Monday, August 29, 2016
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  Latest news
Man bathes in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce
8-28-2016 | 9 comments
YouTuber Cemre Candar decided it would be a good idea to jump in to a bathtub filled with spicy sauce.
'Ghost' galaxy is almost entirely dark matter
8-28-2016 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
An enigmatic galaxy known as Dragonfly 44 is believed to be comprised of 99.99 percent dark matter.
Extinct kitten-sized lion species discovered
8-28-2016 | 7 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists in Australia have identified a tiny marsupial lion which went extinct 18 million years ago.
DNA can help to recreate a criminal's face
8-27-2016 | 4 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have found a new way to determine a person's appearance by analyzing samples of their DNA.
Juno prepares for close-up look at Jupiter
8-27-2016 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
NASA's Juno spacecraft is getting ready to fly within 2,500 miles of the planet Jupiter later on today.
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Modern Mysteries
Mystery surrounds cat kidnappings in Austria
8-26-2016 | 9 comments
Dozens of cats have been going missing under mysterious circumstances in the town of Frauenkirchen.
Was infamous pirate Blackbeard a good guy ?
8-26-2016 | 8 comments | Modern Mysteries
New research has determined that Blackbeard wasn't quite as bloodthirsty as history would suggest.
What is Anton Vaino's mysterious 'nooscope' ?
8-24-2016 | 9 comments | Modern Mysteries
Vladimir Putin's new chief of staff Anton Vaino has come up with a very strange invention indeed.
Fish are falling from the sky over Scotland
8-12-2016 | 14 comments | Modern Mysteries
Kevin Bain of Aberdeenshire was surprised to discover dozens of small fish lying in his garden.
Team set to dig up Nazi gold train in Poland
 Hot!  8-11-2016 | 93 comments | Modern Mysteries
An excavation later this month will aim to solve the mystery of the Nazi gold train once and for all.
Man climbs in to toilet, has to be rescued
8-26-2016 | 7 comments
A man in Norway ended up stuck after climbing in to a lavatory to retrieve his friend's mobile phone.
Dog is elected mayor for third year in a row
8-25-2016 | 13 comments | Bizarre
The people of Cormorant, Minnesota have once again voted for a dog called Duke to be their mayor.
Sewage truck explodes all over cars in Russia
8-19-2016 | 14 comments | Bizarre
A rather unpleasant fate befell unsuspecting commuters driving in rush hour traffic earlier this month.
Oldest living man is a 120-year-old monk
8-18-2016 | 9 comments | Bizarre
Hindu monk Swami Sivananda has attributed his extreme longevity to a combination of yoga and celibacy.
Peta contests court ruling over monkey selfie
8-14-2016 | 22 comments | Bizarre
The charity maintains that if an animal takes a photograph, the image legally belongs to that animal.
Space & Astronomy
Could we reach Earth 2.0 within 20 years ?
8-25-2016 | comments
The discovery of an Earth-like world around Proxima Centauri has spurred on efforts to send a probe there.
Curiosity captures 360-degree Mars panorama
8-22-2016 | 14 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA's exploratory rover has recorded an impressive panoramic image from the surface of the Red Planet.
Prototype airplane could one day fly on Mars
8-19-2016 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
Students in the US have conducted a successful test flight of a small remotely piloted glider aircraft.
Is Proxima Centauri home to a second Earth ?
 Hot!  8-16-2016 | 49 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists have allegedly discovered a potentially habitable planet within a neighboring star system.
Mystery object 'Niku' is traveling backwards
8-13-2016 | 32 comments | Space & Astronomy
A strange object spotted beyond the orbit of Neptune appears to be going around the sun in reverse.
Science & Technology
'Flying Bum' airship has crashed already
8-24-2016 | 7 comments
The world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, has crashed while landing in a field after a test flight.
Do we always look on the bright side of life?
8-17-2016 | 29 comments | Science & Technology
A new study has suggested that we are perhaps not quite as eternally optimistic as is generally believed.
July was hottest month in recorded history
8-16-2016 | 20 comments | Science & Technology
New data revealed by NASA has shown that global temperatures have been reaching record levels this year.
