about the nature of consciousness, how it first came about and why.

Layers of the Earth.
Science & Technology

The Earth's core has not only slowed down, but also reversed direction

7-9-2024 | 5

Scientists have confirmed that the Earth's core has been behaving in a rather unexpected way.

Science & Technology

Gravitational wave science applied to mysterious Antikythera mechanism

6-28-2024 | 9

Techniques used to analyze gravitational waves have now been applied to this enigmatic artifact.

Robot skin.
Science & Technology

Japanese scientists develop robot face grown from human skin cells

 VIDEO  6-26-2024 | 13

Capable of producing a cheesy grin, this extremely creepy creation could be the first step toward life-like robots.

Baba Vanga statue.
Metaphysics & Psychology

Blind soothsayer Baba Vanga's predictions for 2025 and beyond

7-13-2024 | 22

The mystic, who is attributed with foretelling many major world events, made several predictions about the coming centuries.

Baba Vanga statue.
Metaphysics & Psychology

Have Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 already come true ?

4-17-2024 | 6

The world-famous blind mystic made a great number of chilling predictions about the future before her death.

Consciousness and reality.
Metaphysics & Psychology

Panpsychism: could everything in the universe be conscious ?

3-26-2024 | 35

One theory suggests that everything in the universe, even the chair you are sitting on, has some level of consciousness.

Consciousness and reality.
Metaphysics & Psychology

Consciousness and reality: is there a limit to what science can solve ?

3-19-2024 | 33

Some of the most fundamental questions of existence and consciousness may be beyond the scope of conventional science.

Major Jesse Marcel with the Roswell debris.
The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon publishes analysis of 1947 Roswell UFO crash debris

7-12-2024 | 10

The sample, that many had believed was extraterrestrial in origin, had been sent to a lab for analysis.

Gemini 4.
The UFO Phenomenon

NASA astronaut's 1965 UFO sighting was solved many years later

7-8-2024 | 8

Astronaut Jim McDivitt had reported seeing an object shaped like a beer can outside the Gemini 4 capsule.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
The UFO Phenomenon

Workers spot large 'dark metallic disc' over Red Rocks Amphitheatre

7-5-2024 | 57

The iconic Colorado venue was the scene of a UFO sighting involving multiple witnesses back in June.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico
The UFO Phenomenon

World UFO Day marks 77th anniversary of the Roswell incident

7-2-2024 | 51

Around the world, UFO enthusiasts are celebrating anything and everything to do with the phenomenon.

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