Monday, February 20, 2017
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Space & Astronomy
SpaceX Cape Canaveral launch is a success
2-19-2017 | 5 comments
The private space firm has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
Fed up single woman decides to marry herself
2-19-2017 | 16 comments | Bizarre
Singleton Lynne Gollogly made the decision following years of failed attempts to find 'Mr Right'.
Mars may be slowly forming a ring system
2-19-2017 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
Mars may not be the most obvious place to look for rings, but that could soon be set to change.
Scientists aim to harness power of volcanoes
2-18-2017 | 1 comment | Science & Technology
Efforts are underway in Iceland to find ways of turning the heat from volcanoes in to usable electricity.
Is Zealandia the world's eighth continent ?
2-18-2017 | 36 comments | Science & Technology
Despite being almost entirely submerged by the sea, Zealandia could soon be recognized as a continent.
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Science & Technology
Scientists revive 10,000-year-old life forms
2-18-2017 | 13 comments
In a remarkable breakthrough, microbes trapped inside cave crystals have been brought back to life.
Woolly mammoth 'on the verge of resurrection'
2-16-2017 | 14 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists believe that an elephant-mammoth hybrid embryo could be created within as little as two years.
Amazing bipedal robot could deliver your mail
2-11-2017 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
Agility Robotics has developed an incredible new robot called Cassie that can walk just like a human.
Smog is more toxic in Europe than in China
2-10-2017 | 11 comments | Science & Technology
Air pollution in Europe and North America may be 27 times more toxic than the smog over Chinese cities.
Blue tarantulas lead to color breakthrough
2-9-2017 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
The unusual hue of certain tarantulas has been helping scientists develop vibrant new 3D-printed colors.
'Mermaid bones' on show at Japanese temple
2-17-2017 | 20 comments
The remains of what some people believe to be a genuine mermaid can be found at Ryuguji temple.
Writer investigates Wollaton Park gnomes case
2-15-2017 | 37 comments | Cryptozoology
A bizarre encounter by six schoolchildren in 1979 is the subject of a new investigation by Dr Simon Young.
State-funded Bigfoot hunts to be outlawed
 Hot!  2-10-2017 | 48 comments | Cryptozoology
Lawmakers in New Mexico are aiming to make it illegal for state-funded colleges to hunt for Bigfoot.
'Creature' photographed in garden at night
 Hot!  1-16-2017 | 75 comments | Cryptozoology
A Reddit user has uploaded an image of what appears to be a strange figure running through a garden.
Man tracks 'Bigfoot' for over seven miles
 Hot!  1-15-2017 | 206 comments | Cryptozoology
Experienced tracker Christopher Bauer followed a set of large footprints for miles across North Dakota.
Space & Astronomy
Building blocks of life discovered on Ceres
2-17-2017 | 11 comments
NASA's Dawn spacecraft has found carbon-based materials similar to those found on the early Earth.
UAE plans to build a city on Mars by 2117
2-16-2017 | 12 comments | Space & Astronomy
The extremely ambitious endeavour, which is known as 'Mars 2117', was announced in Dubai two days ago.
Could Hubble get another servicing mission ?
2-15-2017 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
It is looking increasingly likely that the iconic space telescope will be receiving further upgrades.
Scientists discover 60 new extrasolar planets
2-14-2017 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
The significant haul of new worlds includes a potentially habitable 'super-Earth' with a rocky surface.
ISS astronaut films rare blue jet lightning
2-12-2017 | 2 comments | Space & Astronomy
The breathtaking natural phenomenon is typically unpredictable and lasts for only fractions of a second.
Churchill's views on alien life revealed
2-16-2017 | 14 comments
Britain's wartime Prime Minister wrote many articles long before ever stepping foot in Downing Street.
NASA plans to look for alien life on Europa
2-10-2017 | 15 comments | Extraterrestrial
Scientists are hoping to develop a mission to learn once and for all whether there is life on Europa.
Is life on Earth considered a cosmic 'zoo' ?
 Hot!  2-3-2017 | 45 comments | Extraterrestrial
Do intelligent extraterrestrials see our planet in the same way as we might see a nature reserve ?
New test could help seek life on other worlds
1-28-2017 | 6 comments | Extraterrestrial
Scientists have developed a new testing method to aid in the hunt for extraterrestrial life forms.
Man claims he 'punched an alien in the face'
 Hot!  1-25-2017 | 69 comments | Extraterrestrial
John Mooner insists that he not only tried to hit an alien, but that he even has photographic proof.
Couple share their home with a 2500lb buffalo
2-15-2017 | 18 comments
Texas couple Ronnie and Sherron Bridges have a rather unusual pet - a huge buffalo named Wild Thing.
Man hammers 38 nails using only his head
2-13-2017 | 19 comments | Bizarre
John 'Hammer Head' Ferraro achieved the ridiculous feat to earn himself a new Guinness World Record.
