Friday, July 1, 2016
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Man swims in 1,500-gallon pool of Coca-Cola
6-30-2016 | 14 comments
The remarkable stunt saw a man jump in to a pool filled with several thousand bottles of fizzy drink.
Disclosure advocate releases NORAD UFO files
6-30-2016 | 8 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Victor Viggiani released the documents to the public during the Alien Cosmic Expo event on Saturday.
Scientists succeed in making their own lava
6-29-2016 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
A team from the State University of New York at Buffalo created their own magma as part of an experiment.
Ghostly hand turns up in 116-year-old photo
6-29-2016 | 21 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
A photograph taken of workers at a linen mill over a century ago appears to contain an unexpected extra.
'Lucky' plate sees driver stopped eight times
6-29-2016 | 5 comments | Bizarre
A man in China got more than he bargained for when he splashed out $150,000 on the number plate '88888'.
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Strange new perfume smells just like a comet
6-28-2016 | 8 comments
A British company has created a peculiar new perfume which matches the otherworldly aroma of comet 67P.
Weird machine enables a dog to pet its owner
6-26-2016 | 8 comments | Bizarre
A bizarre contraption called the 'Affectionator' gives a dog the chance to pat its owner on the head.
Bipedal bear sighted again in New Jersey
6-24-2016 | 19 comments | Bizarre
A bear known as Pedals has become something of a celebrity thanks to his habit of walking on two legs.
Woman is stalked by a wolf for over 12 hours
6-18-2016 | 19 comments | Bizarre
Joanne Barnaby had been picking mushrooms when she encountered a deadly and persistent adversary.
Facebook CEO insists that he is not a lizard
 Hot!  6-15-2016 | 51 comments | Bizarre
The social media giant's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg made the bizarre comment during a recent Q&A session.
Mammoth fossils found under street in Mexico
6-28-2016 | 4 comments
The well-preserved 14,000-year-old remains were unearthed by utility workers in the city of Tultepec.
Killer asteroid almost wiped out mammals too
6-20-2016 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
The asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs almost spelled disaster for the world's mammals as well.
New species of ichthyosaur unearthed in UK
6-14-2016 | 4 comments | Palaeontology
The prehistoric aquatic reptile fossil, which was found in a quarry, dates back over 200 million years.
Neanderthal-built stone rings found in cave
5-25-2016 | 16 comments | Palaeontology
Remarkable prehistoric structures made from stalagmites have been discovered inside a cave in France.
Humans lived in America earlier than thought
5-16-2016 | 25 comments | Palaeontology
New evidence has pushed the arrival of the first humans in the Americas back more than 1,500 years.
Science & Technology
Human magnetic 'sixth sense' discovered
6-27-2016 | 19 comments
A researcher in the United States believes he has found evidence of a magnetic 'sixth sense' in humans.
Arctic turning bright pink color due to algae
6-26-2016 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
The pristine white of the Arctic landscape seems to have been turning a rather unusual shade of pink.
Batman would be 'ill-equipped' say scientists
 Hot!  6-25-2016 | 56 comments | Science & Technology
Researchers at the University of Leicester have determined that Batman would be rubbish in real life.
Russian robot escapes, causes traffic jam
6-25-2016 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
An experimental interactive robot known as Promobot IR77 has been up to quite a bit of mischief recently.
Boston Dynamics reveals new 'SpotMini' robot
6-24-2016 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
The robotics firm has revealed its latest creation - a dog-like robot designed to help around the house.
Modern Mysteries
'Dancing mania' mystery endures 600 years on
6-27-2016 | 14 comments
A peculiar affliction once left hundreds of people dancing uncontrollably in the streets of Europe.
Mystery surrounds Muscatine 'Men in Black'
6-22-2016 | 13 comments | Modern Mysteries
Mysterious individuals dressed in black have been reported standing at the side of roadways in Iowa.
Mystery surrounds Great Island stone marker
6-21-2016 | 3 comments | Modern Mysteries
The origins of a granite marker on an island in Massachusetts have remained a mystery for years.
Man finds 'Nazi nukes' inside a German cave
5-17-2016 | 29 comments | Modern Mysteries
70-year-old Peter Lohr claims to have located five nuclear bombs inside a network of underground caverns.
Who was the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask?
