Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Europe, not Africa, was birthplace of mankind
5-23-2017 | 3 comments
A remarkable new palaeontological discovery in Europe could rewrite the history of human evolution.
UFO dossier may be released after UK election
5-22-2017 | 8 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A selection of previously withheld documents about UFOs could be seeing a release in the near future.
Who was Leonardo da Vinci's mystery mother?
5-22-2017 | 4 comments | Modern Mysteries
An Oxford University professor believes he may have pieced together the identity of Leonardo's mother.
Astronauts to undertake emergency spacewalk
5-22-2017 | 9 comments | Space & Astronomy
The two-hour spacewalk, which is set to take place on Tuesday, will aim to repair a broken data relay box.
Man finds Viking treasure with metal detector
5-21-2017 | 20 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Derek McLennan earned almost $2.6 million after unearthing a horde of 10th-century Viking artefacts.
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Science & Technology
Mount Everest's 'Hillary Step' is destroyed
5-21-2017 | 6 comments
The infamous rocky outcrop was the last great challenge for mountaineers aiming to reach the summit.
Doomsday vault flooded by melting permafrost
5-20-2017 | 24 comments | Science & Technology
Norway's Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been breached by water flooding in through the entrance.
Huge 20-meter 'rogue waves' are actually real
5-13-2017 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
Recent research has shown that massive waves can appear out of the blue with surprising regularity.
Ambitious UK firm wants to build the Matrix
5-12-2017 | 15 comments | Science & Technology
Improbable is the latest startup hoping to change the world by embracing virtual reality technology.
Earliest known recording of JFK revealed
5-11-2017 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
The recording, which was made when Kennedy was 20, has been released by archivists at Harvard University.
Space & Astronomy
New Horizons will reach MU69 in January 2019
5-21-2017 | 0 comments
Following its groundbreaking flyby of Pluto, the probe is now on its way to another Kuiper Belt object.
Elon Musk could actually beat NASA to Mars
5-17-2017 | 15 comments | Space & Astronomy
The SpaceX CEO has a timetable for getting to Mars that could edge out NASA's manned mission schedule.
Has evidence of the multiverse been found ?
5-17-2017 | 13 comments | Space & Astronomy
A 'cold spot' that has puzzled scientists for years could be the point where two universes collided.
Exoplanet Proxima b has a 'stable climate'
5-16-2017 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists have been trying to work out what the weather might be like on this recently discovered world.
NASA scraps manned Orion-SLS launch plan
5-15-2017 | 9 comments | Space & Astronomy
The US space agency has decided against placing astronauts aboard its new rocket on its first launch.
'Fish rain' falls over school in California
5-20-2017 | 5 comments
Pupils and staff at Stanford Avenue Elementary were left perplexed by a bout of very strange weather.
Man bitten while trying to kiss a rattlesnake
5-18-2017 | 38 comments | Bizarre
Emergency services were called out in Florida on Tuesday to attend a rather unusual incident.
Police film 15 sharks near paddle-boarders
5-12-2017 | 22 comments | Bizarre
A police helicopter moved in to warn the group who had unwittingly ended up surrounded by great whites.
Real-life Darth Vader works at a hospital
5-5-2017 | 8 comments | Bizarre
A man named after one of the most infamous movie villains of all time works at a hospital in Tennessee.
Deadly spiders emerge from bunch of bananas
5-2-2017 | 19 comments | Bizarre
A family had to be evacuated from their home after a nest of spiders was found on a supermarket banana.
'Alien megastructure' star is dimming again
 Hot!  5-20-2017 | 317 comments
The mysterious star has been puzzling astronomers for years due to its erratic, inexplicable behavior.
Super Earth is 'best chance for finding life'
4-19-2017 | 10 comments | Extraterrestrial
A large terrestrial planet located 40 light years away could be the perfect place to search for ET.
Ireland alien abduction case still intrigues
4-15-2017 | 6 comments | Extraterrestrial
Numerous sightings of strange objects in the skies above County Derry have been reported over the years.