T. rex fails to shovel snow in Massachusetts
2-11-2017 | 10 comments | Bizarre
YouTuber Leslie Haasch decided to try clearing up the snow in her garden while dressed as a dinosaur.
Gorilla-shaped Cheeto has sold for $99,900
2-7-2017 | 23 comments | Bizarre
A Cheeto shaped like Harambe - the primate shot at Cincinnati Zoo - has sold in an online auction.
Woman gets a snake stuck inside her earlobe
2-2-2017 | 22 comments | Bizarre
Ashley Glawe ended up in the emergency room after her pet snake got stuck in a rather peculiar place.
Ancient sea monster gave birth to live young
Scientists have discovered that not all prehistoric marine reptiles laid eggs like crocodiles do.
Derbyshire 'ghost plane' remains a mystery
An old type of aircraft commonly used during Word War II has been sighted numerous times over Derbyshire.
Bolivia is under siege by a plague of locusts
The South American country has declared a state of emergency following a mass influx of the insects.
New files reveal UK police UFO investigations
Recently released government files have revealed a spate of UFO police reports over the last few years.
New Dead Sea Scrolls cave found in Israel
The cave, though previously looted of its scrolls, is the first to be discovered in more than 60 years.
CIA used psychics in Lockerbie investigation
 Hot!  2-2-2017
Declassified CIA files have detailed some of the unorthodox methods used to investigate the bombing.
Haunted hotel has world's largest Ouija board
The Grand Midway Hotel in Pennsylvania is home to what is officially the largest Ouija board on Earth.
CIA uploads millions of declassified files
The documents cover everything from UFO sightings to government-backed remote viewing experiments.
Featured book
By Guy Lyon Playfair
A look at the story of Peggy Hodgson and her four children who, between 1977 and 1979, were at the center of one of the most terrifying poltergeist cases ever documented.
Kathleen Meadows
2017 authentic spirituality
Kathleen Meadows discusses how to set goals for the coming year.
Sean Casteel
UFOs, mediumship and the paranormal
Sean Casteel explores spiritualism and its relation to UFOs.
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Artwork of mine HazeEerie Spirit Picturemull and iona 149.jpgCrater in Shadow on VestaZoomed in Little FigureMars Reconnaissance Orbiter - Terraces or Strata on a Crater SlopeSpaceX and NASA Prepare for LaunchVesta - Justina craterEndeavour Lands at LAXEarth from Space: Black SeaArt Kaleidoscopemy Backyard barSunset, Chisos Mountain RidgeIceberg calving from Pine Island Glacier, AntarcticaSOUL  RISINGGhost?Rock Spire In 'Spirit Of St. Louis Crater' On MarsComet On 25 June 2015 – NavCam
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Stories & Experiences
Saved by a stranger
2-7-2017 | Green River Wyoming
Spooky sense
2-4-2017 | India
Ghost car
2-4-2017 | Chicago, IL, USA
Mysterious powder
2-4-2017 | USA, North Carolina
Puerto Rico UFO sighting
2-4-2017 | Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico
Phantom vehicle
1-6-2017 | Ramer, United States
True ghost stories
1-6-2017 | Southern California
Floating tiles
1-6-2017 | Chewelah, Washington
A haunting in Northern California
12-28-2016 | Northern California
Strange creature in South Africa
12-28-2016 | South Africa, Hoedspruit.

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Featured Videos
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Slow motion football explosion
Posted 2-19-2017 | 0 comments
What happens when you over-inflate a football ? The Slo Mo Guys investigate.
Long-term space travel and isolation
Posted 2-18-2017 | 1 comment
Not everyone is cut out for the isolation of traveling long distances through space.
Humphead parrotfish
Posted 2-17-2017 | 1 comment
These bizarre-looking 1.5-meter-long fish can use their teeth to turn coral in to a fine sand.
Catching lightning in a bottle
Posted 2-16-2017 | 0 comments
Is it possible to catch lightning in a bottle ? Adam Savage investigates.
Most finger snaps in one minute
Posted 2-15-2017 | 3 comments
Japanese university student Satoyuki Fujimura managed 296 fingers snaps in 60 seconds.
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Column Articles
Columns icon 
Kathleen Meadows
Vulnerability, shame and redemption
Kathleen Meadows talks about her life and experiences.
Sean Casteel
Exposing the top secret treaty
Is there really a treaty between ET and the US government ?
Sean Casteel
The story of Bryce Bond
The radio DJ and journalist had many UFO encounters.
Sean Casteel
Cryptid creatures from dark domains
Tales of 'demon dogs' and other beasts have been reported for years.
Kathleen Meadows
Crazy psychic clients
Kathleen Meadows recalls some of her more difficult clients.
Edward Crabtree
A tale of two realities
Edward Crabtree takes a look at the 'Mandela Effect'.
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