Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Neanderthal brains developed slower than ours
9-24-2017 | 2 comments
The skeleton of a young Neanderthal has revealed that our brains did not develop at the same rate.
Plant-eating dinosaurs sometimes ate crabs
9-24-2017 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
Fossilized droppings have revealed that some herbivorous dinosaurs occasionally snacked on seafood.
Pyramid construction mystery has been solved
9-24-2017 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
New evidence has shed light on exactly how huge stone blocks were transported to the site of the pyramids.
Saudi Arabian textbook shows Yoda at the UN
9-23-2017 | 12 comments | Bizarre
A doctored image of Yoda at the United Nations has somehow ended up in a history textbook.
Juno captures stunning new images of Jupiter
9-23-2017 | 35 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA's Juno probe has sent back four breathtaking new images of the gas giant's swirling atmosphere.
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Space & Astronomy
100 people could live on the Moon by 2040
9-22-2017 | 13 comments
ESA's ambitious 'Moon village' plan could see humans living on the lunar surface within 25 years.
Europe withdraws from anti-asteroid mission
9-21-2017 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
An upcoming mission designed to test out the deflection of a large asteroid has hit a bit of a snag.
Three planets to hide behind the Moon today
9-18-2017 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
Venus, Mars and Mercury will all be temporarily disappearing behind the Moon over the next few hours.
Mars simulation crew to emerge after 8 months
9-17-2017 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
The crew of six NASA astronauts has been living in a dome near one of Hawaii's largest volcanoes.
Mysterious exoplanet is 'blacker than asphalt'
9-16-2017 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
A 'hot Jupiter' world situated 1,400 light years away reflects so little light that it appears pitch black.
Science & Technology
Man who prevented World War 3 dies aged 77
9-22-2017 | 8 comments
Former Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov made a decision in 1983 that may have saved the world.
Italian supervolcano's magma source found
9-18-2017 | 5 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have discovered evidence of a 'hot zone' feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy.
Scientist electrocutes himself with an eel
9-17-2017 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
One biologist decided to take a hands-on approach to studying the powerful shock of an electric eel.
What would you do in a zombie apocalypse ?
 Hot!  9-17-2017 | 50 comments | Science & Technology
A new poll in the UK has revealed that some people may already be preparing for such an eventuality.
Computers may replace doctors within 10 years
9-13-2017 | 16 comments | Science & Technology
UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has outlined how health care is likely to change over the next decade.
Modern Mysteries
Doomsayers claim the world will end tomorrow
 Hot!  9-22-2017 | 157 comments
Rumors of another apocalyptic collision with the mythical planet Nibiru have been circulating the Internet.
Mystery surrounds flushed money in Geneva
9-19-2017 | 6 comments | Modern Mysteries
An unknown individual has been flushing thousands of euros down the toilet and nobody knows why.
What sank the USS San Diego back in 1918 ?
9-16-2017 | 13 comments | Modern Mysteries
Scientists have been working to solve one of the most enduring maritime mysteries of the modern age.
Cuba 'sonic weapon attacks' mystery deepens
 Hot!  9-14-2017 | 60 comments | Modern Mysteries
US diplomats stationed in Cuba have recently been subjected to a series of mysterious 'health attacks'.
Is the Voynich Manuscript a health manual ?
9-10-2017 | 5 comments | Modern Mysteries
A history researcher believes that he may have finally solved the mystery of the medieval manuscript.
Natural World
Plants may need to sleep, just like we do
9-21-2017 | 6 comments
A new study has suggested that sleep may actually be fundamental to all life, not just to animals.
'Octopus city' found off coast of Australia
9-19-2017 | 16 comments | Natural World
Members of the gloomy octopus species have created their own underwater settlement dubbed 'Octlantis'.
The snow leopard is no longer 'endangered'
9-15-2017 | 7 comments | Natural World
The species, which has long teetered on the edge of extinction, is finally starting to make a comeback.
Extinct giant tortoise could make a comeback
9-14-2017 | 4 comments | Natural World
A new breeding program is aiming to bring back a species of giant tortoise that died out 150 years ago.
'Eat more kangaroo meat', say ecologists
 Hot!  9-12-2017 | 58 comments | Natural World
An overabundance of the iconic marsupial has led wildlife experts to recommend a change in diet.
Giant prehistoric frog ate small dinosaurs
9-21-2017 | 1 comment
At the size of a beach ball, the monster-sized Beelzebufo ampinga was the largest frog that ever lived.
550 million-year-old creature mystery solved
9-20-2017 | 6 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists believe that they have finally worked out what type of creature 'Dickinsonia' actually was.
Prehistoric whales were ferocious predators
8-30-2017 | 4 comments | Palaeontology
The ancestors of today's blue whales were deadly predators with rows of large, razor-sharp teeth.
Largest known Ichthyosaurus was pregnant
8-28-2017 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
Palaeontologists have discovered an enormous Ichthyosaurus specimen in a German museum collection.
Extinct toothless dwarf dolphin unveiled
8-23-2017 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have identified an extinct species of mini-dolphin that lived over 30 million years ago.
Porpoise unearthed in medieval graveyard
A recent archaeological dig near Guernsey has yielded something rather unexpected - a porpoise skeleton.
Man defends 'Gurning Championships' title
50-year-old Ady Zivelonghi from Coventry has won the face-pulling contest for the second year in a row.
Mystery US aircraft crashes in Nevada desert
The unknown aircraft, which was being flown by pilot Eric Schultz, went down exactly one week ago.
How easy is it for ET to observe the Earth ?
Astronomers have identified nine planets from which intelligent aliens could potentially be watching us.
New footage of an alleged thylacine released
 Hot!  9-7-2017
Three researchers in Australia have recently revealed trail camera footage of a mysterious animal.
Britain's best UFO invasion hoax turns 50
Back in 1967, a group of students managed to pull off one of the most convincing UFO hoaxes in history.
$100K paranormal prize unclaimed 37 years on
 Hot!  9-4-2017
To date, The Australian Skeptics have yet to see conclusive proof of psychic or paranormal powers.
'Ghost' caught on security camera in Clovis
 Hot!  8-25-2017
Breanna Hernandez and her family captured the mysterious image on their home CCTV security system.
Kathleen Meadows
Words as symbols
Kathleen Meadows explores the power of both the spoken and written word.
Sean Casteel
The treasure of the Knights Templar
Did the Knights Templar have a connection to the paranormal ?
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As computers become increasingly sophisticated, will there be any jobs left for us ?
Exploring Antarctica's hidden depths
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Scientists investigate some of the wildlife hidden beneath the Antarctic ice.
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