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Space & Astronomy
Mysterious bright spot discovered on Ceres
1-24-2015 | 10 comments
NASA's Dawn spacecraft has photographed something unusual on the surface of the dwarf planet.
Scientists build 'real-life teleporter'
1-24-2015 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
Engineers in Germany have built the first step towards a matter transporter like those seen in Star Trek.
Asteroid firestorm didn't kill the dinosaurs
1-24-2015 | 6 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists believe that a long winter, not an inferno, was most likely to blame for their extinction.
Missing beach suddenly reappears overnight
1-23-2015 | 15 comments | Bizarre
The entire volume of sand at Porthleven in Cornwall had mysteriously disappeared due to a freak tide.
Mystery goop kills birds in San Francisco Bay
1-23-2015 | 12 comments | Natural World
Authorities have been struggling to identify a strange goo that's been wreaking havoc on local wildlife.
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Ancient Mysteries
King Tut's beard falls off in weird accident
1-23-2015 | 27 comments
Part of King Tutankhamun's famous burial mask broke off this week and had to be glued back on.
Five burials found within mystery Greek tomb
1-20-2015 | 2 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of five individuals at the Alexander-era tomb in Amphipolis.
3,000-year-old Egyptian fortress unearthed
1-16-2015 | 2 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists have discovered the ruins and foundations of an ancient fortress at Tell Habua.
Easter Island collapse theory challenged
 Hot!  1-10-2015 | 65 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A new study has called in to question conventional theories about the disappearance of the islanders.
Atlantis metal orichalcum found in shipwreck
 Hot!  1-8-2015 | 96 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists have uncovered ingots of the legendary alloy in a ship that sunk 2,600 years ago.
Science & Technology
Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight
 Hot!  1-22-2015 | 54 comments
The change is intended to represent how much closer the human race is to global catastrophe.
Elon Musk to build global 'space Internet'
1-19-2015 | 10 comments | Science & Technology
The SpaceX CEO is planning to set up a new, faster global Internet and use the profits to colonize Mars.
How safe can a driverless car actually be ?
1-19-2015 | 27 comments | Science & Technology
Researchers have warned that driverless cars may never be safer on the road than a human driver.
Scientists pledge to implement AI safeguards
1-13-2015 | 33 comments | Science & Technology
Several big names have signed a letter aimed at ensuring that AI research remains beneficial to mankind.
NASA set to drop a robot in to a volcano
1-9-2015 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists are experimenting with new ways to explore volcanic fissures and vents on other planets.
Space & Astronomy
Wormhole may exist at center of our galaxy
1-22-2015 | 28 comments
A new study has opened up the possibility that the center of our galaxy is actually a massive wormhole.
Mystery radio bursts picked up in real time
1-20-2015 | 19 comments | Space & Astronomy
Astronomers have been picking up strange unexplained radio bursts from the depths of space.
Two large planets may lurk beyond Pluto
 Hot!  1-17-2015 | 93 comments | Space & Astronomy
Evidence suggests that two planets larger than the Earth may be present in the outer solar system.
Sarah Brightman begins training for ISS visit
1-17-2015 | 14 comments | Space & Astronomy
The 'Phantom of the Opera' singer is set to spend ten days aboard the space station in October.
Scientists confirm Beagle 2 found on Mars
1-16-2015 | 19 comments | Space & Astronomy
The long-lost Mars lander has finally been found and it appears to still be all in one piece.
Pre-dinosaur crocodile relative unearthed
1-22-2015 | 6 comments
Palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a carnivorous reptile dating back 240 million years.
DNA extracted from extinct giant kangaroo
1-17-2015 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have been able to extract the DNA from two extinct behemoths that lived 45,000 years ago.
Were Neanderthals our intellectual equals ?
1-15-2015 | 35 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists now believe that Neanderthals were no less advanced that their modern human counterparts.
Prehistoric marine reptile found in Scotland
1-12-2015 | 18 comments | Palaeontology
The fossilized remains of a large dolphin-like creature have been found on the Isle of Skye.
America's first horned dinosaur discovered
12-13-2014 | 6 comments | Palaeontology
Palaeontologists have identified a rabbit-sized horned dinosaur that was a relative of Triceratops.
Man trapped in 'time loop' for eight years
 Hot!  1-21-2015 | 42 comments
A 23-year-old student has fallen victim to one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded.
