Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Space & Astronomy
Mars liquid water discovery cast in to doubt
11-23-2017 | 1 comment
Dark streaks on the Martian surface thought to be evidence of water may actually be little more than sand.
NASA reveals Cassini 'farewell Saturn' image
11-22-2017 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
A breathtaking mosaic of the iconic ringed gas giant has been put together by the Cassini mission team.
Mature white crocodile sighted in Australia
11-22-2017 | 1 comment | Natural World
Nicknamed Pearl, the reptile was seen swimming around in the Adelaide River near Darwin on Sunday.
Flat-Earther to launch himself in a rocket
 Hot!  11-22-2017 | 62 comments | Bizarre
Self-taught rocket scientist 'Mad' Mike Hughes is hoping to reach 1,800ft in his own steam-powered rocket.
Entire family of mammoths goes on sale
11-21-2017 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
The skeletons, which include a one-year-old baby, were discovered by builders in Siberia 15 years ago.
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The UFO Phenomenon
Mystery still surrounds UFO over Oregon
11-21-2017 | 7 comments
Back in October, aviation authorities investigated an unidentified aircraft flying over the West Coast.
Mystery surrounds fighter jet UFO footage
11-15-2017 | 8 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A video allegedly recorded by a fighter jet based on the carrier USS Nimitz has surfaced online recently.
Shag Harbour UFO mystery endures 50 years on
10-2-2017 | 11 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
This month marks the 50th anniversary of a UFO sighting at Shag Harbour on Nova Scotia's South Shore.
Spielberg once contributed to UN UFO debate
9-25-2017 | 7 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The legendary film director has made several movies exploring the themes of UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Britain's best UFO invasion hoax turns 50
9-7-2017 | 6 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Back in 1967, a group of students managed to pull off one of the most convincing UFO hoaxes in history.
Space & Astronomy
Interstellar visitor is red and very dark
 Hot!  11-21-2017 | 55 comments
An asteroid thought to have come from interstellar space is carrying organic carbon-based molecules.
Fireball lights up the night sky over Finland
11-18-2017 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
A time-lapse camera captured the moment an intense fireball streaked across the sky over Lapland.
China to build nuclear-powered space shuttle
11-17-2017 | 6 comments | Space & Astronomy
The long-term roadmap for China's space program has been revealed by one of its primary contractors.
New Earth-sized extrasolar planet discovered
11-16-2017 | 19 comments | Space & Astronomy
Situated just 11 light years away, Ross 128 b is shaping up to be a promising place to look for life.
Dream Chaser completes successful glide test
11-13-2017 | 19 comments | Space & Astronomy
Sierra Nevada has announced that its Dream Chaser spaceplane has completed a critical free-flight test.
Could dust have carried alien life to Earth ?
11-20-2017 | 9 comments
Scientists believe that interstellar dust streams might be able to transfer organisms between planets.
Alien hunters send message to nearby system
11-17-2017 | 8 comments | Extraterrestrial
Astronomers are hoping to one day establish contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.
Billionaire to fund alien-hunting mission
11-12-2017 | 31 comments | Extraterrestrial
Yuri Milner is looking to send a spacecraft to Enceladus to look for evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Russian boy claims he used to live on Mars
 Hot!  11-7-2017 | 93 comments | Extraterrestrial
Boriska Kipriyanovich, who has baffled doctors for 20 years, claims he lived on Mars in his past life.
What would a real alien actually look like ?
 Hot!  11-1-2017 | 100 comments | Extraterrestrial
Scientists believe that extraterrestrial life is likely to have a lot in common with life on Earth.
Science & Technology
Big earthquakes to occur more often in 2018
11-20-2017 | 8 comments
A periodic slowing of the rotation of the Earth is likely to result in an upsurge in earthquakes next year.
Humanoid robot is now able to do backflips
11-18-2017 | 23 comments | Science & Technology
Thanks to its latest upgrade, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is now capable of performing gymnastics.
Skepticism surrounds head transplant success
 Hot!  11-17-2017 | 83 comments | Science & Technology
Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero claims that he has performed the first ever human head transplant.