5-8-2016 | 8 comments | Modern Mysteries
History professor Paul Sonnino believes he has finally uncovered the story of the man behind the mask.
Is Elvis Presley alive ? New footage surfaces
 Hot!  6-27-2016 | 42 comments
A video of a familiar looking groundsman at Graceland has sparked rumors that the King is not dead.
Google takes photos of secret base 'Area 6'
3-9-2016 | 31 comments | Conspiracy
Move over Area 51 - the United States now has another, even more secretive base in the Nevada desert.
How long could a big conspiracy really last ?
 Hot!  1-27-2016 | 57 comments | Conspiracy
A new maths study has suggested that it is very difficult to keep a conspiracy under wraps for long.
Was The X-Files almost shut down by the FBI ?
1-25-2016 | 23 comments | Conspiracy
Series creator Chris Carter claims that he once thought the real FBI was going to shut him down.
McKinnon found evidence of 'space warships'
 Hot!  12-8-2015 | 94 comments | Conspiracy
UFO hacker Gary McKinnon has revealed details of what he allegedly found in NASA's computer systems.
Scottish UFO plaque replaced after 24 years
The plaque is located at the site where Bob Taylor famously encountered a strange object back in 1979.
Vegetables grown on Mars should be edible
Dutch scientists have replicated the soil on Mars to demonstrate that vegetables can be grown there.
'Kraken' satellite photo goes viral online
A photograph showing what some claim to be a gigantic sea creature has been circulating the Internet.
Great Pyramid is actually slightly lopsided
The Great Pyramid of Giza, as it turns out, is not quite as perfectly designed as is generally believed.
'Wife of Jesus' papyrus 'very likely' a fake
It is now almost certain that the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' is nothing more than a modern-day forgery.
Man dies, vanishes during 'The Conjuring 2'
The body of a 65-year-old man from India who died while watching the movie has since gone missing.
Hordes of spider crabs gather near Melbourne
An Australian aquatic scientist has captured footage of the crustaceans congregating in Port Phillip Bay.
Contact with ET could take over 1,500 years
Scientists have calculated that it could be a long time indeed before we hear from intelligent aliens.
Sean Casteel
Ciphers and symbols
Sean Casteel explores the world of Dee and Enochian magick.
Tobias Wayland
Sanatorium Hill
Tobias Wayland recounts an unnerving visit to what remains of the Lake View Sanatorium.
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6-28-2016 | Cedar City, Utah
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6-28-2016 | Unknown
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5-2-2016 | California, United States
Zippers and headlights
5-2-2016 | Raleigh, United States
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5-2-2016 | Garland, Texas
4-15-2016 | United States
The mysterious awakening
4-6-2016 | Los Angeles, California
Chocolate fairy? Really?
4-6-2016 | United Kingdom
Christmas Day haunting
4-6-2016 | London, UK

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Tim Peake back on Earth
Posted 6-29-2016 | 1 comment
An interview with astronaut Tim Peake about his time aboard the space station.
How MythBusters saved a woman's life
Posted 6-27-2016 | 3 comments
A woman whose car careened in to a lake was saved by an episode of MythBusters.
Real-life dire wolves
Posted 6-26-2016 | 4 comments
The huge wolves in Game of Thrones actually existed 300,000 years ago.
Teaching a gorilla to talk
Posted 6-25-2016 | 8 comments
A western lowland gorilla named Koko was taught from an early age to use sign language.
Man puts 496 straws in his mouth
Posted 6-24-2016 | 3 comments
Guinness Rishi manages to cram 496 drinking straws in to his mouth at the same time.
Space is trying to kill us
Posted 6-23-2016 | 1 comment
How do astronauts survive in space and what happens after they return to Earth ?
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Sean Casteel
"UFO repeaters" - part two
More individuals who have seen and photographed UFOs.
Kathleen Meadows
Spring romance questions for a psychic
Kathleen Meadows on relationship readings.
Arnold Isen
The Mont Order and the paranormal
Do Mont Order members possess supernatural powers ?
Sean Casteel
The mystery of the "UFO repeaters"
A look at the individuals who have seen and photographed UFOs.
Jann Burner
The Zone
Jann Burner takes an in-depth look at the state of mind commonly referred to as "The Zone".
Arnold Isen
A history of teleportation
Could teleportation occur naturally ? Arnold Isen investigates.
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