Enceladus could support alien life, says NASA
4-13-2017 | 15 comments | Extraterrestrial
The space agency has discovered all the crucial ingredients for life in the oceans of Saturn's icy moon.
NASA hints at new 'ocean worlds' discovery
4-11-2017 | 15 comments | Extraterrestrial
The space agency will be holding a press briefing on Thursday about 'the search for life beyond Earth'.
Tyrannosaurus rex bit with incredible force
5-19-2017 | 1 comment
The prehistoric carnivore was capable of exerting 8,000 pounds of force with its huge gaping jaws.
Extinction asteroid hit 'worst possible place'
5-15-2017 | 6 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have been drilling in to the crater left behind by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.
Superbugs existed long before the dinosaurs
5-13-2017 | 2 comments | Palaeontology
Far from being a modern phenomenon, antibiotic-resistant microbes have existed for millions of years.
Baby dinosaur mystery solved after 25 years
5-10-2017 | 2 comments | Palaeontology
A fossil found in China has finally been formally identified after more than a quarter of a century.
New haul of early human skeletons revealed
5-9-2017 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
Researchers have unveiled details of their latest findings at an important cave site in South Africa.
Australian UFO group quizzed over tax funds
An investigation has been launched after it emerged that the group had received almost $6,000 in grants.
London street swarmed by thousands of bees
Pedestrians were left ducking for cover as the swarm descended on a crowded street earlier this week.
Antikythera Mechanism mystery turns 115
It has been over a century since the ancient device was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece.
Mystery object caught on camera in Loch Ness
A group of tourists recently spotted a strange object in the waters of Scotland's legendary loch.
Why did Agatha Christie disappear in 1926 ?
One of legendary crime novelist Agatha Christie's most enduring mysteries may have finally been solved.
'Most Haunted' crew films 'ghost' in old house
 Hot!  4-22-2017
The footage shows a shadowy figure walking up a staircase in a stately home in Rotherham, England.
Virgin Mary statue 'cries tears of blood'
 Hot!  4-16-2017
Hundreds of people have been flocking to Argentina to witness what some are calling a modern miracle.
CIA used psychics in Lockerbie investigation
 Hot!  2-2-2017
Declassified CIA files have detailed some of the unorthodox methods used to investigate the bombing.
Kathleen Meadows
In Review: Tarot as a Way of Life
Kathleen Meadows reviews a book by author Karen Hamaker-Zondag.
Sean Casteel
Commander X
Sean Casteel explores the story behind the mysterious UFO informant known as 'Commander X'.
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Featured Videos
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Falcon vs car
Posted 5-23-2017 | 2 comments
Can the fastest bird of prey in level flight manage to fly faster than a speeding car ?
Ants are better at growing food than we are
Posted 5-21-2017 | 1 comment
They may be small, but ants have been farming their own food for a lot longer than humans have.
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Europa
Posted 5-20-2017 | 0 comments
The popular astrophysicist talks about finding life beneath the surface of Europa.
Everest earthquake
Posted 5-19-2017 | 0 comments
A look at the harrowing moments before the devastating avalanche at Mount Everest in 2015.
Fastest time drinking maple syrup
Posted 5-18-2017 | 0 comments
'L.A. Beast' glugs down the whole bottle in under 11 seconds - don't try this at home.
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Column Articles
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Kathleen Meadows
Buddhism and the Tarot teachings
Keathleen Meadows explores Tarot cards and Buddhism.
Joseph Devine
UVB-76: Russia's mysterious radio station
A look at one of Russia's most enduring enigmas.
Sean Casteel
Was inventor Nikola Tesla a UFO contactee?
Sean Casteel takes a look at the life of Nikola Tesla.
Kathleen Meadows
2017 authentic spirituality
Kathleen Meadows discusses how to set goals for the coming year.
Sean Casteel
UFOs, mediumship and the paranormal
Sean Casteel explores spiritualism and its relation to UFOs.
Kathleen Meadows
Vulnerability, shame and redemption
Kathleen Meadows talks about her life and experiences.
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