Mystery over woman who saw 'dragons'
12-31-2014 | 15 comments | Metaphysics
A peculiar medical condition caused one woman to see images of dragons everywhere she looked.
Memories of a past life can trigger PTSD
12-9-2014 | 14 comments | Metaphysics
Children with vivid memories of a past life may be vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder.
Psychic prompts airline flight number change
12-8-2014 | 13 comments | Metaphysics
An airline in Brazil changed one of its flight numbers after a psychic warned that the plane would crash.
Boy recalls memories of past life as a Marine
 Hot!  11-21-2014 | 42 comments | Metaphysics
A four-year-old from Virginia claims to possess memories of his life as a Marine who died in 1983.
Is 'ghost particle' proof of alien life ?
Astrobiologists believe that they have found evidence of alien life in our planet's atmosphere.
Real-life 'Jaws' forces beach closures
Numerous shark sightings near Newcastle in Australia have been keeping beachgoers out of the water.
UFO filmed hovering over New York
 Hot!  1-20-2015
Footage has emerged of a strange object which allegedly hovered in the sky for around three minutes.
Sleep paralysis can lead to ghost sightings
The terrifying phenomenon may account for numerous sightings of ghosts, monsters, demons and more.
'Bigfoot' filmed walking through snowy woods
 Hot!  1-18-2015
Footage has emerged showing a large hominid strolling through the snows of a Russian forest.
Mystery surrounds Lake Michigan shipwreck
Two treasure hunters found something unexpected while hunting for gold in the lake's depths.
Mix-up sees flight with only one passenger
Chris O’Leary boarded a scheduled flight to New York only to find that there were no other passengers.
'Exodus: Gods and Kings' is banned in Egypt
Egypt's censorship board has taken the decision to ban the film due to 'historical inaccuracies'.
Paul Dale Roberts
Haunted Columbia
Paul Dale Roberts investigates multiple hauntings in Columbia, California.
Paul Dale Roberts
A look at Spring-heeled Jack
Paul investigates reports of the mysterious 19th century entity.
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Stories & Experiences
A Connecticut haunting
12-15-2014 | New Milford, Connecticut
Luminous UFO in Scotland.
12-2-2014 | Black Loch, Limerigg, Scotland
Terror in South Dakota motel
12-2-2014 | South Dakota
Hotel hauntings
10-22-2014 | Sierra Vista, Arizona
A conflict of interest
10-22-2014 | South Jersey, United States
My experience
10-7-2014 | United States
Spirit sighting
10-7-2014 | UK

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Featured Videos
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Should we fear artificial intelligence ?
Posted 1-24-2015 | 2 comments
Could the development of intelligent computers really lead to a global catastrophe ?
The world's biggest vacuum chamber
Posted 1-23-2015 | 0 comments
A look at what happens when you drop a feather and a ball under the conditions of outer space.
Rare tiger released in to the wild
Posted 1-22-2015 | 0 comments
Two filmmakers race against time to capture slow-motion footage of a Siberian tiger being released.
Apache vs dragon
Posted 1-21-2015 | 11 comments
In a theoretical battle between a dragon and an Apache helicopter - who would win ?
Destination: moon
Posted 1-20-2015 | 1 comment
A look at the past, present and future of ESA's lunar exploration endeavours.
Matt Moneymaker's first Bigfoot encounter
Posted 1-19-2015 | 0 comments
Bigfoot investigator Matt Moneymaker recalls an early sighting of a Bigfoot in Ohio.
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Column Articles
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Kathleen Meadows
Spiritual opening triggered by trauma
Kathleen Meadows explores new spiritual insights.
Paul Dale Roberts
An interview with Paul Dale Roberts
Brett L. Byrd interviews the veteran paranormal investigator.
Kathleen Meadows
Turning 60
Kathleen Meadows takes a look back at the last six decades and at what the future might bring.
Brendan D. Murphy
Diary of a DNA potentiator
Brendan D. Murphy explores reality and consciousness.
Arnold Isen
Rise of the Mont Order secret society
Arnold Isen investigates the secretive group.
Deanna Jaxine Stinson
The mystic power of seashells
A look at the spiritual and historical significance of seashells.
Rob MacGregor
Alien abductions of children
Rob MacGregor looks at several chilling abduction experiences.
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