Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Science & Technology
Some of us are able to 'hear' flashes of light
1-21-2017 | 1 comment
Scientists have identified a form of synaesthesia that may affect more than one fifth of the population.
Fresh doubts cast on Tunguska impact theory
1-21-2017 | 14 comments | Science & Technology
Russian scientists have found evidence to suggest that the impact crater may predate the event itself.
Mystery surrounds Skittles spill in Wisconsin
1-21-2017 | 8 comments | Modern Mysteries
Authorities have been investigating how thousands of Skittles ended up scattered across a rural highway.
Nearby planet Wolf 1061c may be habitable
1-20-2017 | 14 comments | Space & Astronomy
Astronomers believe that a planet 14 light years away may be a promising place to look for alien life.
Lost kingdom of Rheged found in Scotland
1-20-2017 | 4 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists believe that they have located the site of a lost kingdom dating back to the Dark Ages.
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Science & Technology
Sea levels could rise by 30ft, study warns
1-20-2017 | 17 comments
Scientists have warned that global sea levels could continue to rise over the coming decades.
French Polynesia signs 'floating city' deal
1-17-2017 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
The world's first ever floating city could soon begin construction off the French Polynesian coast.
Can your fingerprints be stolen from a photo?
1-14-2017 | 4 comments | Science & Technology
Researchers in Japan have warned that it is now much easier for thieves to acquire your fingerprints.
Spectacular light pillars appear over Canada
1-13-2017 | 10 comments | Science & Technology
An unusual natural phenomenon was spotted over Ontario a week ago by YouTuber Timmy Joe Elzinga.
Scientists turn mice in to zombie killers
1-13-2017 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
The mind-controlled rodents could be commanded to hunt down and kill a target using simple light flashes.
Modern Mysteries
Namibia fairy circle mystery solved at last ?
1-19-2017 | 8 comments
Ecologists believe that they may have finally solved the mystery behind Namibia's mysterious circles.
13,000 Victorian jam jars unearthed in London
1-12-2017 | 12 comments | Modern Mysteries
The unexpected haul was discovered beneath a former nightclub during a recent construction project.
Titanic may have been doomed by a coal fire
 Hot!  1-2-2017 | 46 comments | Modern Mysteries
It is now thought that the vessel had been on fire even before it left on its fateful maiden voyage.
Cause of mass fish die-off remains a mystery
1-1-2017 | 6 comments | Modern Mysteries
As many as 20,000 fish and other sea creatures have recently washed up in Canada and nobody knows why.
Antarctic anomaly mystery resurfaces again
12-29-2016 | 36 comments | Modern Mysteries
A peculiar 151-mile-wide anomaly is believed to lie beneath a region of Antarctica known as Wilkes Land.
Natural World
Yellow-haired moth named after Donald Trump
1-19-2017 | 11 comments
A new species of tiny moth with a wingspan of just 0.4 inches has been named after the President-elect.
60% of primate species are facing extinction
1-18-2017 | 4 comments | Natural World
A worrying new study has shown just how vulnerable many of the world's primate species actually are.
Giant alligator goes for a stroll in Florida
 Hot!  1-17-2017 | 45 comments | Natural World
A huge alligator was filmed by tourists at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida this week.
Rain brings alien-like shrimp back to life
1-16-2017 | 17 comments | Natural World
A prehistoric species of shrimp in Australia has been emerging from the ground recently due to heavy rain.
Live ruby seadragon is spotted in the wild
1-14-2017 | 14 comments | Natural World
This rare and fascinating sea creature has been filmed for the first time off the coast of Australia.
CIA uploads millions of declassified files
1-18-2017 | 15 comments
The documents cover everything from UFO sightings to government-backed remote viewing experiments.
Mystery surrounds 'Conspiracy Banksy' discs
11-2-2016 | 15 comments | Conspiracy
Packages of CDs containing files about popular conspiracy theories have been turning up around Wales.
Mystery surrounds conspiracy theorist's death
10-17-2016 | 25 comments | Conspiracy
Father-of-two Max Spiers was found dead back in June after going to Poland to give a talk about UFOs.