China is working on a hypersonic spaceplane
8-14-2016 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
China is aiming to revolutionize space travel by developing an ambitious new plane/spacecraft hybrid.
VR helps paralyzed patients to walk again
8-12-2016 | 5 comments | Science & Technology
In a remarkable breakthrough, a brain training system has restored movement in eight paraplegic patients.
Massive snakeskin supports 'Wessie' rumors
8-24-2016 | 11 comments
A huge snakeskin measuring 12ft in length has been found near Riverbank Park in the US state of Maine.
Portuguese 'Gollum' footage surfaces online
8-18-2016 | 35 comments | Cryptozoology
An unconvincing video of a bipedal creature in the desert has been doing the rounds online this week.
1893 'hairy man' mystery continues to endure
8-9-2016 | 35 comments | Cryptozoology
Arthur Marrin came across a strange creature while traveling in New South Wales over a century ago.
Man has spent 25 years searching for Nessie
7-28-2016 | 17 comments | Cryptozoology
It has now been 25 years since Steve Feltham dedicated his life to hunting down the Loch Ness Monster.
Has 'Beast of Bodmin' mystery been solved ?
7-24-2016 | 13 comments | Cryptozoology
A zoo owner has come forward with information that could help to explain the alien big cat phenomenon.
World's oldest needle unearthed in Siberia
A 50,000-year-old sewing needle made from bone has been discovered during a dig at a cave in Siberia.
Giant pearl could be worth over $100 million
A huge pearl weighing in excess of 34kg is set to be officially recognized as the largest of all time.
Easter Islanders were not wiped out in a war
A new study has suggested that the inhabitants of Easter Island were not destroyed by warfare.
Investigators appeal to poltergeist family
The case of a mother and son driven from their home by a ghost has been continuing to generate interest.
Leading experts debunk chemtrails conspiracy
 Hot!  8-17-2016
Are shadowy government agencies spraying us with chemicals from airplanes or is the whole idea nonsense ?
'Miracle' sees statue of Jesus open its eyes
A video recorded in the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico shows a statue's eyes opening all on their own.
'Alien megastructure' star is still a mystery
 Hot!  8-8-2016
Astronomers are no closer to explaining the erratic behavior of this perplexing stellar phenomenon.
'Broad Haven Triangle' house goes up for sale
A house at the center of the 1977 Broad Haven Triangle UFO mystery has recently gone on the market.
Sean Casteel
'Mad' Mollie Fancher, the Starving Saint
Sean Casteel tells the story of Mollie Fancher.
Kathleen Meadows
A map of the spirit world
Does the soul survive after death and if so, where does it go ?
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Featured Videos
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The useless machine
Posted 8-28-2016 | 0 comments
Jason encounters a strange, irritating and utterly useless Lego device.
Can paper cut wood ?
Posted 8-27-2016 | 1 comment
What happens when you replace a metallic saw blade with one made out of paper ?
Real-life Batman breaks world record
Posted 8-26-2016 | 0 comments
A real-life version of the Caped Crusader has 23 functioning gadgets on his costume.
Is the Internet our ultimate achievement ?
Posted 8-25-2016 | 16 comments
Virginia Heffernan believes the Internet to be mankind's single greatest achievement.
Why are humans so good at lying ?
Posted 8-24-2016 | 14 comments
Humans tend to lie at least two or three times during a ten-minute conversation.
NASA's new orbital parking space
Posted 8-23-2016 | 0 comments
Astronauts have finished installing a new docking adapter on the International Space Station.
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Edward Crabtree
UFOs: The view from modern Russia
Exploring the history of the UFO phenomenon.
William B Stoecker
The Time of Moses
William B Stoecker takes a look at the history of the biblical figure Moses.
Sean Casteel
The case for the UFO
A look at the late UFO researcher Morris K. Jessup.
Kathleen Meadows
3 primary psychic mechanisms
Kathleen Meadows takes a look at the world of dream interpretation.
Sean Casteel
Ciphers and symbols
Sean Casteel explores the world of Dee and Enochian magick.
Tobias Wayland
Sanatorium Hill
Tobias Wayland recounts an unnerving visit to what remains of the Lake View Sanatorium.
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