Boston Dynamics teases its latest robotic dog
11-15-2017 | 19 comments | Science & Technology
The latest version of the firm's SpotMini robot has been revealed in a new YouTube video this week.
Lake in Canada hints at possible life on Mars
11-14-2017 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
The lake has been described as 'a chunk of Mars [that] has somehow broken off and travelled 33 million miles'.
Modern Mysteries
NASA scientist is fed up with Nibiru theories
11-19-2017 | 36 comments
Astrophysicist David Morrison has been repeatedly explaining to people that Nibiru doesn't exist for years.
Dalhousie Mountain carvings mystery endures
11-19-2017 | 3 comments | Modern Mysteries
A series of names carved in to the rocks of Dalhousie Mountain are thought to date back over 100 years.
Mystery surrounds $450M da Vinci painting
11-16-2017 | 27 comments | Modern Mysteries
The 500-year-old painting, which sold for a record-breaking sum at auction, has a few peculiarities.
Was Amelia Earhart eaten by giant crabs ?
11-14-2017 | 16 comments | Modern Mysteries
If the famed aviator really had crash-landed on the atoll of Nikumaroro, what happened to her remains ?
Chopin's heart holds key to what killed him
11-10-2017 | 1 comment | Modern Mysteries
Researchers studying Polish composer Frederic Chopin have finally solved the mystery of his death.
Flat-Earthers gather for first ever conference
 Hot!  11-19-2017
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people still believe that the Earth is flat.
Buddha's cremated remains found in China
A ceramic box thought to contain the remains of Buddha himself has been discovered in Jingchuan County.
Prehistoric forest fossils predate dinosaurs
Scientists exploring Antarctica have found fossils from a forest dating back over 260 million years.
Fish could be as intelligent as chimpanzees
Scientists have found evidence to suggest that some fish can use a form of rudimentary sign language.
'Deadly ghost' kills four men in Thailand
Public health officials have been sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of four men in Kalasin province.
Nessie tops poll of UK supernatural mysteries
The iconic monster earned the top spot in the poll which included several of the UK's most enduring enigmas.
Mystery US aircraft crashes in Nevada desert
 Hot!  9-12-2017
The unknown aircraft, which was being flown by pilot Eric Schultz, went down exactly one week ago.
$100K paranormal prize unclaimed 37 years on
 Hot!  9-4-2017
To date, The Australian Skeptics have yet to see conclusive proof of psychic or paranormal powers.
Featured book
By Kurt Johmann PhD
The author had many out-of-body experiences, including lucid dreams, bion-body projections, and being an awareness at the center of a sphere.
Sean Casteel
Physics, the Bible and the parting of the Red Sea
Sean Casteel on Reverend Barry Downing.
Edward Crabtree
The real aliens: a survey of 'praying mantis' entity reports
Edward Crabtree reports.
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Featured Videos
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The rainbow turkey
Posted 11-23-2017 | 1 comment
This turkey has gorgeous iridescent feathers but you won't be eating it for Thanksgiving.
What do we know of the giant squid ?
Posted 11-20-2017 | 1 comment
The giant squid is so elusive that it took until 2004 for someone to photograph a live specimen.
Slow motion katana slice
Posted 11-18-2017 | 0 comments
The Slo Mo Guys attempt to slice through a row of water bottles using a katana sword.
What happened to the Library of Alexandria ?
Posted 11-17-2017 | 5 comments
What really happened to the vast wealth of knowledge stored in the ancient library ?
World's largest sticker ball
Posted 11-14-2017 | 1 comment
This enormous ball of stickers contains somewhere in the region of 200,000 stickers.
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Kathleen Meadows
Words as symbols
Kathleen Meadows explores the power of both the spoken and written word.
Sean Casteel
The treasure of the Knights Templar
Did the Knights Templar have a connection to the paranormal ?
Kirin Johnson
A haunted night at Stanley Hotel's Room 217
Kirin Johnson checks in.
Sean Casteel
Reshaping reality while living in an alternative universe
What exactly is reality ?
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