Leading experts debunk chemtrails conspiracy
 Hot!  8-17-2016 | 65 comments | Conspiracy
Are shadowy government agencies spraying us with chemicals from airplanes or is the whole idea nonsense ?
'UFO cover-up' claim surrounds NASA live feed
 Hot!  7-17-2016 | 48 comments | Conspiracy
The Internet has been awash with claims that NASA is covering up evidence of UFOs in Earth's orbit.
Space & Astronomy
Curiosity discovers metallic meteorite on Mars
1-18-2017 | 8 comments
The rover has come across what scientists believe to be an iron-nickel meteorite on the Martian surface.
New video reveals Huygens' harrowing descent
1-17-2017 | 6 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA has released a new video recreating the Huygens probe's historic touchdown on Saturn's moon Titan.
SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket
1-15-2017 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
The private space firm has resumed operations following the explosion of one of its rockets last year.
Giant towers of ice discovered on Pluto
1-14-2017 | 8 comments | Space & Astronomy
The discovery marks the first time this phenomenon has been observed anywhere other than on the Earth.
Asteroid narrowly avoids striking the Earth
1-10-2017 | 30 comments | Space & Astronomy
A previously unknown asteroid dubbed 2017 AG13 passed between the Earth and the Moon yesterday.
'Creature' photographed in garden at night
 Hot!  1-16-2017
A Reddit user has uploaded an image of what appears to be a strange figure running through a garden.
Exorcist was killed by 'malevolent force'
Father Malachi Martin, who inspired the movie 'The Exorcist', was allegedly killed by an unseen force.
Dark streaks on Venus could be alien microbes
Scientists are keen to launch a mission to Venus to investigate mysterious dark streaks in its clouds.
Underwater museum has opened in Lanzarote
The museum contains a collection of 300 sculptural works by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor.
Prehistoric human DNA found on cave floor
Scientists have found a way to identify the DNA of our ancestors from prehistoric bone dust samples.
Chilean Navy releases unseen UFO footage
The newly declassified video was filmed by a military helicopter that encountered a UFO while on patrol.
Hidden wall discovered near Egyptian city
Archaeologists have unveiled a hidden wall that may indicate the presence of nearby pharaonic tombs.
Jedi 'not a religion' says charity commission
The Temple of the Jedi Order has failed in its latest bid to be recognized as a religious organization.
Featured book
By Toryn Chapman
Campbell Mackenzie is a successful lawyer with occasional feelings of déjà vu. There's just one problem, though - it's not déjà vu.
Kathleen Meadows
Vulnerability, shame and redemption
Kathleen Meadows talks about her life and experiences.
Sean Casteel
Exposing the top secret treaty
Is there really a treaty between ET and the US government ?
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1-6-2017 | Ramer, United States
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Featured Videos
Gallery icon 
What would happen if you fell 365 meters ?
Posted 1-21-2017 | 2 comments
A look at what would happen if you were unfortunate enough to fall from a great height.
A colorful 'landing' on Pluto
Posted 1-20-2017 | 0 comments
This NASA movie explores would it might be like to land on the dwarf planet Pluto.
The future of warfare
Posted 1-19-2017 | 2 comments
Drone armies and laser cannons may become increasingly common in the near future.
Kowloon Walled City
Posted 1-18-2017 | 1 comment
A look at what was once the most densely populated area on the surface of the planet.
Marshmallows in a vacuum
Posted 1-16-2017 | 2 comments
What happens to a pile of marshmallows when all the air is removed ?
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Column Articles
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Sean Casteel
The story of Bryce Bond
The radio DJ and journalist had many UFO encounters.
Sean Casteel
Cryptid creatures from dark domains
Tales of 'demon dogs' and other beasts have been reported for years.
Kathleen Meadows
Crazy psychic clients
Kathleen Meadows recalls some of her more difficult clients.
Edward Crabtree
A tale of two realities
Edward Crabtree takes a look at the 'Mandela Effect'.
Sean Casteel
Lord Brinsley Clancarty - UFO disclosure
A look at the story of the Eighth Earl of Clancarty.
Kathleen Meadows
Predicting death
Kathleen Meadows talks about how she intuitively predicts when someone will die.
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